Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gas Heating vs Electric Heating In Phoenix Homes

electric heating in phoenixOne of the most commonly asked questions of heating home contractors in Phoenix is when homeowners ask about the difference between gas and electric heating. Although most homes in Phoenix typically are heated by natural gas powered systems, the recent introduction of Energy Star® rated electrical systems is starting to stimulate interest in these home heating systems. With this being said, there are some benefits of electric heating in Phoenix that homeowners should consider – that will allow them to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy a new system.

Here are a few of the benefits of converting to an electrical heating system in Phoenix that every homeowner should consider.

Benefit #1 – Electric Heating Systems are Easily Affordable

One of the biggest concerns that a homeowner in Phoenix deals with daily is cost of living. It’s not common for most homeowners to have a lot of disposable income where they can easily afford to replace a heating system in winter, the cost of the replacement system is a major concern. When you compare the major brands of heating systems; gas vs electrical systems, the electric powered systems are generally less expensive to buy and to install. With advances in technology and the fact the US Department of Energy has raised energy efficiency standards, newer electrical units are also very energy efficient and can save homeowners money monthly on utility bills.

Benefit #2 – Electric Heating is Easy to Operate

Another benefit to buying an electrical home heating unit in Phoenix is the fact that they are very easy to operate. They are not dependent on natural gas or pilot lights blowing out if the wind kicks up on a cold winter day in the desert. However, there are other consumer benefits to electrical systems that many people simply don’t know including:

  • Temperature can be controlled easily by electric thermostats that work with new electric systems.

  • Electric heat is very easy to respond. When you arrive home and you’ve had the heater off while you were out, an electrical heater will typically heat the home quicker than a gas powered system.

  • Electrical heating systems also can be programmed to heat specific rooms or zones much easier than gas powered systems.

  • Benefit #3 – Electric Systems are Green and Clean

    Electricity does not give off any pollutants, emissions or contaminants – which means that these heating units are extremely energy efficient and good for our global climate. They are also very safe systems due to the fact that there is no combustion process, chances of flames igniting or gas leaks that can cause health concerns or major fire damage.

    Electric systems are also very easy for heating contractors in Phoenix to maintain; meaning that setting up routine service every year is simple, can be much cheaper than gas systems and can extend system life longer than you might think. In fact, many Phoenix heating companies are starting to see the value of recommending electric powered units to their customers due to the fact that they will save homeowners time, money and keep their homes efficiently warm during the cold winter nights and early mornings in the desert.

    Whether you choose to buy a gas powered system or an electric powered heating unit in Phoenix, always contact a Phoenix heating company before you make the decision and ask them what type of system they believe is best suited for your individual application.


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