Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rooftop Air Conditioner Vs A Side-Yard Air Conditioner

Rooftop Air ConditionerWhen you’re living in The Valley of the Sun, finding a quality-built air conditioner is not only a luxury – it’s a requirement. There are several types of AC systems available for homeowners and even more questions about which type of system is best. Two of the leading systems in Arizona are rooftop air conditioners and side-yard systems: both of which have advantages.

Comparing Rooftop And Side-Yard AC Systems

Advantages of Rooftop Air Conditioner

A rooftop air conditioner is a centralized cooling system that is different than many side-yard AC systems (often are known as ‘split systems’). The rooftop AC system is installed on the top of your home and then routed through the ductwork of the home to keep your house cool.

There are a few advantages of this type of set-up including:

  • Air can cycle easily through your home. In science we learn that warm air rises naturally, while cool air will descend. Due to this law of physics of cold air, a roof top system doesn’t need to force air hard into a home. Conversely, it also does not need to draw warm air as hard. The result is less energy consumed to operate these systems. This makes rooftop systems extremely energy efficient.

  • Rooftop air conditioners have all the parts contained in the same place. Many side-yard or ‘central air’ systems have components inside the home and outside the home. This means that when a problem occurs, it can be challenging to work on the systems. The result is that repairs can be lower when you work with rooftop systems, as everything is easy to access.

  • Advantages of Side-Yard Air Conditioning Systems

    Just like the rooftop system, installing a side-yard AC unit also comes with several attributes that any homeowner in North Phoenix should consider.

    • Side-yard AC systems are varied, highly diverse and offer homeowners more options. There are multiple vendors, sizes, powers, and options available for homeowners to consider. Plus, it’s easier to find a size that is energy efficient for your home.

    • A side yard system doesn’t always have to be completely replaced. Since there are two elements to a side yard system (the inside fans and outside unit) if one of the systems fails and needs to be replaced, you can often get by without replacing the other one. The result is often a lower price. However, this can be deceiving since eventually you’ll have to pay again to replace the other component

    In short, both rooftop air conditioner units and side-yard systems are good options for homeowners in Phoenix to consider. The best advice we can give is to carefully consider your home, your needs and speak with a qualified HVAC professional. You’ll be surprised to learn that most companies will give you factual, not inflated, info if you ask them directly.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

AC Repair

24/7 Emergency AC Repair Services

If you’re looking for quick, reliable and trustworthy air conditioning service, we take tremendous pride in our integrity and we are committed to delivering exceptional service with every customer interaction.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FAQs About Air Conditioning Installation in North Phoenix

Air Conditioning Installation North PhoenixFinding a dependable air conditioning installation company in North Phoenix can be complex due to the simple fact that there are several to choose from. Let’s be honest – Phoenix can get downright hot in summertime. As a result, there are several AC units that simply can’t handle the constant work and stress – especially if they are not properly maintained. If this happens to you, you’ll have to find a dependable company to install a new AC unit in your North Phoenix home.

FAQs When Installing New Air Conditioning System

In order to help you make a better decision as to what type of AC unit you should buy, and who you should work with to install your new AC system in North Phoenix, here are a few FAQ’s.

Question #1 – What type of AC System Should I Install?

They say that if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. However, this does not always apply to air conditioning systems. The truth is that as technology improves, new and more energy efficient AC units become available for North Phoenix homeowners. However, there are a few important rules however for buying and installing any new system.

Rule #1 – Always Start with a Load Calculation

The first thing you should always have completed when it’s time to install a new AC system is a proper load calculation. This is completed by professional HVAC contractors and measures every aspect of your home to determine the correct size and power of an AC unit to keep your home cool – EFFICIENTLY.

Rule #2 – Always Compare Brands

Once the HVAC contractor has completed a load calculation, the next step is to compare vendors within that category. Always consider the overall ‘cost’ of operating the system as well as the price. This means that you should consider the system’s energy consumption ratings, such as if it’s Energy Star® rated, and if you can receive a tax incentive for purchasing a particular type of AC system.

Question #2 – When Should I Have AC Installation Completed?

If you have the luxury of replacing an AC unit before it actually breaks down, there are some times during the year that are better than others for air conditioning replacement in North Phoenix. You might think Winter as the best time to replace an AC system, but truthfully, late fall or early spring is quite often the best time for replacement. The primary reason is actually a two-step answer:

  • First, there are more HVAC contractors completing routine service during this time period. And with more people available to work, the prices often are lower due to consumer demand being low for installation.

  • Second, it gives the AC contractor a good opportunity to physically test the system. When the temperature is starting to rise in early spring or comfortable in late fall, you can test an AC system without having the overall temperature inside your home become too cold.

Question #3 – Who is the Best Company to Hire for Air Conditioning Installation in North Phoenix?

Talk about a loaded question. However, in truth, there are three things you should look for in any company that will install your new AC unit in North Phoenix:

a)   Make sure they are APS and SRP Qualified Contractors

b)   Always verify that they have positive reviews

c)    Verify with the BBB that they have at least a ‘B’ rating for customer service

The truth is that there are several air conditioning installation companies in North Phoenix. The best way to determine which one is best for you is to ask detailed questions of any company you contact. Always work with a company that provides you open and honest communication and the one that will deliver positive customer service every step of the way.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Compare Air Conditioning Companies In North Scottsdale

Air Conditioning Companies North ScottsdaleThere are several good air conditioning companies operating in North Scottsdale. But, how can you separate the contenders from pretenders in this highly competitive industry? Truth be told, it really depends on your individual needs and what consumer traits are important to you. However, here are a few important things that you should consider and verify before hiring any air conditioning company that works in North Scottsdale.

3 Conditions to Consider When Hiring An AC Company In North Scottsdale

First – Make Sure they are APS and SRP Certified Contractors

Arizona Public Service has been a leading source of separating good contractors from ones that you should avoid. The SRP certified contractor program also verifies that an air conditioning company is not only qualified to complete all repairs, service and installation, but most importantly, they will do the job right the first time.

In order to be SRP Certified, an air conditioning company in North Scottsdale must comply with the following terms:

  • They must be an active member (in good standing) of the Electric League of Arizona

  • The must also be an active member of the Arizona Heat Pump Council

  • The company must be licensed by the Registrar of Contractors for a minimum of 12-months, must be bonded and insured and maintain a member in good standing status with the BBB with a rating of ‘B’ or better.

Second – Check Online Reviews from Customers Just Like You

The second consideration in choosing a good air conditioning contractor in North Scottsdale is to get the facts directly from customers in your hometown. There are two easy ways to accomplish this:

  • First, word of mouth advertising. Talk with your friends at work, family members and others in your neighborhood about any companies they’ve worked with in the past. Don’t just ask them about what companies to avoid – ask them if the company that works with them is trustworthy, dependable and completes AC service on time.

  • Check online at Angieslist.com and Kudzu.com. These two websites are great sources of factual information and consumer direct reviews for HVAC contractors. When a company is reviewed on these two websites, it’s done so by previous customers.

Work with air conditioning companies in North Scottsdale that have positive reviews. Don’t take the risk – as there are several options in North Scottsdale for good HVAC service. Insist that your HVAC contractor have all positive reviews – especially with the BBB.

Third – Choose a General Contractor that Communicates Openly and Transparently

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential air conditioning companies to work with, contact them directly and ‘give them a test run’. A great way to accomplish this is to ask them a series of questions about the services they provide, and their company history. If they are completely honest with you about their terms, pricing and their services, and most importantly, don’t hide anything from you – that company is a winner.

Regardless of what air conditioning companies in North Scottsdale you contact, always work with seasoned professionals that have vast experience in repairing all types of AC systems. When you follow these three easy steps, you’ll quickly be able to separate the best from the rest – ensuring you receive dependable and honest AC repairs every time.


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement: What To Expect

air conditioner compressor replacementOne of the most complex systems manufactured today is an Air Conditioning unit. Just like any other mechanical device, the complete system functions best when all moving parts work in conjunction. However, one of the hardest parts to replace is an AC Compressor. And when it comes to air conditioning compressor replacement in Arizona, there are a few things you should expect and a few tips you can use to ensure the replacement is done professionally and with as little down time as possible.

Tip #1 – Understand How An AC Compressor Works

When you arrive home to a hot house, the first thought is often, “Well, the entire AC system is broken.” However, this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes it can be a minor part that is not properly aligned or a valve that is stuck. And sometimes it can be the Air Conditioner compressor. Here is how these units work.

  • Refrigerant gas is transformed into a high-temperature and high-pressure formula in the condensing coil.

  • The oil inside the condensing unit cools this gas into a liquid state from the use of a blower or fan operated by the AC compressor.

  • If the AC compressor is not properly maintained, then the cool air will not transfer through the home and the entire compressor unit needs to be replaced or repaired.

As you can see, the AC compressor is a vital part of the entire operation of the complete AC system. So keeping them serviced frequently is a great way to avoid compressor replacement in the future.

Tip #2 – Understand your Options

When you contact an HVAC service professional to inspect your AC unit, they will often thoroughly inspect the system to define exactly what is wrong with your individual unit. If they determine that the issue is the AC compressor, you’ll have a few options to explore including:

  • Replacing the AC compressor with a new unit

  • Repairing the old AC compressor (if possible)

  • Installing a new AC compressor that is designed to last longer

However, no matter which option you choose, the most important option you’ll be given is to have a routine maintenance service plan to keep this vital component running strong – especially when it’s above 100-degrees outside.

Tip #3 – Always Work with Dependable and Highly Rated AC Compressor Replacement Experts

Finally, the best way to protect any investment is to work with quality-driven professionals in any industry. This is especially important when you’re having your AC compressor replaced. A certified and licensed contractor that is highly reviewed by previous customers is a smart choice to complete most AC compressor repairs. And there are a few things you should verify with any contractor before hiring them including:

  • Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded in the State of Arizona

  • Ensure that they are certified as APS and SRP Qualified Contractors

  • Verify their credentials online on websites like Kudzu.com.

If you follow these simple tips, then you’ll feel much more confident having any air conditioning compressor replacement service completed on time and always at pricing you can afford.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Reasons Air Conditioner Maintenance Programs In Cave Creek Are So Popular

Air Conditioner Maintenance Cave CreekIf you just purchased a new car, would you simply put gas in it until it broke down? Although this question seems rather silly, the fact remains that many Arizona residents instigate this same practice when it comes to their air conditioning system. But just like a new car, making sure you have a solid air conditioner maintenance program in Cave Creek is essential – not only to protect your investment, but also to keep your monthly energy bills lower.

Why A Solid Air Conditioner Maintenance Program In Cave Creek Is So Important

Reason #1 – Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps your System Running

The last thing you want is to have your AC unit break down in mid-July when it’s over 100 degrees outside. So in order to avoid this uncomfortable situation, instigating a routine maintenance program is vital to keeping your AC unit running smooth around the clock.

Reason #2 – AC Maintenance in Cave Creek Can Save You Money

When you look at the long-term benefits of having smart air conditioner maintenance programs in Cave Creek, it simply makes financial sense. Working with a dependable HVAC service company, you can often negotiate a routine maintenance program that will only cost you pennies per day. And, a properly maintained AC unit can save you up to 30-40% on your monthly energy consumption. This means that by spending a few dollars now, you can save money each month on utility bills.

Reason #3 – Routine Maintenance Reduces Wear and Tear

Just like replacing oil and the filters inside your new car, keeping on top of routine maintenance is critical to reduce the wear and tear of an AC system. The internal components of an AC unit are not that dissimilar to a car. They all require proper lubrication and calibration in order to work together. A maintenance program will ensure to protect your AC system in Cave Creek against premature part failure.

Reason #4 – Staying on Top of Maintenance Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Another vital reason why it’s smart to have a routine AC maintenance program in Cave Creek is your health. When you replace your filters regularly and have your ductwork cleaned and inspected frequently, the indoor air quality can vastly improve. And for people who live with COPD or other health conditions, this could mean the difference between living a quality life and suffering.

Reason #5 – Achieve Peace of Mind

Why do people buy life insurance? Simply put, they do it for peace of mind knowing that if something happens to them, their families will be taken care of financially. An air conditioning maintenance program in Cave Creek accomplishes the same thing. By having your hvac system checked frequently by a professional, it will reduce the potential for your system breaking down. And when you’re confident that your AC unit will run strong – even when its triple-digits outside – you’ll be stress free and able to enjoy the cool, clean, crisp indoor air while living in Cave Creek.

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