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Best Home Heating Options in Phoenix for the Winter Months

home heating options in phoenixDue to the temperate climate we enjoy in the Valley of the Sun, talking about home heating options in Phoenix is not a popular topic. However, the fact remains that it can – and often does; get very cold during the winter months in the Phoenix Valley. Whether you have a townhome in Scottsdale or live in a single-family home in Gilbert, the reality exists that having a properly functional home heating system if critical for comfort and for the health and well-being of the homes occupants.

If you have a home heating unit that is needs to be replaced – or if you’re building a new home and looking for the right type of system, here are a few tips that will explain the differences between gas and electric heating systems so you can make an informed decision as which one is best suited for you.

How to Decide What System Is Right for my Home

If you have a home heating system now; what type of unit do you have? Many homes built in Phoenix have depended on gas-powered home heating furnaces for decades. The primary reason for this was due to the fact that natural gas was fairly affordable and was a good fuel source for heating up a home quickly. If you have a gas unit and like the way it was working – or how long it worked for you in the past; it’s probably a good idea to keep the same type of unit as your replacement furnace.

This same methodology applies to discussing the benefits of keeping an electric-powered heating system. The newer electric heating systems manufactured today are all Energy Star® rated by the US Department of Energy. This means they require less energy to produce the same, quality results. The conversion from an older electric system to a new natural gas unit is not difficult – especially if your home has existing gas lines. However, if you’re happy with your electric heater and the way it keeps your home in Phoenix warm during those cold winter evenings and early mornings, it’s quite acceptable to upgrade to a newer electric system.

Comparisons Between Electric and Gas

There are multiple similarities between electric heating systems and gas powered units.

  • Both units are triggered on by a thermostat inside the home. This critical component of the home comfort system (used in AC as well during the summer), is typically the number one part that leads to inefficient heating of a home. It’s a good idea to install a new thermostat anytime you install a new heating unit.

  • Newer gas powered and electric powered heating units sold in Phoenix are very energy efficient. Homeowners typically notice a change in their monthly energy bills immediately after upgrading their older system with a new Energy Star® rated unit.

  • They are both relatively easy to install; however, it’s always best to work with a Phoenix home heating company to professionally install and test your new system.

  • Difference Between Electric and Gas

    Along with having some similarities, there are multiple differences to consider when choosing between these two types of heating units.

  • Maintenance: both of these systems require routine service in order to keep them running smooth and efficiently. An electrical unit typically has more moving parts that require frequent service and can be more costly to maintain over a period of years.

  • Efficiency: gas heating systems typically can heat a home quicker than an electric system – however, this is based on multiple items such as the location of the heating system, the ductwork and the quality of the vents inside the house.

  • Cost of Operation: there was a time not too long ago when gas systems were cheaper to operate each month. However, with the inconsistency of gas pricing across the globe – and the improvements made to energy efficiency in electrical powered systems, the growing trend is a shift to electric furnace systems.

  • Regardless of what type of unit you choose, the most important thing to remember is that quality installation can be the difference between a long-lasting, efficient running system and one that breaks down frequently. Always take time to consider the facts and pick a system that is best suited for your individual needs.


    Selecting the right home heating option for Phoenix winter months can de time consuming. Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-714-8270 today.

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    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    Should I Install A Trane Heat Pump In Phoenix AZ?

    trane heat pump in phoenixA growing trend in the Phoenix metro area is homeowners doing due diligence to discover the benefits of installing heat pump systems. Heat pumps have been in use in the Phoenix valley for several years. Their ability to utilize the natural and consistent temperature of the earth’s bedrock below us keeps a home at a consistent temperature year-long. They are extremely energy efficient and the fact that they can maintain a comfortable temperature with very little effort or change increases indoor comfort. One of the most popular questions asked of homeowners is whether or not they should install a Trane heat pump in Phoenix.

    Well – here are a few reasons why you should consider the Trane heat pump system if you’re in the market for a replacement and energy efficient heating and cooling system for your home in Phoenix.

    #1 – Trane Heat Pumps Lead the Pack in Reliability

    The internet is a great tool for discovering information about consumer products. When homeowners in Phoenix look for the most reliable heat pump systems available in Phoenix, they quickly discover the plethora of positive consumer reviews about Trane heat pump units. Trane systems are frequently tested to exceed US Department of Energy standards for reliability and durability. The main reason for this is due to the fact that Arizona homeowners need to have a home heating and cooling unit that will withstand the aggressive and harsh weather conditions that exist around the clock. From extreme heat in the summer to the cold winter nights and early mornings; Trane heat pump systems will withstand these blistering conditions.

    #2 – Heat Pump Energy Efficiency is a Strength of Trane Units

    According to the US Department of Energy’s ranking system on energy efficient heat pump systems, Trane is among the leading manufactures of systems that consume less energy. There are several specific reasons for this:

  • First, Trane heat pump systems are built with durable parts that have been fine-tuned over the past decade to work efficiently together; by engineers that specialize in increasing heat pump efficiency. Many HVAC manufacturers figure that if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. This philosophy doesn’t happen at the Trane laboratories – as their team frequently fine-tunes their systems to always stay ahead of the competition.

  • Second, Trane heat pump units are compatible with programmable thermostats. When you can remotely control your indoor temperature through a WiFi connection through a mobile device, you’re ability to maintain comfort on your terms is enhanced. Trane systems have this capability.

  • Third, the Trane brand has always been a leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry and sets standards of energy efficiency that most others follow.

  • #3 – Trane Heat Pumps are Easily Maintained

    One of the facts that many people don’t know about Trane HVAC systems is that they can only be installed by factory trained Trane Comfort Specialists. A Phoenix Trane heating repair company must complete significant training and updated education every year to stay on top of the latest maintenance and service programs offered through Trane. When a heat pump is installed correctly, the system has a much lower chance of mechanical failure. Plus, since they are also offered with affordable service programs where the Trane Comfort Specialist will inspect and fine-tune your Trane Heat Pump every year; the chances of break down are significantly reduced.

    Across the board, the purchase of a Trane heat pump in Phoenix is a smart investment. From the comfort they provide to the energy they save; you simply can’t go wrong with Trane.


    Are you looking to install a reliable Trane heat pump? Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-714-8270 today.

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    Tuesday, December 15, 2015

    3 Questions to Ask Before a Furnace Installation in Phoenix

    furnace installation in phoenixOne of the major headaches that a homeowner in Phoenix has, is having to call the furnace repair company when they can least afford to. This situation occurs way too frequently for many of us. However, if you need to have a new furnace installation in Phoenix completed there are a few questions that should be asked of any furnace contractor that will clarify any miscommunication issues and ensure you get the right system at the right price.

    Here are four questions that you should ask the HVAC contractor in Phoenix when you’re in the market for a new furnace.

    First – What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?

    Buying a replacement furnace is pretty simple for homeowners in Phoenix. But one thing that is not commonly known is the process of installing a new system inside a home. Traditionally, the installation process for replacing an older system is rather simple:

    • First, the homeowner will work with the furnace installation company in Phoenix to pick a replacement system that is more energy efficient and will provide the homeowner with a dependable system for years.

    • Second, after buying the replacement system, the homeowner will coordinate a time for the HVAC contractor to visit their home to complete a pre-installation check. This is often recommended by HVAC contractors to ensure that the home and all other heating elements; such as heating ductwork , thermostats and electrical or gas systems are working well.

    • After everything is set and inspected, the HVAC contractor will then complete the installation. Typically this can last as little as one hour or as much as 5 to 8 (depending on the complexity of the furnace replacement.)

    • Once the system has been successfully installed, the contractor will fully test the system; to verify there are no system leaks, and that the unit works in conjunction with all support systems.

    Always ask the heating repair company in Phoenix what you should expect to have an installation completed before you sign on the dotted line.

    Second – What Time Will the Installation Be Completed?

    Typically a professional HVAC contractor in Phoenix will work with your schedule to have the replacement of your older furnace completed. They understand that your schedule is very busy and due to work, school, kids and other personal obligations; arranging time to have this completed can be complex. However, here is something to consider. The best way to prevent a problem with a furnace is to allow the HVAC contractor ample time to complete the installation without being rushed. Always communicate with your heating contractor and clarify what time, what day and how much time is expected to professionally complete this type of furnace installation. By being proactive about this, you can prepare and plan your day much better.

    Third – What is the Experience of the Furnace Replacement Company?

    Nobody wants to hire somebody that can’t be trusted to complete any home improvement project. However, when you’re working with your furnace, it’s critical to retain the services of a professional that has vast experience in furnace installation in Phoenix. Feel free to ask any potential contractor about their experience with the specific brand of furnace you are purchasing, what type of references they can provide and also what type of warranty or maintenance options they offer.

    The best contractors in Phoenix will be more than happy to be completely transparent about their history, experience and often will customize a service plan that will meet your budget and ensure your furnace lasts for a very long time.


    Do you have unanswered questions about furnace installation? Let the experts at Hays Cooling & Heating guide you through installing a new furnace this winter. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Is Lennox a Good HVAC System for a Phoenix Home Install

    is lennox a good hvac systemOne of the most difficult decisions a homeowner will make is choosing the right HVAC system as a replacement for one that has broken down. With so many brands, manufacturers, styles, and types on the market, it can be down-right complex to determine the right system for your individual needs. However, one of the most diverse systems that are designed for residential units are quality built systems by Lennox. It’s due to these facts that when many homeowners are asked; ‘is Lennox a good HVAC system” they typically answer – ‘Yes’.

    First – What are the Benefits of a Lennox Unit?

    When Dave Lennox introduced his Signature Series® to the consumer market, he focused on maximizing comfort – without compromising value. To this day, his home Lennox HVAC systems are built with the same focus in mind. Each of the Lennox air conditioning systems made today are built in the United States; and are all Energy Star ® rated. This means that they will save you money on your monthly energy bills due to the fact they run extremely energy efficiently.

    Lennox systems are also very durable systems. When consumer groups across the globe rank the top three HVAC systems in regards to overall value – Lennox is always in this category. Another benefit to this type of HVAC system is the fact that all Lennox HVAC systems are built to exceed comfort standards – without compromising price and value to the homeowner.

    Second – Are Lennox Systems Easy to Install?

    Like any other replacement HVAC system, it’s recommended by the manufacturer to have a professional and authorized Lennox installation company in Scottsdale complete any installation. There are several reasons you want to defer to the experts in this case:

  • First, most warranties are void if the units are not installed professionally – regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Second, proper installation will ensure your system is setup for success and efficient operation.

  • Third, during installation, professional Lennox contractors will often inspect all aspects of your HVAC system – and if repairs are needed to ductwork or thermostats; they have the right tools and experience to handle these situations.

  • Third – Are There Any Issues that Arise with a Lennox Install?

    As we noted above, it’s always best to let the professionals handle any installation of a new HVAC system. However, if they complete the job and soon after the installation is completed you experience issues with the new AC system – Lennox is exceptional at handling all customer concerns quickly and without complication.

    For over 100 years this brand has established a professional reputation for exceeding the expectations of customers across the globe. Their durability allows them to handle the extreme temperature in Arizona and their remarkable price-point makes Lennox an exceptional value for any homeowner to consider when speaking with a Phoenix Lennox installation expert.


    Are you ready for a new Lennox HVAC unit? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a new Lennox unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Ultimate Guide to Home Heating Systems in Phoenix

    home heating systems in phoenixBuying a new furnace is about as exciting as watching a Cardinal’s football game where the home team gets shut out. Thankfully, the Arizona Cardinals are playing pretty good ball right now; but the reality exists that thousands of home owners in the Phoenix area will have to contact a contractor to have their home heating systems in Phoenix maintained, fixed or replaced as the winter chill begins to roll into the Valley. With this being said, there are a few things that you should consider about home heating units like heat pumps, furnaces and full-service HVAC systems that will allow you to find a dependable replacement system with as little hassle as possible.

    First – What are the Best Brands of Heating Systems Sold in Phoenix?

    Contrary to popular belief, not all heating systems are built the same. Some manufacturers and brand names simply out-perform, work harder and run more energy efficient than others. Over the years, there are five brand names that typically stand out as top shelf quality – without costing an arm and a leg for homeowners that need to replace a broken system. Our top five recommendations include:

  • Trane home heating systems

  • Lennox home heating units

  • Rheem home heating units

  • York home heating units

  • Goodman home heating units

  • Each of these brands has been tested vigorously by third-party independent labs and consumer groups and over the years; accelerate over the competition. They are all Energy Star® rated home heating units, including their heat pump systems, furnaces (both gas and electric powered) and all-in-one HVAC systems. You can’t go wrong with any of the above brands, so if you’re in need of a replacement system – talk to your local home heating specialist in Phoenix and ask them which system is best suited for your individual application.

    Second – How Often Should I Have my Home Heating Unit Serviced?

    According to the US Department of Energy, the average home heating system should be inspected by a professional contractor at least once per year. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • First, an annual inspection will reduce the potential of break down or premature wear and tear.

  • Second, staying on top of service will allow the contractor to find any small issues and make minor repairs before major issues occur.

  • Third, an annual inspection can detect leaks in the ductwork of your home and make appropriate recommendations or repairs that can save you a tremendous amount on your energy bills.

  • Fourth, the routine inspection will also show you the importance of replacing your indoor filters every month. This is also a great way to keep your system running efficiently which again, can save you money on monthly energy bills.

  • Third – When Should I Have Home Heating Repair Jobs in Phoenix Completed?

    If you’re heating system is not working as good as it should, this is something you shouldn’t put off. A minor heating issue can quickly spiral out of control and turn into a major problem if not fixed as soon as possible. With this being said, it’s important for any responsible homeowner to contact a home heating repair company in Phoenix as soon as you notice any issues with the heating unit. A minor issue can morph into a major situation if not checked and handled immediately. Being proactive about heating repair might cost you a few dollars now, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


    Trying to decide on which heating system is the best during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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