Tuesday, April 26, 2016

6 Noisy Air Conditioner Compressor Sounds Not to Ignore

Noisy Air Conditioner CompressorThough some noises come with the territory of owning an AC unit, there are many sounds your air conditioner could be making that are too out of the ordinary to be ignored. While we’re just now welcoming in spring, for those experiencing a noisy air conditioner compressor, these sounds could be symptoms of a pre-existing issue in your unit that needs to be resolved right away. With the hot Phoenix summer months approaching even more quickly than usual, you don’t want to be caught without a properly functioning air conditioner.

Should you notice any of the following compressor sounds, it’s best to contact a professional air conditioning repair company in Phoenix immediately to make sure you’re set for the hot days ahead.


A hissing noise emanating from your air conditioner compressor could be a sign that you have a refrigerant or coolant leak somewhere within your unit. This may be accompanied by a possible bubbling noise. While a sealant may be used for a quick fix to a coolant leak, it won’t be cost effective or helpful in the long run—a Phoenix area heating and cooling company will be much better equipped to fix such a leak. 


If you hear a screaming noise coming from your AC unit, shut it off immediately and contact your heating and cooling specialist. The excessive internal pressure that causes these types of noises is too dangerous to keep that unit running any longer, and you definitely need the help of a professional. 


Loose wiring is quite possibly the cause for your AC unit to buzz. Your air conditioning specialist will be able to effectively locate and fix this issue during the necessary AC compressor repairs. 

Clunking or Rattling

These types of noises are generally caused by loose hardware, which might require either the simplest or most complicated of fixes. While you very well may be able to quell these sounds by tightening a loose bolt, the cause may be something much more complicated, like bent internal refrigerant tubing. Either way, it’s best to have a trained professional check out the issue to make sure everything in your unit is in proper condition. 


A squealing noise is normal upon first installing a new unit, but if it doesn’t go away after a few seconds, it’s time to call your technician. 

Loud Clicking or Ticking

There are a few different explanations as to why you may be hearing AC unit compressor noises, such as a clicking or ticking sound. One is that debris may have fallen unexpectedly in your unit and is obtruding its normal functions. Another is that your fan screen is bent and the fan blades keep knocking against it. Your heating and cooling specialist should be able to locate the source of the sound very quickly and fix the issue.

Though the noise itself may be the only inconvenience you’re experiencing with your air conditioner, it could be indicative of a bigger problem that’s yet to come. Don’t put off getting your noisy air conditioner compressor fixed today!


Contact the AC repair experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner back up and running. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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    Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    3 Reasons Phoenix Air Conditioner Short-Cycling Occurs

    Phoenix Air Conditioner Short-CyclingIs your Phoenix air conditioner turning off after only a short period of time? Are you possibly experiencing short off-times with your air conditioning unit? These are both examples of a common issue called short-cycling. Not only does this waste energy, the constant switches between on and off are terrible for the continued quality of your air conditioner.

    There are many possible explanations as to why your AC unit is running but is not consistent, a.k.a. “short-cycling.” Luckily, there are many possible fixes to your Phoenix air conditioner short-cycling problem—you simply first need to determine what the cause is.

    Refrigerant Leak in AC Unit 

    One possible reason for your air conditioner to be short-cycling is that there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in your AC unit. A Band-Aid fix to this problem would be, of course, to keep adding refrigerant. However, this would simply be a short-term fix as you’d have to keep purchasing and adding refrigerant as your unit continues to leak; this would end up being a very costly solution in the long run.

    Instead, contact an experienced Phoenix air conditioner repair company to locate and fix your refrigerant leak to ensure the longevity of your unit.

    Thermostat Malfunction in AC Unit

    Your AC unit short-cycling may be thanks to a faulty thermostat; perhaps your thermostat is not doing its job by failing to tell the unit the proper times to turn off and on. While it is possible this is an AC thermostat malfunction—it is reading temperatures incorrectly and thus in need of replacement—this issue could also be due to the positioning of the thermostat within your home. Placing it underneath a draft or in direct sunlight will undoubtedly affect its ability to read temperatures correctly.

    If an issue with the thermostat is the case, your air conditioner repair specialist will be able to quickly determine whether it needs to be replaced or simply moved.

    Oversized AC Unit

    Lastly, a simple cause for your AC unit short-cycling may be that your unit is simply too big for the room it’s meant to cool. An easy way to tell if this is the root of your problem is to think back to how long your unit has been short-cycling. Have on or off cycles been less than five minutes since you first installed the unit? If so, it’s entirely possible that you’re using a unit that is too big.

    There are plenty of online resources to help determine whether your AC unit is the proper size for your space, but your best bet is still to have a repairman come examine the unit in person. They can also be of assistance if you need to install a smaller unit.

    AC unit repairs can become costly, but they will be even more so if they’re put off for the future. If you are experiencing air conditioner short-cycling, don’t wait to contact a Phoenix-area specialist. It will both save you money in the long run and get your home’s climate back under control.


    Contact the Phoenix air conditioning repair experts at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your AC unit back up and running. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    Why Is My Touchscreen Thermostat Not Working?

    touchscreen thermostat not workingThe advances in modern technology can be the most convenient and helpful tools when they work properly. But on those days when our handy-dandy tech appliances quit on us, they can be the biggest pains to deal with and fix. If you are a tech lover, you have discovered the wonder of any and all things touchscreen, from your phone to your thermostat, and you know nothing is more frustrating than when these appliances seize to work. Don’t fret; a touchscreen thermostat not working isn’t the end of the world. Here’s how to deal with the issue.

    Battery Replacement

    One reason why your touchscreen thermostat is not working is simply because the batteries need to be replaced. Unlike a mechanical thermostat, a touchscreen thermostat needs batteries to work. If the problem is your battery, the thermostat usually warns of a low battery before it goes out. But if by chance you missed the warning, you should still check the battery before calling for help.

    It is also a good idea to replace thermostat batteries once a year. This can help prevent uncomfortable temperatures in your home and unnecessary bills and visits from technicians. However, if you change out your battery and that still does not fix your problem, consider seeking help from a central AC repair company in Phoenix like Hays Cooling and Heating.

    Hit the Reset Button

    Resetting your Phoenix home touchscreen thermostat may also be the answer to all your problems. This is a great first step to solving any issues with an unresponsive or malfunctioning thermostat. You can restart your system by turning it off and turning it back on again. If you choose to perform a factory reset, this will allow you to reset all functions and options that were previously programmed in your thermostat. This will more than likely get your thermostat working back to normal.

    Defective Thermostat

    Sometimes quick fixes, like trying a thermostat factory reset, just will not do the trick for your touchscreen device. In these cases, it is possible that you have a defective product. There are a few ways to determine if your thermostat is defective. First, you should try replacing the batteries and factory resetting your touchscreen thermostat. Also, try removing the cover of your thermostat and checking the wiring to make sure everything is attached properly. If this does not work and a technician is unable to pinpoint the problem, then it is possible that your touchscreen thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced.

    Anytime you are troubleshooting your touchscreen thermostat and trying to determine what may be wrong with it, it is important to make sure that the power is off. Also, before working on your thermostat, be sure that the filters and hoses in your unit are clean and working properly as these could be the causes for your thermostat problems. Your thermostat may also need cleaning itself in order to prevent or fix a malfunction.

    Touchscreen thermostats are programmable and one of the many ways you can save on energy costs if they are working properly. If these tips on fixing a defective thermostat don’t work for you, maybe it’s time you called in help from your local AC professionals.


    Contact the Phoenix AC repair experts at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner back up and running. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioner Turn On in Phoenix?

    why won’t my central air conditioner turn on in PhoenixAs we enter into the warmer seasons, it is the perfect time to make any home repairs that may be needed. This is especially true for your HVAC system. Don’t weather the Arizona summer heat with a faulty or broken AC unit. If you have been wondering “why won’t my central air conditioner turn on in Phoenix?”, here are a few reasons why.

    Circuit Breakers

    If your AC unit won’t turn on, one place to check first is the circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are essential for protecting the AC unit from damage or fire caused by an overload or short circuit. The breakers do this by interrupting or stopping current flow when too much current is flowing through it. It is possible that your AC unit is not turning on because the breaker tripped which would prevent electrical currents from powering the system.

    To determine if the circuit breaker is the source of your problem, go to your electrical panel and look for any tripped breakers. Switch the tripped breaker off then switch it back on again. If the breaker trips again immediately or soon after resetting it, do not try resetting it again. Instead, contact a professional like Hays Cooling and Heating for expert Phoenix AC repair.

    Faulty Wiring 

    Another common culprit that could be responsible for your AC unit not turning on is faulty AC wiring. If your circuit breakers and fuses go out regularly, this could be a sign of faulty wiring. Bad wiring is very dangerous and arguably the most common cause of house and apartment fires in the United States. If you have faulty wires, or if your AC unit fuse blew, you should seek repairs, especially in older AC unit models, as soon as possible to avoid any safety hazards.

    When replacing the fuse or breaker, do not replace it with a higher rating unit. This is very dangerous because the wiring that is already installed in your unit will not match the higher rating fuse or circuit. If installed like this, the likelihood of an electrical fire will greatly increase. Hiring a professional to handle the job will drastically decrease, if not completely eliminate, the chances of disaster striking.

    Malfunctioning Thermostat 

    It is possible that your AC unit is not turning on because the thermostat is not set low enough. The ranges for each thermostat differs, so try setting the temperature two or three degrees lower than what you would like your house temperature to be and see if that kick starts your AC. If that does not work, it is possible that your thermostat may have a low battery.

    Check to see if a low battery signal is showing and replace the battery accordingly. Sometimes, replacing the battery may still help even if the low battery alert is not showing. Otherwise, you may be facing a broken thermostat, which can only be fixed by your local AC experts.

    You can also check to see if your thermostat is not working due to a malfunction. Try removing the cover of the thermostat first. This can be done by gently pulling off the cover by hand. Check to see if any wires are loose or out of place. If you detect that something has gone wrong with the system, it might be time to call in the professionals.


    Contact the Phoenix AC repair experts at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner back up and running. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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