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Best Home Heating Options in Phoenix for the Winter Months

home heating options in phoenixDue to the temperate climate we enjoy in the Valley of the Sun, talking about home heating options in Phoenix is not a popular topic. However, the fact remains that it can – and often does; get very cold during the winter months in the Phoenix Valley. Whether you have a townhome in Scottsdale or live in a single-family home in Gilbert, the reality exists that having a properly functional home heating system if critical for comfort and for the health and well-being of the homes occupants.

If you have a home heating unit that is needs to be replaced – or if you’re building a new home and looking for the right type of system, here are a few tips that will explain the differences between gas and electric heating systems so you can make an informed decision as which one is best suited for you.

How to Decide What System Is Right for my Home

If you have a home heating system now; what type of unit do you have? Many homes built in Phoenix have depended on gas-powered home heating furnaces for decades. The primary reason for this was due to the fact that natural gas was fairly affordable and was a good fuel source for heating up a home quickly. If you have a gas unit and like the way it was working – or how long it worked for you in the past; it’s probably a good idea to keep the same type of unit as your replacement furnace.

This same methodology applies to discussing the benefits of keeping an electric-powered heating system. The newer electric heating systems manufactured today are all Energy Star® rated by the US Department of Energy. This means they require less energy to produce the same, quality results. The conversion from an older electric system to a new natural gas unit is not difficult – especially if your home has existing gas lines. However, if you’re happy with your electric heater and the way it keeps your home in Phoenix warm during those cold winter evenings and early mornings, it’s quite acceptable to upgrade to a newer electric system.

Comparisons Between Electric and Gas

There are multiple similarities between electric heating systems and gas powered units.

  • Both units are triggered on by a thermostat inside the home. This critical component of the home comfort system (used in AC as well during the summer), is typically the number one part that leads to inefficient heating of a home. It’s a good idea to install a new thermostat anytime you install a new heating unit.

  • Newer gas powered and electric powered heating units sold in Phoenix are very energy efficient. Homeowners typically notice a change in their monthly energy bills immediately after upgrading their older system with a new Energy Star® rated unit.

  • They are both relatively easy to install; however, it’s always best to work with a Phoenix home heating company to professionally install and test your new system.

  • Difference Between Electric and Gas

    Along with having some similarities, there are multiple differences to consider when choosing between these two types of heating units.

  • Maintenance: both of these systems require routine service in order to keep them running smooth and efficiently. An electrical unit typically has more moving parts that require frequent service and can be more costly to maintain over a period of years.

  • Efficiency: gas heating systems typically can heat a home quicker than an electric system – however, this is based on multiple items such as the location of the heating system, the ductwork and the quality of the vents inside the house.

  • Cost of Operation: there was a time not too long ago when gas systems were cheaper to operate each month. However, with the inconsistency of gas pricing across the globe – and the improvements made to energy efficiency in electrical powered systems, the growing trend is a shift to electric furnace systems.

  • Regardless of what type of unit you choose, the most important thing to remember is that quality installation can be the difference between a long-lasting, efficient running system and one that breaks down frequently. Always take time to consider the facts and pick a system that is best suited for your individual needs.


    Selecting the right home heating option for Phoenix winter months can de time consuming. Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-714-8270 today.

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    Should I Install A Trane Heat Pump In Phoenix AZ?

    trane heat pump in phoenixA growing trend in the Phoenix metro area is homeowners doing due diligence to discover the benefits of installing heat pump systems. Heat pumps have been in use in the Phoenix valley for several years. Their ability to utilize the natural and consistent temperature of the earth’s bedrock below us keeps a home at a consistent temperature year-long. They are extremely energy efficient and the fact that they can maintain a comfortable temperature with very little effort or change increases indoor comfort. One of the most popular questions asked of homeowners is whether or not they should install a Trane heat pump in Phoenix.

    Well – here are a few reasons why you should consider the Trane heat pump system if you’re in the market for a replacement and energy efficient heating and cooling system for your home in Phoenix.

    #1 – Trane Heat Pumps Lead the Pack in Reliability

    The internet is a great tool for discovering information about consumer products. When homeowners in Phoenix look for the most reliable heat pump systems available in Phoenix, they quickly discover the plethora of positive consumer reviews about Trane heat pump units. Trane systems are frequently tested to exceed US Department of Energy standards for reliability and durability. The main reason for this is due to the fact that Arizona homeowners need to have a home heating and cooling unit that will withstand the aggressive and harsh weather conditions that exist around the clock. From extreme heat in the summer to the cold winter nights and early mornings; Trane heat pump systems will withstand these blistering conditions.

    #2 – Heat Pump Energy Efficiency is a Strength of Trane Units

    According to the US Department of Energy’s ranking system on energy efficient heat pump systems, Trane is among the leading manufactures of systems that consume less energy. There are several specific reasons for this:

  • First, Trane heat pump systems are built with durable parts that have been fine-tuned over the past decade to work efficiently together; by engineers that specialize in increasing heat pump efficiency. Many HVAC manufacturers figure that if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. This philosophy doesn’t happen at the Trane laboratories – as their team frequently fine-tunes their systems to always stay ahead of the competition.

  • Second, Trane heat pump units are compatible with programmable thermostats. When you can remotely control your indoor temperature through a WiFi connection through a mobile device, you’re ability to maintain comfort on your terms is enhanced. Trane systems have this capability.

  • Third, the Trane brand has always been a leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry and sets standards of energy efficiency that most others follow.

  • #3 – Trane Heat Pumps are Easily Maintained

    One of the facts that many people don’t know about Trane HVAC systems is that they can only be installed by factory trained Trane Comfort Specialists. A Phoenix Trane heating repair company must complete significant training and updated education every year to stay on top of the latest maintenance and service programs offered through Trane. When a heat pump is installed correctly, the system has a much lower chance of mechanical failure. Plus, since they are also offered with affordable service programs where the Trane Comfort Specialist will inspect and fine-tune your Trane Heat Pump every year; the chances of break down are significantly reduced.

    Across the board, the purchase of a Trane heat pump in Phoenix is a smart investment. From the comfort they provide to the energy they save; you simply can’t go wrong with Trane.


    Are you looking to install a reliable Trane heat pump? Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-714-8270 today.

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    3 Questions to Ask Before a Furnace Installation in Phoenix

    furnace installation in phoenixOne of the major headaches that a homeowner in Phoenix has, is having to call the furnace repair company when they can least afford to. This situation occurs way too frequently for many of us. However, if you need to have a new furnace installation in Phoenix completed there are a few questions that should be asked of any furnace contractor that will clarify any miscommunication issues and ensure you get the right system at the right price.

    Here are four questions that you should ask the HVAC contractor in Phoenix when you’re in the market for a new furnace.

    First – What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?

    Buying a replacement furnace is pretty simple for homeowners in Phoenix. But one thing that is not commonly known is the process of installing a new system inside a home. Traditionally, the installation process for replacing an older system is rather simple:

    • First, the homeowner will work with the furnace installation company in Phoenix to pick a replacement system that is more energy efficient and will provide the homeowner with a dependable system for years.

    • Second, after buying the replacement system, the homeowner will coordinate a time for the HVAC contractor to visit their home to complete a pre-installation check. This is often recommended by HVAC contractors to ensure that the home and all other heating elements; such as heating ductwork , thermostats and electrical or gas systems are working well.

    • After everything is set and inspected, the HVAC contractor will then complete the installation. Typically this can last as little as one hour or as much as 5 to 8 (depending on the complexity of the furnace replacement.)

    • Once the system has been successfully installed, the contractor will fully test the system; to verify there are no system leaks, and that the unit works in conjunction with all support systems.

    Always ask the heating repair company in Phoenix what you should expect to have an installation completed before you sign on the dotted line.

    Second – What Time Will the Installation Be Completed?

    Typically a professional HVAC contractor in Phoenix will work with your schedule to have the replacement of your older furnace completed. They understand that your schedule is very busy and due to work, school, kids and other personal obligations; arranging time to have this completed can be complex. However, here is something to consider. The best way to prevent a problem with a furnace is to allow the HVAC contractor ample time to complete the installation without being rushed. Always communicate with your heating contractor and clarify what time, what day and how much time is expected to professionally complete this type of furnace installation. By being proactive about this, you can prepare and plan your day much better.

    Third – What is the Experience of the Furnace Replacement Company?

    Nobody wants to hire somebody that can’t be trusted to complete any home improvement project. However, when you’re working with your furnace, it’s critical to retain the services of a professional that has vast experience in furnace installation in Phoenix. Feel free to ask any potential contractor about their experience with the specific brand of furnace you are purchasing, what type of references they can provide and also what type of warranty or maintenance options they offer.

    The best contractors in Phoenix will be more than happy to be completely transparent about their history, experience and often will customize a service plan that will meet your budget and ensure your furnace lasts for a very long time.


    Do you have unanswered questions about furnace installation? Let the experts at Hays Cooling & Heating guide you through installing a new furnace this winter. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Is Lennox a Good HVAC System for a Phoenix Home Install

    is lennox a good hvac systemOne of the most difficult decisions a homeowner will make is choosing the right HVAC system as a replacement for one that has broken down. With so many brands, manufacturers, styles, and types on the market, it can be down-right complex to determine the right system for your individual needs. However, one of the most diverse systems that are designed for residential units are quality built systems by Lennox. It’s due to these facts that when many homeowners are asked; ‘is Lennox a good HVAC system” they typically answer – ‘Yes’.

    First – What are the Benefits of a Lennox Unit?

    When Dave Lennox introduced his Signature Series® to the consumer market, he focused on maximizing comfort – without compromising value. To this day, his home Lennox HVAC systems are built with the same focus in mind. Each of the Lennox air conditioning systems made today are built in the United States; and are all Energy Star ® rated. This means that they will save you money on your monthly energy bills due to the fact they run extremely energy efficiently.

    Lennox systems are also very durable systems. When consumer groups across the globe rank the top three HVAC systems in regards to overall value – Lennox is always in this category. Another benefit to this type of HVAC system is the fact that all Lennox HVAC systems are built to exceed comfort standards – without compromising price and value to the homeowner.

    Second – Are Lennox Systems Easy to Install?

    Like any other replacement HVAC system, it’s recommended by the manufacturer to have a professional and authorized Lennox installation company in Scottsdale complete any installation. There are several reasons you want to defer to the experts in this case:

  • First, most warranties are void if the units are not installed professionally – regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Second, proper installation will ensure your system is setup for success and efficient operation.

  • Third, during installation, professional Lennox contractors will often inspect all aspects of your HVAC system – and if repairs are needed to ductwork or thermostats; they have the right tools and experience to handle these situations.

  • Third – Are There Any Issues that Arise with a Lennox Install?

    As we noted above, it’s always best to let the professionals handle any installation of a new HVAC system. However, if they complete the job and soon after the installation is completed you experience issues with the new AC system – Lennox is exceptional at handling all customer concerns quickly and without complication.

    For over 100 years this brand has established a professional reputation for exceeding the expectations of customers across the globe. Their durability allows them to handle the extreme temperature in Arizona and their remarkable price-point makes Lennox an exceptional value for any homeowner to consider when speaking with a Phoenix Lennox installation expert.


    Are you ready for a new Lennox HVAC unit? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a new Lennox unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Ultimate Guide to Home Heating Systems in Phoenix

    home heating systems in phoenixBuying a new furnace is about as exciting as watching a Cardinal’s football game where the home team gets shut out. Thankfully, the Arizona Cardinals are playing pretty good ball right now; but the reality exists that thousands of home owners in the Phoenix area will have to contact a contractor to have their home heating systems in Phoenix maintained, fixed or replaced as the winter chill begins to roll into the Valley. With this being said, there are a few things that you should consider about home heating units like heat pumps, furnaces and full-service HVAC systems that will allow you to find a dependable replacement system with as little hassle as possible.

    First – What are the Best Brands of Heating Systems Sold in Phoenix?

    Contrary to popular belief, not all heating systems are built the same. Some manufacturers and brand names simply out-perform, work harder and run more energy efficient than others. Over the years, there are five brand names that typically stand out as top shelf quality – without costing an arm and a leg for homeowners that need to replace a broken system. Our top five recommendations include:

  • Trane home heating systems

  • Lennox home heating units

  • Rheem home heating units

  • York home heating units

  • Goodman home heating units

  • Each of these brands has been tested vigorously by third-party independent labs and consumer groups and over the years; accelerate over the competition. They are all Energy Star® rated home heating units, including their heat pump systems, furnaces (both gas and electric powered) and all-in-one HVAC systems. You can’t go wrong with any of the above brands, so if you’re in need of a replacement system – talk to your local home heating specialist in Phoenix and ask them which system is best suited for your individual application.

    Second – How Often Should I Have my Home Heating Unit Serviced?

    According to the US Department of Energy, the average home heating system should be inspected by a professional contractor at least once per year. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • First, an annual inspection will reduce the potential of break down or premature wear and tear.

  • Second, staying on top of service will allow the contractor to find any small issues and make minor repairs before major issues occur.

  • Third, an annual inspection can detect leaks in the ductwork of your home and make appropriate recommendations or repairs that can save you a tremendous amount on your energy bills.

  • Fourth, the routine inspection will also show you the importance of replacing your indoor filters every month. This is also a great way to keep your system running efficiently which again, can save you money on monthly energy bills.

  • Third – When Should I Have Home Heating Repair Jobs in Phoenix Completed?

    If you’re heating system is not working as good as it should, this is something you shouldn’t put off. A minor heating issue can quickly spiral out of control and turn into a major problem if not fixed as soon as possible. With this being said, it’s important for any responsible homeowner to contact a home heating repair company in Phoenix as soon as you notice any issues with the heating unit. A minor issue can morph into a major situation if not checked and handled immediately. Being proactive about heating repair might cost you a few dollars now, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


    Trying to decide on which heating system is the best during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Gas Heating vs Electric Heating In Phoenix Homes

    electric heating in phoenixOne of the most commonly asked questions of heating home contractors in Phoenix is when homeowners ask about the difference between gas and electric heating. Although most homes in Phoenix typically are heated by natural gas powered systems, the recent introduction of Energy Star® rated electrical systems is starting to stimulate interest in these home heating systems. With this being said, there are some benefits of electric heating in Phoenix that homeowners should consider – that will allow them to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy a new system.

    Here are a few of the benefits of converting to an electrical heating system in Phoenix that every homeowner should consider.

    Benefit #1 – Electric Heating Systems are Easily Affordable

    One of the biggest concerns that a homeowner in Phoenix deals with daily is cost of living. It’s not common for most homeowners to have a lot of disposable income where they can easily afford to replace a heating system in winter, the cost of the replacement system is a major concern. When you compare the major brands of heating systems; gas vs electrical systems, the electric powered systems are generally less expensive to buy and to install. With advances in technology and the fact the US Department of Energy has raised energy efficiency standards, newer electrical units are also very energy efficient and can save homeowners money monthly on utility bills.

    Benefit #2 – Electric Heating is Easy to Operate

    Another benefit to buying an electrical home heating unit in Phoenix is the fact that they are very easy to operate. They are not dependent on natural gas or pilot lights blowing out if the wind kicks up on a cold winter day in the desert. However, there are other consumer benefits to electrical systems that many people simply don’t know including:

  • Temperature can be controlled easily by electric thermostats that work with new electric systems.

  • Electric heat is very easy to respond. When you arrive home and you’ve had the heater off while you were out, an electrical heater will typically heat the home quicker than a gas powered system.

  • Electrical heating systems also can be programmed to heat specific rooms or zones much easier than gas powered systems.

  • Benefit #3 – Electric Systems are Green and Clean

    Electricity does not give off any pollutants, emissions or contaminants – which means that these heating units are extremely energy efficient and good for our global climate. They are also very safe systems due to the fact that there is no combustion process, chances of flames igniting or gas leaks that can cause health concerns or major fire damage.

    Electric systems are also very easy for heating contractors in Phoenix to maintain; meaning that setting up routine service every year is simple, can be much cheaper than gas systems and can extend system life longer than you might think. In fact, many Phoenix heating companies are starting to see the value of recommending electric powered units to their customers due to the fact that they will save homeowners time, money and keep their homes efficiently warm during the cold winter nights and early mornings in the desert.

    Whether you choose to buy a gas powered system or an electric powered heating unit in Phoenix, always contact a Phoenix heating company before you make the decision and ask them what type of system they believe is best suited for your individual application.


    Trying to decide on gas or electric heating system during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    How to Select the Best Air Conditioner in Scottsdale

    best air conditioner in scottsdaleWhen you go shopping for a new car; what is important to you? Is it style, comfort, gas mileage, or the price? Regardless of the specific reason, the process of buying a new car is very similar to that of looking for the best air conditioner in Scottsdale. The important factor with both is to determine before you start shopping what is critical and important for your specific application. It’s answering this first step and several more that will help you select the best AC unit that will keep your home cool during warm days.

    Here are a few tips on how to select the right AC unit for your house.

    First – Contact an AC Contractor and Have a Load Calculation Completed

    If you’re a single mother of three kids, the possibility of you purchasing a brand new Chevrolet Corvette is probably extremely remote. Although it might seem cool and something you might want, the practicality of this purchase may not seem realistic – because the car just wouldn’t fit your needs. This same concept applies to shopping for a new AC system and picking the right one. A load calculation is a measurement completed by professional HVAC contractors in Scottsdale that will measure many aspects of your home to determine the right size, style and in many cases; the right brand of AC system best suited for your needs. Most AC companies are happy to provide this service to you to ensure you have the right facts so you can make an informed decision.

    Second – Understand Why Lennox, Carrier or Trane are the Best AC Units for Scottsdale Homes

    There are literally dozens of different manufacturers of AC systems that are sold in Arizona. However, when you look into consumer reviews, talk with friends or check out websites like Angieslist.com; you’ll quickly discover that three or so stand out above the rest; Lennox, Carrier and Trane. There are reasons why these units are considered the cream of the crop of AC units:

  • Each of these brands is extremely energy efficiency. Since most AC units seem to operate around the clock and our utility bill rates magically rise during the peak summer months, finding a new system that will conserve energy is critical for any home owner budget.

  • These three brands have exceptional warranty protection. When they are installed by authorized installation companies, Trane, Carrier and Lennox systems are protected by warranty and service packages that can save home owners a tremendous amount of stress and money in the long run. Add annual maintenance coverage and service to these new installs and you’re value goes through the roof.

  • Across the board, Lennox, Carrier and Trane air conditioning systems are regarded as the most durable, reliable and cost effective systems for Arizona homeowners. Their reputation for building superior products and hiring an air conditioner replacement specialist Phoenix AZ to install, service and maintain them is second to none. Take time to speak with an authorized representative of these three AC manufacturers and ask them to help you pick the right system for your individual application.


    Trying to decide on which type of AC unit to purchase during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    Extend the Life of Heating and Cooling Systems in Scottsdale

    heating and cooling systems in scottsdaleLiving in the Arizona sunshine has its perks, but the last thing you want to think about is whether or not your heating and cooling systems in Scottsdale will work from one day to the next. A sad reality of life is that the cost of replacing a HVAC system is not something that homeowners can manage or don’t have put away for that rare rainy day. However, there are a few things that home owners can do to extend the life of both heating and cooling systems – so that they can extend that replacement as long as possible.

    First – Activate a Regular AC and Heating Maintenance Schedule

    Regular maintenance is the key to longevity of any mechanical device. From cars, boats, trains and airplanes to the HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable during our extreme temperature ranges, staying on top of routine service of any mechanical device is often the difference between fully functional units – to one that is broken prematurely. It’s estimated by the US Department of Energy  that the root cause of 85% of cooling and heating system failure is premature parts wear and tear. When you take time to have a professional HVAC contractor complete AC maintenance or heating service in Scottsdale, those parts are serviced, lubricated, inspected and replaced if needed under most maintenance contracts.

    There are several ancillary benefits of having your HVAC units maintained at least once per year including:

    • Routine service will keep the energy bills down. A major part of a HVAC service is making sure all filters are replaced and free of obstructions. A HVAC system works best with its free to breathe; which means it’ll use less energy to produce comfortable temperatures.

    • Routine maintenance can improve indoor air quality. Another part of the inspection is that the HVAC company will often check out the ductwork of your home for leaks or cleanliness. By having the ducts cleaned annually, it can remove a majority of the dust and debris that otherwise would be circulated throughout your home and into your lungs.

    Having a maintenance program does not always have to be only done by professionals. In fact, there are several things you can do around the house yourself that will also help extend the equipment life of your heating and cooling systems while improving HVAC efficiency.

    • Change your indoor filters once per month.

    • Dust your AC and Heating vents once per week with a micro-fiber towel

    • Make sure to remove any tree branches, tumbleweeds or other obstructions away from your outdoor HVAC unit

    Second – Get Quotes on Preventative Air Conditioner Service

    As you can see from the information above, having preventative HVAC service can seriously impact the longevity of your cooling or heating system. However, the one side of your HVAC that takes a serious pounding here in Scottsdale is the cooling system. There are several companies that offer specials on annual and bi-annual service programs; where the service company will show up before and after the hot weather seasons to perform preventative air conditioner service. Not only will this ensure your system is running in tip-top shape when you need it most; but it can reduce monthly energy bills and extend your equipment life significantly.

    Take time to contact your local heating and air conditioning contractors in Scottsdale and ask them about the maintenance packages they offer.


    Are you curious how you can extend the life of your HVAC unit? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating for more information on maintaining your heating and cooling unit!

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2015

    3 Important Questions to Ask Trane Dealers in Phoenix

    trane dealers in phoenixAnytime you are in the market to buy a major ticket item, you’ll want to make sure you are making an informed decision – right? For most people, taking time to research every detail of a consumer product, like a car, boat or oven is part of the shopping process. However, how often do we include these steps when we talk to Trane dealers in Phoenix about the new HVAC system we are about to buy?

    Whether you consider yourself a frugal shopper or want to remove all the hassle from buying a new HVAC unit and just want to get it over with, there a few questions you can ask the Trane dealer to ensure you’re getting the right AC system for the right price.

    Question #1 – Are Your Trane AC Units Reliable?

    This might seem like a loaded question but there a few reasons why you should ask this question. The fact is that when you read Trane product reviews by independent third-party companies, Trane products are always ranked in the top three of reliability. However, when you speak to the Trane dealer about this, they’ll be able to provide you with solid data and facts to support the claims that other written reviews just can’t.

    There are a few other reasons why you should ask this question of a dealer that sells Trane systems:

    • The dealers will be able to talk to you about their installation process, and why it’s critical to have the right company complete the air conditioning installation.

    • A Trane dealer is the best source of information about rebates, discounts and specials on the Trane units they sell and install.

    Question #2 – Is a Trane Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

    Once you get the skinny on the reliability and durability that Trane AC units are famous for, you’ll next want to talk about energy efficiency with the Trane dealer. According to the US Department of Energy, Trane systems are some of the few AC units that actually exceed Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that when you have a professional Trane contractor in Phoenix install your system correctly – it will keep your home comfortable without consuming tremendous amounts of energy to do so.

    Energy efficiency also comes with added benefits of reduced monthly energy bills. In fact, it’s estimated that when you change from non-Energy Star® rated AC systems to a new Trane unit, you can save as much as 35% on your monthly utility bills.

    Question #3 – What is the Life Expectancy of a Trane Unit?

    According to Trane, the average life expectancy of a new system mainly depends on three important details:

    First – Was the new Trane AC system installed by an authorized Trane contractor in Phoenix?

    Second – Was your new Trane system serviced annually to ensure all moving parts are lubricated, filters are replaced and belts and fittings tightened?

    Third – Did the homeowner replace indoor filters every month – especially in dusty and dry weather climates like the Phoenix metro area?

    These three issues are vitally important when it comes to Trane life expectancy. By talking with the Trane dealer about life expectancy, they’ll provide you with details on how they and you can make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

    Trane Air conditioning systems are exceptionally durable and affordable units that often provide a solid return on investment for the buyer. Always take a few minutes to speak with your local Phoenix Trane dealer to have them answer any questions you have about warranties, product offerings and other Trane products that can enhance your indoor comfort.


    Is it time to replace your AC with a Trane unit? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating to get a quote on a new Trane AC unit. It Pays to Call Hays!

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    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    The Best Air Conditioner Manufacturers to Use in Phoenix

    air conditioner manufacturersDependability, durability, affordability and honesty – just a few of the attributes that people living in Phoenix need for the cooling system that protects their homes from the extreme heat. There are multiple air conditioning manufacturers in the world, but trying to separate the contenders from the pretenders can be difficult from time to time. However, there are a few that typically stand out above the rest on a yearly basis by cranking out the top rated, most dependable and affordable HVAC systems made today. Here are a few ways you can find the best air conditioner manufacturers and how to find the perfect system to keep your home cool during our extremely hot summer months in Phoenix.

    First – Ranking the Top AC Manufacturers in Phoenix is Difficult

    A reality that exists in all aspects of life is that there are different strokes for different folks. This really applies when it comes to ranking the top AC manufactures in a particular order. While there are some brands that are ranked well for durability or performance, others might rank exceptional in reliability and energy efficiency. However, the critical factor when trying to select the best model for your personal application is to make a list of features you must have – and compare brands.

    Here are a few things to write down when you’re looking to compare the best AC unit:

  • How big of a home do you have and does the AC brand offer a unit that will efficiently cool your home?

  • Is it important for you to have a quiet running AC unit?

  • Are you primarily concerned with price or are you somebody that believes in value?

  • When you look at all three of these questions, there are a few manufactures that offer these attributes to consumers more frequently than others including:

  • Trane Air Conditioning Units

  • Carrier Air Conditioning Units

  • Lennox Air Conditioning Units

  • Rheem Air Conditioning Units

  • Second – What are the Benefits of Trane, Carrier, Lennox & Rheem?

    The great thing about all four of these brands is consistency. For decades each of these companies have been ranked in the top 5 from Consumer Reports and most independent product review specialists in durability, warranty coverage, value and SEER and recently Energy Star® ratings. Here are some facts about each of these brands:

  • Each of them meets or exceeds Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that they’ll all keep home consistently cool without jacking up your monthly energy bill.

  • All of these brands are installed by certified installation professionals – ONLY. An AC unit is only as good as the professionals that install and service them. Fortunately, these brands realize this and only work with professionally trained HVAC contractors in Phoenix to sell, install, service and maintain them.

  • Third – How to Help Make Your Decision

    Without question, you can’t go wrong with buying a Trane, Carrier, Lennox or Rheem air conditioning system. Each of them are ranked exceptionally well in every consumer category. So the question you’re probably asking is how do I choose between these four?

    Here are few tips from the professionals who sell each of them:

  • Have a professional HVAC contractor visit your home and complete a load calculation. This test will measure your home and determine the precise type, size and style of AC unit best suited for your home.

  • Compare pricing. Each of these units will be competitively priced, but some offer rebates or maintenance incentives that will impact the overall cost of buying the system.

  • Ask your friends. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to two or three – seek out the advice of friends or family members that have recently replaced their AC unit.

  • Buying an air conditioning system can be a very stressful situation. However, when you start by weeding out the ‘pretenders’ and compare the best units on the market head-to-head, you’ll quickly discover how simple and stress free buying a new system can be in Phoenix.


    Trying to decide on which type of HVAC unit to purchase? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    Are Energy Efficient Air Conditioners for Phoenix Worth It?

    energy efficient air conditioners for phoenixThe latest rage sweeping across the Phoenix metro area is ‘green’; but it has nothing to do with wanting to beat the Seattle Seahawks. The reality that most homeowners face these days is trying to find creative ways of trimming the monthly budget. One of the best – and easiest ways to save money is by using energy efficient air conditioners for Phoenix metro homes. There are several benefits to switching out an older HVAC system to an Energy Star® rated unit that goes much beyond saving money. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why energy efficient air conditioners are definitely a good investment for the future.

    Benefits to Energy Efficient AC Units in Summer

    During the summer months you’re going to be using your AC system pretty much around the clock. However, one of the best ways to reduce energy bills during this time of the year is by having a cooling unit that is smartly controlled through an engineered set up designed for efficiency. When you use an Energy Star energy efficient central AC unit during the summer, it can help you in multiple ways including:

    • This type of AC system will keep your home at a comfortable temperature all hours during the day and night. Believe it or not, the latest technology works best when it’s set to a comfortable temperature 24 hours per day – as opposed to being shut off for certain times during the day or night.

    • Energy efficient AC systems help to reduce the potential of blackouts. The largest cause of ‘summer blackout’ issues is that energy consuming AC systems flood the local stations. When everybody cuts back energy consumption by up to 30%, this risk becomes less likely.

    • The less energy consumed for your energy bill equals more disposable income. Imagine saving 30% off your monthly energy bill every month during the year. If you’re like most Arizona residents that would equate to about $1,600 per year back into your pocket. Vacation anybody?

    Energy Efficient AC Units Help to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    This term ‘carbon footprint’ is used quite a bit these days. But what does it really mean? Essentially, the production of energy is traditionally powered by carbon-based energy systems such as fuels, oils or natural resources that are built from carbon chain molecules. Believe it or not, Natural Gas and Liquid propane give off carbon emissions – even though some automotive folks try to convince us differently. When you convert to an energy efficient AC system, it reduces the amount of energy needed to keep your home comfortable and cool. The result is that power stations require less fossil fuels to power their energy stations – thus; reducing the amount of carbon emissions spent.

    Another interesting fact is that people with energy efficient AC systems tend to spend more time indoors; which means – less driving those carbon emissions burning vehicles to drive somewhere to cool off during those hot summer months.

    Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzz term – it’s quickly becoming a reality we must all face. Whether it’s installing an on-board fuel refinery on our cars to save gas or upgrading to an energy efficient air conditioner for our Phoenix home – we can all do our part to conserve energy, save money and save our planet. Have an hvac expert in Phoenix answer any questions you might have about energy efficient units today!


    Have questions regarding energy efficient AC units? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will guide you down the right path when purchasing one for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    Advantage of Lennox Rooftop Unit Installation in Phoenix

    lennox rooftop unit installation in phoenixOne of the more popular new AC systems being sold for commercial and some homeowners are the Lennox rooftop systems. A rooftop unit is simply put – an air conditioning system that is installed on the roof of a building. This allows for smooth circulation of air throughout a building, as heated air typically tends to rise naturally. When it comes to Lennox rooftop unit installation in Phoenix, there are a few reasons why home and commercial owners are choosing this brand above others that are sold. Here are four of the best attributes that Lennox air conditioning systems offer customers in the Phoenix Valley.

    First – Lennox Rooftop Air Conditioning Units are a Trusted Brand

    When you are shopping for a major appliance – what is the first thing you consider? If you’re like 78% of American consumers, name brand recognition is the first item that stimulates a buying decision. An air conditioning unit is not a cheap item; in fact, it’s among the most expensive home appliances sold these days. This is why many Phoenix home and commercial building owners depend on Lennox rooftop air conditioning units as their brand of choice for replacement systems.

    Lennox has established this reputation for several specific reasons:

  • Lennox AC systems are among the top three in consumer confidence in the world.

  • Phoenix Lennox dealers offer exceptional installation and service plans to keep them running strong.

  • Lennox has a wonderful consumer and product protection program that offers value to customers that purchase their units.

  • Second – Phoenix Lennox Dealers are Knowledgeable and Can Easily Answer Questions

    Another critical consumer element that factors into which type of rooftop AC unit you should buy is customer service from the people that will sell and install the units. Any company that sells and installs Lennox units must be certified and authorized to do so directly by the factory. In fact, Lennox authorized dealers are trained on an annual basis and always receive frequent visits from manufacturer representatives so they can answer any questions about new technology or products offered to the public.

    Also, the HVAC technicians that install these Lennox rooftop systems are highly skilled at installing these specific types of cooling systems. Contrary to popular belief, not all AC units are alike. Rooftop systems require specific and strategic planning to install correctly, you want to ensure the company you’re working with has extensive experience with these specific systems when you purchase one.

    Third – New Residential Rooftop AC Unit Install Lowers Energy Costs

    Reality check – energy rates spike during the summer season. It’s due to this fact that buying a rooftop AC unit will also increase the energy efficiency of the system compared to your old one. Lennox systems are all Energy Star® Rated and in many cases; exceed standard energy ratings as set forth by the US Department of Energy. They are built to handle the extreme temperatures that plague the Phoenix Valley – but they also can handle the extreme wind and thunderstorms we get during the monsoon season. A Lennox Rooftop unit will be exposed to the element; you will want a dependable and very durable system.

    Finally – Lennox Rooftop AC Units Cool Large Spaces Quickly

    Arguably the best attribute that the Lennox system offers customers is that Lennox rooftop AC units cool large spaces rather quickly. We discussed this earlier, but hot air will naturally rise to the top of a room. Many rooftop systems are designed with this natural scientific law in mind. When the heated air from inside a home can enter the cooling chamber of a rooftop unit quicker – the end result will be a more efficient system of cooling a home. And since most rooftop systems manufactured by Lennox are extremely energy efficient – yet powerful systems; they have no trouble cooling off spaces quickly.


    Is your AC unit ready to be replaced? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating to get a quote on a new Lennox AC unit that will be a perfect fit for your home!

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    Thursday, October 8, 2015

    Heating Service & Repair

    Emergency Heating Repair Services

    If you’re looking for quick, reliable and trustworthy heating service, we take tremendous pride in our integrity and we are committed to delivering exceptional service with every customer interaction.

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    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    Can You be Allergic to Air Conditioning at Home?

    can you be allergic to air conditioning at homeDid you know that over 50 million people living in the United States currently deal with some sort of respiratory allergy issue? Whether it’s the fact that you are sensitive to pet dander, alfalfa, grass or pollen, the reality is that many of the triggering factors that lead to allergy attacks often become trapped inside your home. The number one culprit in the spread of these allergens is the home air conditioning or heating system. This quickly raises the question, can you be allergic to air conditioning at home?

    Here are a few facts about allergies and why making sure your AC system is as clean as possible can significantly reduce allergy attacks.

    Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Air Conditioning?

    By definition, the answer to this question is no; you don’t have allergic reactions to actual air conditioning. The allergic reaction is due to the air that the AC unit is conditioning in the first place. Air conditioning is a process where air that is already inside a home that is warm is converted to cooler air and circulated back into the home. However, this air has to pass through a few different ‘checkpoints’ before you breathe it again:

  • Air is sucked into the AC system after flowing through your vents first. Your vents collect dust; and this dust is often comprised of several triggering allergens that impact the human (and pet’s) respiratory system.

  • The air is then circulated through ductwork. The ductwork is another area where the air you breathe can pick up additional allergens for you to inhale.

  • The cool air is then circulated back through those same dirty ducts, then through an indoor filter, eventually through those dust-covered vents and into your lungs.

  • This simply makes sense that the allergic reaction you might be experiencing has nothing to do with the actual AC unit. It has everything to do with the debris and contaminants that embed into the air you breathe. Luckily there are solutions to reduce this from occurring which we will address shortly.

    What are Common Indoor Allergy Triggers?

    When it comes to indoor allergies, there are typically four different allergens that can trigger allergy attacks in the Phoenix area:

  • Dust: This is the biggest triggering factor in the desert and the biggest reason is due to the fact that it’s made up of several different particles that often trigger lung, nasal or sinus irritation such as tiny bits of skin, soil, plants, insects, fibers, food and even animal matter.

  • Dust Mites: When a home is saturated with dust, the byproduct is a thriving environment of dust mites. Dust mite droppings are a major triggering factor for allergies and asthma sufferers.

  • Pet Dander: The biggest misconception about pet allergies is that you might be allergic to a certain animal. In fact, you’re not – it’s the allergic reaction created by small proteins that are inside many animal saliva. Even if you don’t own a pet, you can still absorb pet dander because it clings to clothes, shoes and hair. When you have a pet owner visit your home; it can find a way into your indoor air circulation system.

  • Cockroaches: Any desert environment breads cockroaches. The potential allergen that triggers allergy attacks in humans is found in cockroach droppings – which tend to collect in dark spaces like HVAC ductwork  for example.

  • Here are Some Tips to Ease Indoor Allergies

    As we’ve discovered here – it’s not the AC that you are allergic to, it’s everything else that finds a way into your HVAC system. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the potential of having allergy attacks inside your home.

  • Replace your indoor filters every month. A dirty filter will simply spread allergens easier – so replace it often to be proactive.

  • Dust your vents every week. A Swiffer sweeper is a great tool that can easily dust off vents without releasing the majority of dust into the air.

  • Consider investing in an indoor air quality device. Many manufacturers are creating indoor air quality improvement devices that can remove up to 99 percent of allergens from your home. For people with sensitive respiratory illness, this is a smart idea that can improve your quality of life.

  • ____________________________

    If you want a reliable company for professional Phoenix HVAC services, contact us today or call (602) 714-8270. It Pays to Call Hays!

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    Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    What to Ask When Replacing Your Air Conditioner in Phoenix

    replacing-your-air-conditioner-in-phoenixA sad fact of life is that eventually – all mechanical items will break down. This includes the air conditioning units that keep us nice and cool during the hot summers in Phoenix. The process of replacing your air conditioner in Phoenix tends to be complex, time consuming and rather expensive. If you know what to ask professional HVAC contractors in Phoenix, how to ask these questions and what to expect for replacing your broken system – you’ll reduce the stress load and can save money in the short and long term.

    Here are three questions that you should be asking any professional HVAC Company in Phoenix when it’s time to replace your older system.

    First – What Size AC System is Needed for My Specific Home?

    Believe it or not, one size does not fit all in the HVAC world. Every unit that is manufactured today is built for a specific application. This ensures that homeowners in the United States will receive an energy efficient system that will effectively keep their home cool. However, the process of determining what size of system is best suited for you is not an easy one for homeowners to figure out. Professional heating and air conditioning contractors in Phoenix use a process called load calculations to determine what type and size of system is best suited for individual homeowners. This will measure several individual elements including:

  • The square footage of the home

  • How many floors the house has

  • The location and direction of windows and doors

  • What type of foliage or landscaping is near the home

  • The type and condition of ductwork and vents

  • Second – What is the AC Installation Process Like?

    Any contractor that specializes in installing air conditioning systems in Phoenix should easily be able to answer this question. However, just like we said above, there is no black and white answer to this question. The fact is that every home installation is unique – as are some of the obstacles and hurdles that are associated with AC installs. Typically, the process is a three-step solution:

  • Measure and pick out the right unit for the home owner

  • Remove the older system

  • Install and test out the newer unit

  • Each of these individual steps have their own process that is efficient, so ask any contractor you work with about how they will help you with each of these specific steps.

    Third – What is the Average Cost of Replacing an Air Conditioner?

    Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest answers for an AC contractor to answer. The answer is – depends on your situation. Right now you might be shaking your head, but the reality is that there is no cut and dry, cookie cutter answer to the average cost – nor should there be.

    The best way to keep your cost low is to work with a professional heating and air conditioning company in Phoenix that can help you pick a new unit, install that unit correctly and offer a service plan that will keep it operational for several years. This will maximize your return on investment, ensure your system runs energy efficiently (which will lower your monthly energy bills) and save money on expensive repairs.


    Are you looking to replace your AC unit when the weather cools down? Let Hays Cooling and Heating replace your old unit with a brand new one. Call 602-714-8270!

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    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System in Scottsdale AZ

    how to extend the life of your hvac systemFinding affordable ways of extending equipment life is important regardless of where you live. For people living in Scottsdale, the search for learning how to extend the life of your HVAC system can save you thousands of dollars. With this being said, there are a few simple – and cost-effective things that any homeowner can do to extend the life of your AC unit – and also reduce monthly expenses at the same time.

    First – Don’t Overwork Your HVAC System Components

    The number one cause of premature equipment breakdown is when they are overworked. However, how do you define overworked in the first place? Typically the best way to reduce this problem is to make sure your AC system can do two easy things:

  • Efficiently cool your home

  • Maintain a consistent temperature

  • When you turn your AC unit off then back on it seriously reduces the above two things from happening. It also causes your HVAC components to work harder to achieve desired results. The best solution is to keep your AC on automatic setting around the clock and maintain a cool yet comfortable temperature.

    Second – Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

    Keeping your AC turned on and running smooth is a great way to extend equipment life, but regular maintenance is a critical component as well. It’s recommended that homeowners in Scottsdale should have their AC inspected at least once per year. This inspection will ensure all moving parts are properly lubricated, that any worn out parts are replaced and that any fluids or coolant levels are maintained, leaks fixed and all hoses and belts inspected and tightened.

    This easy tune-up can reduce up to 90% of all typical AC repairs when scheduled on a regular basis. Take time to set up an annual HVAC maintenance program with a certified HVAC contractor in Scottsdale.

    Third – Replace Dirty Filters Often

    The easiest thing for homeowners to do that can extend HVAC equipment life is replacing their indoor air filters frequently. Most of these filters are available at Home Depot, Walmart, Target stores and only cost a few dollars per unit. However, by replacing them every month, you can reduce the drag of air that needs to smoothly flow through the entire HVAC system. This allows the cooling units to cool efficiently and the heating systems to work easier as well.

    However, what you may not know is that this simple task can also save you up to 30% on your monthly energy bill. When a HVAC system is free of obstructions and dirty air; it uses less energy to produce your desired results.

    These three tips are the best ways that homeowners in Scottsdale can extend the life of their air conditioning and heating units all year long. Take time to contact a local HVAC expert in Scottsdale and ask them about the service programs that they offer.


    Are you trying to extend the life of your AC unit? Let Hays Cooling and Heating, the HVAC expert in Scottsdaleincrease the efficiency of your unit at 602-714-8270 . Learn more today!

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    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Can I Improve Air Quality with Scented Filters?

    improve air quality with scented filtersOne of the fastest growing trends in the United States is the search for improving indoor air quality. However, it’s not a trend based on fashion, or style or because some celebrity endorses it – it’s to save people’s lives. Every day, nearly ¼ of the US population suffers from some sort of respiratory illness. That’s a fact that is often compounded by poor indoor air quality. However, one of the most asked questions is whether you can improve air quality with scented filters inside your home. Let’s take a look at some of the facts about this growing myth and discover few things that can actually improve the quality of air you breathe daily.

    Are Scented Filters for Air Conditioners the Right Choice for Me?

    In order to fix anything, the first item is to clearly define the problem. The sad truth is that indoor air quality is defined differently to individual people. For some people, indoor air quality means that the air should smell nice; while others argue that air should be pure and free of harmful chemicals that can trigger most respiratory illness conditions like COPD, allergies and asthma and even the common cold. In regards to whether or not scented filters can improve your homes air quality – this will depend on your definition of indoor air quality.

    Most scented filters are filled with chemicals that trigger the release of fragrance. True – it will help your air smell better, but it may not be the best thing for your lungs. Any introduction of chemicals causes the lungs to work harder to remove the chemical from our respiratory system. It can also cause sensitive elements inside our lungs to flair-up common respiratory conditions.

    TIP – Define what is important to you and meet with a doctor to determine if you or other members of your household have any medical conditions that might be stimulated or triggered negatively through the use of scented filters before using them.

    Why You Should Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

    Defining indoor air quality is one thing. After you’ve done so, you’ll quickly discover that for the most part, indoor air quality is defined as removing harmful particles that negatively impact everybody right to breathe. This typically includes:

  • Dust

  • Pollen

  • Bacteria

  • Allergens

  • These four items are the leading trigger factors for common colds, allergies, asthma, COPD flair-ups and even spread of flu and other potentially dangerous medical conditions like Valley Fever. Finding ways of removing these particles from the air you breathe indoors is exceptionally critical for many reasons:

  • You’ll spend more time inside your home than any other location. From sleeping to entertaining house guests or watching the game on Sunday; most American’s typically spend more than 60% of their lives inside their homes.

  • Reducing home allergens is critical to better long-term health. According to the Asthma & Allergy Network, the leading trigger factors of these two diseases are allergens that are often trapped inside HVAC systems, filters and ductwork inside a home. The best way to remove these threats is to frequently clean the duct system, replace filters every month and consider investing in indoor air quality improvement devices that can eliminate 99% of these allergens from the air we breathe daily.

  • How to improve air quality to help your COPD symptoms? Read about the Trane Clean Effects and the Air Scrubber Plus and how they can help you breathe easier quality is very critical to overall health. However, simply masking the air you breathe with fragrance is not the best solution to this problem. Take time to research what is in the air you are breathing inside your home daily and how critical it can be for your short term comfort and long-term health to take a proactive step to improve indoor air quality correctly.


    Have questions about indoor air quality? Reach out to the experts at Hays Cooling and Heating at 602-714-8270 and speak with one of our indoor air quality specialist in Phoenix. Learn more about how we can improve your air quality today!

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    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    3 Tips For A North Scottsdale Rooftop AC Installation

    north scottsdale rooftop ac installationInstalling a new rooftop AC system is not as simple as one might assume. In fact, of all the different HVAC systems available to home and commercial building owners, the rooftop unit is one of the most complex and difficult to install. However, they are very efficient and can cool a large space very quickly because of the complexity. It’s due to these facts, that when people look for North Scottsdale rooftop AC installation, there are a few things they need to verify before hiring any contractor to complete this task.

    First – Use an AC Rooftop Install Specialist

    When you invest a lot of money into a specialized piece of equipment, you want to make sure it’s installed correctly – right? Whether it’s taking your Lexus to the dealer or any other specialist, smart consumers understand the value of expert service. When it comes to installing a rooftop AC unit for North Scottsdale homes, the solution is to hire a certified HVAC contractor that specializes in these units.

  • A rooftop specialist will understand all the quirks and specifics that these complex units require for proper installation.

  • The specialist will have the skills to adjust to unforeseen events – and adjust the installation to specific settings of your home or commercial building to ensure optimized performance.

  • Rooftop specialists are also specially trained to work in delicate conditions; so safety is always a top priority for them.

  • Second – Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

    Contrary to popular belief, HVAC contractors actually like to speak with people. In fact, many of the best HVAC installation experts that receive frequent reviews on Angieslist.com and other review sites are the ones that take time to answer all questions that a home or commercial building owner might have. This is especially important when you’re considering the purchase and installation of a rooftop system .Make sure you ask them any questions you might have before you sign any papers including:

  • Does my house have enough space on the roof?

  • How do you determine where to install the rooftop unit?

  • How is the rooftop unit secured to the house?

  • Where is the main power shut off going to be located?

  • Third – Always Remember to Schedule Regular Maintenance

    The best way to keep any major appliance running strong is to activate a routine maintenance program that includes applying factory service solutions and parts replacement. Professional rooftop AC unit contractors often provide regular rooftop ac maintenance.  packages to home and commercial building owners that hire them to install these specialized units. Take them up on this offer, as you’ll quickly discover that a properly maintained rooftop AC unit will operate much more efficiently than one that is not serviced frequently.

    Without question, a rooftop air conditioning unit is one of the most efficient ways to keep larger rooms and houses cool during the hot summer season. Anytime you are considering the purchase or installation of these systems, make sure you contact a Scottsdale HVAC installation specialist that has years of experience working with these specific units. In the short and long-term, you’ll be glad you did.


    To work with one of the top HVAC companies in North Scottsdale call, Hays Cooling and Heating  at 602-714-8270. Learn more about how we can install the right rooftop ac system at your home or office building.

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