Tuesday, October 25, 2016

STOP! 3 Furnace Warning Signs You Can"t Ignore in Phoenix

furnace warning signsAs the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and this is very true for the sunshine and warm weather of summer. Fall and winter are fast approaching, along with the cooler weather we expect from these season. To get your home ready for the imminent drop in temperature, you need to make sure that your furnace is in tip-top shape. However, if you’ve never experienced furnace problems before, you might not be aware of the signs your furnace needs repair. Learn about the furnace warning signs that will let you know your unit needs repair in preparation for the coming colder weather.

Look Out for a Yellow Pilot Light

If your Phoenix home uses an older furnace, then it’s likely that you have a pilot light instead of electric ignition, providing you with the perfect tool to decide if you need to consider Phoenix furnace repair. Under normal circumstance, the pilot light in your furnace should be a bright blue color. However, if your furnace is yellow instead, it can indicate a serious problem that deserves attention. Not only does a yellow pilot light mean your furnace is performing sub-optimally, it may also mean that carbon dioxide is leaking into your home, putting you and your family at risk. If you see a yellow pilot light, seek service immediately.

Listen for Loud Noises

Like any of your homes most important systems, your furnace should do its job quietly and effectively, running in the background unnoticed. One of the best indicators that you should consider repairing a furnace in Phoenix is when you can’t help but notice your furnace running. Hearing loud, clunking noises emitting from your ductwork, or your furnace itself, usually means there’s something seriously wrong that requires a maintenance check as soon as possible. If you want to stay comfortable all winter long, you should never ignore loud furnace noises. Listen to what your furnace is telling you and you’ll never be caught unaware by outages or inefficient performance.

Pay Attention to Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Although you want to make sure that you and your family stay warm during the coldest months of the year, you also want to make sure that your home energy bill is as low as possible. What you may not know is that high energy bills aren’t only a sign of increased usage, they can also be a sign that your furnace needs repair. If your energy bill has skyrocketed unrelated to your usage, it can mean a serious flaw in your system that needs professional repair. Before you turn down your thermostat to lower your energy costs, call your local repair technician to make sure your furnace is working properly.

Before the temperature starts dropping in Phoenix, you need to make sure that your furnace is in working order. Having a working furnace means staying comfortable all through the winter. Let a Phoenix furnace repair company examine your unit before the temperature starts dropping to get ready for the long, cold months ahead. Getting early repairs means avoiding an emergency later on, giving you the security you and your family deserve.


Contact the furnace repair experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your furnace back up and running quickly. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!


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    Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    How to Find the Best AC Replacement Program in Phoenix

    AC Replacement ProgramReplacing your air conditioner can be one of the biggest expenses that you’ll ever face as homeowner, making it important that you get the best price possible. What many people don’t realize, however, is that one of the most effective ways to replace your AC unit is by enrolling in a replacement program. Enrolling in a replacement program can be a great financial decision, but this still leaves one question: How do you know what the right program for you is? Fortunately, by doing your research, you should be able to find a program that fits your needs. Discover how to find a great AC replacement program so that your Phoenix home stays comfortable throughout the year.

    Ask Local AC Companies About Specials

    Frugal homeowners such as yourself know that there is always a deal to be had if you look hard enough, and this sentiment is especially true when it comes to replacing an AC unit in Phoenix. Get the contact information for some of your local air conditioning companies and give them a call to ask about deals. Most AC companies that you speak to will be happy to give you a great bargain if it means getting your long term business. By shopping around and researching specials, you should be able to get an excellent price to enroll in a replacement program and get a brand new air conditioner.

    Look Online for Customer Reviews

    For consumers of all stripes, but particularly those looking for big ticket home appliances, one of the best tools for controlling costs is the internet. Taking five minutes to do a quick internet search can tell you everything you need to know about an air conditioning company and their pricing. When you’re looking for an air conditioner replacement program, read as many online reviews as possible, paying particular attention to those that contain actual customer experiences. Reading these AC reviews will ensure that you’re are working with a trustworthy company that is offering you the best price possible, guaranteeing the peace of mind that you deserve.

    Get Advice from Friends and Family

    Facing a Phoenix AC installation can be daunting if you don’t get the right advice, which is why you should consult your friends and family when you’re looking for a replacement program. Your trusted family members or close friends can tell you about their past experiences with replacing an air conditioner, and can point you in the direction of good deals and great technicians. Relying on the people you count on is a great way to help you through the process of replacing your AC unit.

    Consult your Homeowner’s Association or Property Manager

    Finally, one of the best sources for great prices on an AC replacement program is the community that you live in. If you are a member of a homeowner’s association or have a property manager, each of these can provide valuable direction in trying to find a quality replacement program. In fact, property managers and HOAs often have experience helping past residents with these very issues, making them a great resource for yourself.

    More important than anything else in trying to replace your air conditioner is working with the right company. Expert AC replacement technicians in Phoenix will be able to help you pick out the right unit for your home and install it quickly and effectively.


    Contact the AC replacement experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner installed quickly. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!


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    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    3 Trane HVAC Systems for Sale Recommended by Experts

    Trane HVAC Systems for SaleOne of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make as homeowner is which brand and model of HVAC to install in your Phoenix home. Although you have a lot of choices at your disposal, both homeowners and experts agree that there’s only one name you should trust when it comes to HVAC systems: Trane. However, Trane offers a number of great HVAC options, which means you might need help picking the exact right model for your home. Learn more about the Trane HVAC systems for sale recommended by experts and how you can install one in your home.


    First up on the list of quality Trane HVAC systems you should consider for your home is the XV18. One of the most precise air conditioners available on the market, the XV18 is built to be the toughest air conditioner you will ever own, standing up to the elements and delivering consistent temperatures to your home season after season. Not only that, but Energy Star approval and a SEER efficiency rating of up to 18.00 make the XV18 highly energy efficient as well as cost friendly. The XV18 is one of the premier Trane HVAC units that will heat your Phoenix home with the greatest of ease.


    Perfectly balancing high performance with affordable pricing, the next item on our list, the XR14, should be high on your list when you’re thinking about installing a new Trane HVAC system. In addition to being extremely durable, cost efficient and performance oriented, the XR14 can also be outfitted with Trane CleanEffects, which uses advanced filtration to make the air in your Phoenix home as clean as possible. So, not only will you be guaranteed a comfortable home all year long, you’ll also breathe easier than you ever have before. The XR14 is truly one of the most versatile HVAC units in the entire Trane catalogue.

    XV20i Variable Speed

    Last on our list of expert-recommended Trane HVAC systems is one of the most powerful, feature-rich units that you could hope to get: the XV20i variable speed. Unlike other HVACs you could choose from, the XV20i constantly adjusts the temperature of your home based on the conditions outside, making sure that you and your family are comfortable at all times. On top of its intuitive variable speed function, the XV20i also offers an incredible SEER rating of 21, ComfortLink II technology and quiet performance that will make you forget your unit is even running. For homeowners that want the absolute most out of their HVAC system, there is no better option than the XV20i variable speed unit.

    When trying to find the best HVAC system for your home, there’s simply no stopping a Trane, as their motto states; and, as we have seen, Trane offers a number of high-quality HVAC units that are sure to fit the needs of almost every homeowner imaginable. If you’ve found the right unit for your home, then you need Trane HVAC installation experts in Phoenix to hook up your new system. Once your HVAC expert is done, your home will be more comfortable and cost efficient than you could have ever dreamed.


    Contact the Trane AC experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner installed today. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!


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    Tuesday, October 4, 2016

    5 Houseplants That Improve Indoor Air Quality [Cleaner Air]

    houseplants that improve indoor air qualityWhen it comes to your family, you want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible, which includes keeping the air in your home as clean as possible. While there are a lot of things that you could do to improve the air quality in your home, such as installing humidifiers and filtration systems, nature has already provided the best solution for clean air: houseplants. There are a number of different houseplants that can both add to your home’s beauty and make sure that your family breathes easy throughout the year. Learn about five houseplants that improve indoor air quality and how these houseplants help clean the air in your Phoenix home.

    Bamboo Palm

    Some plants offer both a unique aesthetic and amazing air cleaning abilities, which is exactly what you can expect from the bamboo palm. A variety of palm tree that is between five to seven feet tall, the bamboo palm has been shown to help filter harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Not only that, but this diminutive palm absolutely thrives in the warm, dry climate that is a part of living in Phoenix.

    Weeping Figs

    Ficus are one of the most recognizable, popular houseplants that there is, but what you might not know is that they are particularly adept at keeping the air quality in your home as high as possible. Weeping fig, a type of ficus, is particularly useful in removing chemicals in the air that can lower air quality and make it difficult to breath. Although they can be slightly hard to maintain for novice gardeners, weeping figs are the perfect plant for improving indoor air quality in Phoenix.

    Peace Lily

    When you’re looking for a houseplant to improve your indoor air quality and your family’s breathing, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. A peace lily can clean the air in your Phoenix home by well over 50 percent, making it one of the most powerful air cleaning plants on this list. Peace lilies are particularly useful for attacking the growth of mold, resulting in many homeowners placing them in areas of the home subject to moisture build-up.

    Aloe Vera

    As most of us know, aloe vera is a plant with tremendous curative properties, holding big benefits for skin conditions and disorders. However, many people are surprised to learn that this amazing plant can also improve the quality of air in your home. Aloe vera is very effective as combatting the chemical components found in typical household cleaners and can make sure the air in your home is cleaner than you could have ever hoped for.

    Gerbera Daisy

    Last, but certainly not least, on the list of air cleaning houseplant is the gerbera daisy. This plant is immediately noticeable for its extremely bright flower, distinguishing it as one of the most beautiful plants you could use to clean your home’s air. If you frequently dry clean your clothes, the gerbera daisy is the plant for you, as it combats one of the main chemicals used in the dry cleaning process. For a beautiful plant with amazing air cleaning properties, there’s no beating the gerbera daisy.

    As we have seen, improving the air quality in your home is as easy as buying some common houseplants. However, if you want to get the air in your home as clean as possible, you need to partner with expert indoor air quality technicians in Phoenix. An air quality tech can examine your home and advise you on the best ways to clean your home’s air to its optimal level.


    Contact the air quality specialists in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your indoor air quality back to normal. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!


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