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The Best Air Conditioner Manufacturers to Use in Phoenix

air conditioner manufacturersDependability, durability, affordability and honesty – just a few of the attributes that people living in Phoenix need for the cooling system that protects their homes from the extreme heat. There are multiple air conditioning manufacturers in the world, but trying to separate the contenders from the pretenders can be difficult from time to time. However, there are a few that typically stand out above the rest on a yearly basis by cranking out the top rated, most dependable and affordable HVAC systems made today. Here are a few ways you can find the best air conditioner manufacturers and how to find the perfect system to keep your home cool during our extremely hot summer months in Phoenix.

First – Ranking the Top AC Manufacturers in Phoenix is Difficult

A reality that exists in all aspects of life is that there are different strokes for different folks. This really applies when it comes to ranking the top AC manufactures in a particular order. While there are some brands that are ranked well for durability or performance, others might rank exceptional in reliability and energy efficiency. However, the critical factor when trying to select the best model for your personal application is to make a list of features you must have – and compare brands.

Here are a few things to write down when you’re looking to compare the best AC unit:

  • How big of a home do you have and does the AC brand offer a unit that will efficiently cool your home?

  • Is it important for you to have a quiet running AC unit?

  • Are you primarily concerned with price or are you somebody that believes in value?

  • When you look at all three of these questions, there are a few manufactures that offer these attributes to consumers more frequently than others including:

  • Trane Air Conditioning Units

  • Carrier Air Conditioning Units

  • Lennox Air Conditioning Units

  • Rheem Air Conditioning Units

  • Second – What are the Benefits of Trane, Carrier, Lennox & Rheem?

    The great thing about all four of these brands is consistency. For decades each of these companies have been ranked in the top 5 from Consumer Reports and most independent product review specialists in durability, warranty coverage, value and SEER and recently Energy Star® ratings. Here are some facts about each of these brands:

  • Each of them meets or exceeds Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that they’ll all keep home consistently cool without jacking up your monthly energy bill.

  • All of these brands are installed by certified installation professionals – ONLY. An AC unit is only as good as the professionals that install and service them. Fortunately, these brands realize this and only work with professionally trained HVAC contractors in Phoenix to sell, install, service and maintain them.

  • Third – How to Help Make Your Decision

    Without question, you can’t go wrong with buying a Trane, Carrier, Lennox or Rheem air conditioning system. Each of them are ranked exceptionally well in every consumer category. So the question you’re probably asking is how do I choose between these four?

    Here are few tips from the professionals who sell each of them:

  • Have a professional HVAC contractor visit your home and complete a load calculation. This test will measure your home and determine the precise type, size and style of AC unit best suited for your home.

  • Compare pricing. Each of these units will be competitively priced, but some offer rebates or maintenance incentives that will impact the overall cost of buying the system.

  • Ask your friends. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to two or three – seek out the advice of friends or family members that have recently replaced their AC unit.

  • Buying an air conditioning system can be a very stressful situation. However, when you start by weeding out the ‘pretenders’ and compare the best units on the market head-to-head, you’ll quickly discover how simple and stress free buying a new system can be in Phoenix.


    Trying to decide on which type of HVAC unit to purchase? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    Are Energy Efficient Air Conditioners for Phoenix Worth It?

    energy efficient air conditioners for phoenixThe latest rage sweeping across the Phoenix metro area is ‘green’; but it has nothing to do with wanting to beat the Seattle Seahawks. The reality that most homeowners face these days is trying to find creative ways of trimming the monthly budget. One of the best – and easiest ways to save money is by using energy efficient air conditioners for Phoenix metro homes. There are several benefits to switching out an older HVAC system to an Energy Star® rated unit that goes much beyond saving money. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why energy efficient air conditioners are definitely a good investment for the future.

    Benefits to Energy Efficient AC Units in Summer

    During the summer months you’re going to be using your AC system pretty much around the clock. However, one of the best ways to reduce energy bills during this time of the year is by having a cooling unit that is smartly controlled through an engineered set up designed for efficiency. When you use an Energy Star energy efficient central AC unit during the summer, it can help you in multiple ways including:

    • This type of AC system will keep your home at a comfortable temperature all hours during the day and night. Believe it or not, the latest technology works best when it’s set to a comfortable temperature 24 hours per day – as opposed to being shut off for certain times during the day or night.

    • Energy efficient AC systems help to reduce the potential of blackouts. The largest cause of ‘summer blackout’ issues is that energy consuming AC systems flood the local stations. When everybody cuts back energy consumption by up to 30%, this risk becomes less likely.

    • The less energy consumed for your energy bill equals more disposable income. Imagine saving 30% off your monthly energy bill every month during the year. If you’re like most Arizona residents that would equate to about $1,600 per year back into your pocket. Vacation anybody?

    Energy Efficient AC Units Help to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    This term ‘carbon footprint’ is used quite a bit these days. But what does it really mean? Essentially, the production of energy is traditionally powered by carbon-based energy systems such as fuels, oils or natural resources that are built from carbon chain molecules. Believe it or not, Natural Gas and Liquid propane give off carbon emissions – even though some automotive folks try to convince us differently. When you convert to an energy efficient AC system, it reduces the amount of energy needed to keep your home comfortable and cool. The result is that power stations require less fossil fuels to power their energy stations – thus; reducing the amount of carbon emissions spent.

    Another interesting fact is that people with energy efficient AC systems tend to spend more time indoors; which means – less driving those carbon emissions burning vehicles to drive somewhere to cool off during those hot summer months.

    Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzz term – it’s quickly becoming a reality we must all face. Whether it’s installing an on-board fuel refinery on our cars to save gas or upgrading to an energy efficient air conditioner for our Phoenix home – we can all do our part to conserve energy, save money and save our planet. Have an hvac expert in Phoenix answer any questions you might have about energy efficient units today!


    Have questions regarding energy efficient AC units? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will guide you down the right path when purchasing one for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    Advantage of Lennox Rooftop Unit Installation in Phoenix

    lennox rooftop unit installation in phoenixOne of the more popular new AC systems being sold for commercial and some homeowners are the Lennox rooftop systems. A rooftop unit is simply put – an air conditioning system that is installed on the roof of a building. This allows for smooth circulation of air throughout a building, as heated air typically tends to rise naturally. When it comes to Lennox rooftop unit installation in Phoenix, there are a few reasons why home and commercial owners are choosing this brand above others that are sold. Here are four of the best attributes that Lennox air conditioning systems offer customers in the Phoenix Valley.

    First – Lennox Rooftop Air Conditioning Units are a Trusted Brand

    When you are shopping for a major appliance – what is the first thing you consider? If you’re like 78% of American consumers, name brand recognition is the first item that stimulates a buying decision. An air conditioning unit is not a cheap item; in fact, it’s among the most expensive home appliances sold these days. This is why many Phoenix home and commercial building owners depend on Lennox rooftop air conditioning units as their brand of choice for replacement systems.

    Lennox has established this reputation for several specific reasons:

  • Lennox AC systems are among the top three in consumer confidence in the world.

  • Phoenix Lennox dealers offer exceptional installation and service plans to keep them running strong.

  • Lennox has a wonderful consumer and product protection program that offers value to customers that purchase their units.

  • Second – Phoenix Lennox Dealers are Knowledgeable and Can Easily Answer Questions

    Another critical consumer element that factors into which type of rooftop AC unit you should buy is customer service from the people that will sell and install the units. Any company that sells and installs Lennox units must be certified and authorized to do so directly by the factory. In fact, Lennox authorized dealers are trained on an annual basis and always receive frequent visits from manufacturer representatives so they can answer any questions about new technology or products offered to the public.

    Also, the HVAC technicians that install these Lennox rooftop systems are highly skilled at installing these specific types of cooling systems. Contrary to popular belief, not all AC units are alike. Rooftop systems require specific and strategic planning to install correctly, you want to ensure the company you’re working with has extensive experience with these specific systems when you purchase one.

    Third – New Residential Rooftop AC Unit Install Lowers Energy Costs

    Reality check – energy rates spike during the summer season. It’s due to this fact that buying a rooftop AC unit will also increase the energy efficiency of the system compared to your old one. Lennox systems are all Energy Star® Rated and in many cases; exceed standard energy ratings as set forth by the US Department of Energy. They are built to handle the extreme temperatures that plague the Phoenix Valley – but they also can handle the extreme wind and thunderstorms we get during the monsoon season. A Lennox Rooftop unit will be exposed to the element; you will want a dependable and very durable system.

    Finally – Lennox Rooftop AC Units Cool Large Spaces Quickly

    Arguably the best attribute that the Lennox system offers customers is that Lennox rooftop AC units cool large spaces rather quickly. We discussed this earlier, but hot air will naturally rise to the top of a room. Many rooftop systems are designed with this natural scientific law in mind. When the heated air from inside a home can enter the cooling chamber of a rooftop unit quicker – the end result will be a more efficient system of cooling a home. And since most rooftop systems manufactured by Lennox are extremely energy efficient – yet powerful systems; they have no trouble cooling off spaces quickly.


    Is your AC unit ready to be replaced? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating to get a quote on a new Lennox AC unit that will be a perfect fit for your home!

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    Heating Service & Repair

    Emergency Heating Repair Services

    If you’re looking for quick, reliable and trustworthy heating service, we take tremendous pride in our integrity and we are committed to delivering exceptional service with every customer interaction.

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    Can You be Allergic to Air Conditioning at Home?

    can you be allergic to air conditioning at homeDid you know that over 50 million people living in the United States currently deal with some sort of respiratory allergy issue? Whether it’s the fact that you are sensitive to pet dander, alfalfa, grass or pollen, the reality is that many of the triggering factors that lead to allergy attacks often become trapped inside your home. The number one culprit in the spread of these allergens is the home air conditioning or heating system. This quickly raises the question, can you be allergic to air conditioning at home?

    Here are a few facts about allergies and why making sure your AC system is as clean as possible can significantly reduce allergy attacks.

    Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Air Conditioning?

    By definition, the answer to this question is no; you don’t have allergic reactions to actual air conditioning. The allergic reaction is due to the air that the AC unit is conditioning in the first place. Air conditioning is a process where air that is already inside a home that is warm is converted to cooler air and circulated back into the home. However, this air has to pass through a few different ‘checkpoints’ before you breathe it again:

  • Air is sucked into the AC system after flowing through your vents first. Your vents collect dust; and this dust is often comprised of several triggering allergens that impact the human (and pet’s) respiratory system.

  • The air is then circulated through ductwork. The ductwork is another area where the air you breathe can pick up additional allergens for you to inhale.

  • The cool air is then circulated back through those same dirty ducts, then through an indoor filter, eventually through those dust-covered vents and into your lungs.

  • This simply makes sense that the allergic reaction you might be experiencing has nothing to do with the actual AC unit. It has everything to do with the debris and contaminants that embed into the air you breathe. Luckily there are solutions to reduce this from occurring which we will address shortly.

    What are Common Indoor Allergy Triggers?

    When it comes to indoor allergies, there are typically four different allergens that can trigger allergy attacks in the Phoenix area:

  • Dust: This is the biggest triggering factor in the desert and the biggest reason is due to the fact that it’s made up of several different particles that often trigger lung, nasal or sinus irritation such as tiny bits of skin, soil, plants, insects, fibers, food and even animal matter.

  • Dust Mites: When a home is saturated with dust, the byproduct is a thriving environment of dust mites. Dust mite droppings are a major triggering factor for allergies and asthma sufferers.

  • Pet Dander: The biggest misconception about pet allergies is that you might be allergic to a certain animal. In fact, you’re not – it’s the allergic reaction created by small proteins that are inside many animal saliva. Even if you don’t own a pet, you can still absorb pet dander because it clings to clothes, shoes and hair. When you have a pet owner visit your home; it can find a way into your indoor air circulation system.

  • Cockroaches: Any desert environment breads cockroaches. The potential allergen that triggers allergy attacks in humans is found in cockroach droppings – which tend to collect in dark spaces like HVAC ductwork  for example.

  • Here are Some Tips to Ease Indoor Allergies

    As we’ve discovered here – it’s not the AC that you are allergic to, it’s everything else that finds a way into your HVAC system. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the potential of having allergy attacks inside your home.

  • Replace your indoor filters every month. A dirty filter will simply spread allergens easier – so replace it often to be proactive.

  • Dust your vents every week. A Swiffer sweeper is a great tool that can easily dust off vents without releasing the majority of dust into the air.

  • Consider investing in an indoor air quality device. Many manufacturers are creating indoor air quality improvement devices that can remove up to 99 percent of allergens from your home. For people with sensitive respiratory illness, this is a smart idea that can improve your quality of life.

  • ____________________________

    If you want a reliable company for professional Phoenix HVAC services, contact us today or call (602) 714-8270. It Pays to Call Hays!

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