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The Best Air Conditioner Manufacturers to Use in Phoenix

air conditioner manufacturersDependability, durability, affordability and honesty – just a few of the attributes that people living in Phoenix need for the cooling system that protects their homes from the extreme heat. There are multiple air conditioning manufacturers in the world, but trying to separate the contenders from the pretenders can be difficult from time to time. However, there are a few that typically stand out above the rest on a yearly basis by cranking out the top rated, most dependable and affordable HVAC systems made today. Here are a few ways you can find the best air conditioner manufacturers and how to find the perfect system to keep your home cool during our extremely hot summer months in Phoenix.

First – Ranking the Top AC Manufacturers in Phoenix is Difficult

A reality that exists in all aspects of life is that there are different strokes for different folks. This really applies when it comes to ranking the top AC manufactures in a particular order. While there are some brands that are ranked well for durability or performance, others might rank exceptional in reliability and energy efficiency. However, the critical factor when trying to select the best model for your personal application is to make a list of features you must have – and compare brands.

Here are a few things to write down when you’re looking to compare the best AC unit:

  • How big of a home do you have and does the AC brand offer a unit that will efficiently cool your home?

  • Is it important for you to have a quiet running AC unit?

  • Are you primarily concerned with price or are you somebody that believes in value?

  • When you look at all three of these questions, there are a few manufactures that offer these attributes to consumers more frequently than others including:

  • Trane Air Conditioning Units

  • Carrier Air Conditioning Units

  • Lennox Air Conditioning Units

  • Rheem Air Conditioning Units

  • Second – What are the Benefits of Trane, Carrier, Lennox & Rheem?

    The great thing about all four of these brands is consistency. For decades each of these companies have been ranked in the top 5 from Consumer Reports and most independent product review specialists in durability, warranty coverage, value and SEER and recently Energy Star® ratings. Here are some facts about each of these brands:

  • Each of them meets or exceeds Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that they’ll all keep home consistently cool without jacking up your monthly energy bill.

  • All of these brands are installed by certified installation professionals – ONLY. An AC unit is only as good as the professionals that install and service them. Fortunately, these brands realize this and only work with professionally trained HVAC contractors in Phoenix to sell, install, service and maintain them.

  • Third – How to Help Make Your Decision

    Without question, you can’t go wrong with buying a Trane, Carrier, Lennox or Rheem air conditioning system. Each of them are ranked exceptionally well in every consumer category. So the question you’re probably asking is how do I choose between these four?

    Here are few tips from the professionals who sell each of them:

  • Have a professional HVAC contractor visit your home and complete a load calculation. This test will measure your home and determine the precise type, size and style of AC unit best suited for your home.

  • Compare pricing. Each of these units will be competitively priced, but some offer rebates or maintenance incentives that will impact the overall cost of buying the system.

  • Ask your friends. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to two or three – seek out the advice of friends or family members that have recently replaced their AC unit.

  • Buying an air conditioning system can be a very stressful situation. However, when you start by weeding out the ‘pretenders’ and compare the best units on the market head-to-head, you’ll quickly discover how simple and stress free buying a new system can be in Phoenix.


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