Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Advantage of Lennox Rooftop Unit Installation in Phoenix

lennox rooftop unit installation in phoenixOne of the more popular new AC systems being sold for commercial and some homeowners are the Lennox rooftop systems. A rooftop unit is simply put – an air conditioning system that is installed on the roof of a building. This allows for smooth circulation of air throughout a building, as heated air typically tends to rise naturally. When it comes to Lennox rooftop unit installation in Phoenix, there are a few reasons why home and commercial owners are choosing this brand above others that are sold. Here are four of the best attributes that Lennox air conditioning systems offer customers in the Phoenix Valley.

First – Lennox Rooftop Air Conditioning Units are a Trusted Brand

When you are shopping for a major appliance – what is the first thing you consider? If you’re like 78% of American consumers, name brand recognition is the first item that stimulates a buying decision. An air conditioning unit is not a cheap item; in fact, it’s among the most expensive home appliances sold these days. This is why many Phoenix home and commercial building owners depend on Lennox rooftop air conditioning units as their brand of choice for replacement systems.

Lennox has established this reputation for several specific reasons:

  • Lennox AC systems are among the top three in consumer confidence in the world.

  • Phoenix Lennox dealers offer exceptional installation and service plans to keep them running strong.

  • Lennox has a wonderful consumer and product protection program that offers value to customers that purchase their units.

  • Second – Phoenix Lennox Dealers are Knowledgeable and Can Easily Answer Questions

    Another critical consumer element that factors into which type of rooftop AC unit you should buy is customer service from the people that will sell and install the units. Any company that sells and installs Lennox units must be certified and authorized to do so directly by the factory. In fact, Lennox authorized dealers are trained on an annual basis and always receive frequent visits from manufacturer representatives so they can answer any questions about new technology or products offered to the public.

    Also, the HVAC technicians that install these Lennox rooftop systems are highly skilled at installing these specific types of cooling systems. Contrary to popular belief, not all AC units are alike. Rooftop systems require specific and strategic planning to install correctly, you want to ensure the company you’re working with has extensive experience with these specific systems when you purchase one.

    Third – New Residential Rooftop AC Unit Install Lowers Energy Costs

    Reality check – energy rates spike during the summer season. It’s due to this fact that buying a rooftop AC unit will also increase the energy efficiency of the system compared to your old one. Lennox systems are all Energy Star® Rated and in many cases; exceed standard energy ratings as set forth by the US Department of Energy. They are built to handle the extreme temperatures that plague the Phoenix Valley – but they also can handle the extreme wind and thunderstorms we get during the monsoon season. A Lennox Rooftop unit will be exposed to the element; you will want a dependable and very durable system.

    Finally – Lennox Rooftop AC Units Cool Large Spaces Quickly

    Arguably the best attribute that the Lennox system offers customers is that Lennox rooftop AC units cool large spaces rather quickly. We discussed this earlier, but hot air will naturally rise to the top of a room. Many rooftop systems are designed with this natural scientific law in mind. When the heated air from inside a home can enter the cooling chamber of a rooftop unit quicker – the end result will be a more efficient system of cooling a home. And since most rooftop systems manufactured by Lennox are extremely energy efficient – yet powerful systems; they have no trouble cooling off spaces quickly.


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