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Can I Improve Air Quality with Scented Filters?

improve air quality with scented filtersOne of the fastest growing trends in the United States is the search for improving indoor air quality. However, it’s not a trend based on fashion, or style or because some celebrity endorses it – it’s to save people’s lives. Every day, nearly ¼ of the US population suffers from some sort of respiratory illness. That’s a fact that is often compounded by poor indoor air quality. However, one of the most asked questions is whether you can improve air quality with scented filters inside your home. Let’s take a look at some of the facts about this growing myth and discover few things that can actually improve the quality of air you breathe daily.

Are Scented Filters for Air Conditioners the Right Choice for Me?

In order to fix anything, the first item is to clearly define the problem. The sad truth is that indoor air quality is defined differently to individual people. For some people, indoor air quality means that the air should smell nice; while others argue that air should be pure and free of harmful chemicals that can trigger most respiratory illness conditions like COPD, allergies and asthma and even the common cold. In regards to whether or not scented filters can improve your homes air quality – this will depend on your definition of indoor air quality.

Most scented filters are filled with chemicals that trigger the release of fragrance. True – it will help your air smell better, but it may not be the best thing for your lungs. Any introduction of chemicals causes the lungs to work harder to remove the chemical from our respiratory system. It can also cause sensitive elements inside our lungs to flair-up common respiratory conditions.

TIP – Define what is important to you and meet with a doctor to determine if you or other members of your household have any medical conditions that might be stimulated or triggered negatively through the use of scented filters before using them.

Why You Should Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Defining indoor air quality is one thing. After you’ve done so, you’ll quickly discover that for the most part, indoor air quality is defined as removing harmful particles that negatively impact everybody right to breathe. This typically includes:

  • Dust

  • Pollen

  • Bacteria

  • Allergens

  • These four items are the leading trigger factors for common colds, allergies, asthma, COPD flair-ups and even spread of flu and other potentially dangerous medical conditions like Valley Fever. Finding ways of removing these particles from the air you breathe indoors is exceptionally critical for many reasons:

  • You’ll spend more time inside your home than any other location. From sleeping to entertaining house guests or watching the game on Sunday; most American’s typically spend more than 60% of their lives inside their homes.

  • Reducing home allergens is critical to better long-term health. According to the Asthma & Allergy Network, the leading trigger factors of these two diseases are allergens that are often trapped inside HVAC systems, filters and ductwork inside a home. The best way to remove these threats is to frequently clean the duct system, replace filters every month and consider investing in indoor air quality improvement devices that can eliminate 99% of these allergens from the air we breathe daily.

  • How to improve air quality to help your COPD symptoms? Read about the Trane Clean Effects and the Air Scrubber Plus and how they can help you breathe easier quality is very critical to overall health. However, simply masking the air you breathe with fragrance is not the best solution to this problem. Take time to research what is in the air you are breathing inside your home daily and how critical it can be for your short term comfort and long-term health to take a proactive step to improve indoor air quality correctly.


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