Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is Lennox a Good HVAC System for a Phoenix Home Install

is lennox a good hvac systemOne of the most difficult decisions a homeowner will make is choosing the right HVAC system as a replacement for one that has broken down. With so many brands, manufacturers, styles, and types on the market, it can be down-right complex to determine the right system for your individual needs. However, one of the most diverse systems that are designed for residential units are quality built systems by Lennox. It’s due to these facts that when many homeowners are asked; ‘is Lennox a good HVAC system” they typically answer – ‘Yes’.

First – What are the Benefits of a Lennox Unit?

When Dave Lennox introduced his Signature Series® to the consumer market, he focused on maximizing comfort – without compromising value. To this day, his home Lennox HVAC systems are built with the same focus in mind. Each of the Lennox air conditioning systems made today are built in the United States; and are all Energy Star ® rated. This means that they will save you money on your monthly energy bills due to the fact they run extremely energy efficiently.

Lennox systems are also very durable systems. When consumer groups across the globe rank the top three HVAC systems in regards to overall value – Lennox is always in this category. Another benefit to this type of HVAC system is the fact that all Lennox HVAC systems are built to exceed comfort standards – without compromising price and value to the homeowner.

Second – Are Lennox Systems Easy to Install?

Like any other replacement HVAC system, it’s recommended by the manufacturer to have a professional and authorized Lennox installation company in Scottsdale complete any installation. There are several reasons you want to defer to the experts in this case:

  • First, most warranties are void if the units are not installed professionally – regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Second, proper installation will ensure your system is setup for success and efficient operation.

  • Third, during installation, professional Lennox contractors will often inspect all aspects of your HVAC system – and if repairs are needed to ductwork or thermostats; they have the right tools and experience to handle these situations.

  • Third – Are There Any Issues that Arise with a Lennox Install?

    As we noted above, it’s always best to let the professionals handle any installation of a new HVAC system. However, if they complete the job and soon after the installation is completed you experience issues with the new AC system – Lennox is exceptional at handling all customer concerns quickly and without complication.

    For over 100 years this brand has established a professional reputation for exceeding the expectations of customers across the globe. Their durability allows them to handle the extreme temperature in Arizona and their remarkable price-point makes Lennox an exceptional value for any homeowner to consider when speaking with a Phoenix Lennox installation expert.


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