Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gas Heating vs Electric Heating In Phoenix Homes

electric heating in phoenixOne of the most commonly asked questions of heating home contractors in Phoenix is when homeowners ask about the difference between gas and electric heating. Although most homes in Phoenix typically are heated by natural gas powered systems, the recent introduction of Energy Star® rated electrical systems is starting to stimulate interest in these home heating systems. With this being said, there are some benefits of electric heating in Phoenix that homeowners should consider – that will allow them to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy a new system.

Here are a few of the benefits of converting to an electrical heating system in Phoenix that every homeowner should consider.

Benefit #1 – Electric Heating Systems are Easily Affordable

One of the biggest concerns that a homeowner in Phoenix deals with daily is cost of living. It’s not common for most homeowners to have a lot of disposable income where they can easily afford to replace a heating system in winter, the cost of the replacement system is a major concern. When you compare the major brands of heating systems; gas vs electrical systems, the electric powered systems are generally less expensive to buy and to install. With advances in technology and the fact the US Department of Energy has raised energy efficiency standards, newer electrical units are also very energy efficient and can save homeowners money monthly on utility bills.

Benefit #2 – Electric Heating is Easy to Operate

Another benefit to buying an electrical home heating unit in Phoenix is the fact that they are very easy to operate. They are not dependent on natural gas or pilot lights blowing out if the wind kicks up on a cold winter day in the desert. However, there are other consumer benefits to electrical systems that many people simply don’t know including:

  • Temperature can be controlled easily by electric thermostats that work with new electric systems.

  • Electric heat is very easy to respond. When you arrive home and you’ve had the heater off while you were out, an electrical heater will typically heat the home quicker than a gas powered system.

  • Electrical heating systems also can be programmed to heat specific rooms or zones much easier than gas powered systems.

  • Benefit #3 – Electric Systems are Green and Clean

    Electricity does not give off any pollutants, emissions or contaminants – which means that these heating units are extremely energy efficient and good for our global climate. They are also very safe systems due to the fact that there is no combustion process, chances of flames igniting or gas leaks that can cause health concerns or major fire damage.

    Electric systems are also very easy for heating contractors in Phoenix to maintain; meaning that setting up routine service every year is simple, can be much cheaper than gas systems and can extend system life longer than you might think. In fact, many Phoenix heating companies are starting to see the value of recommending electric powered units to their customers due to the fact that they will save homeowners time, money and keep their homes efficiently warm during the cold winter nights and early mornings in the desert.

    Whether you choose to buy a gas powered system or an electric powered heating unit in Phoenix, always contact a Phoenix heating company before you make the decision and ask them what type of system they believe is best suited for your individual application.


    Trying to decide on gas or electric heating system during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, November 17, 2015

    How to Select the Best Air Conditioner in Scottsdale

    best air conditioner in scottsdaleWhen you go shopping for a new car; what is important to you? Is it style, comfort, gas mileage, or the price? Regardless of the specific reason, the process of buying a new car is very similar to that of looking for the best air conditioner in Scottsdale. The important factor with both is to determine before you start shopping what is critical and important for your specific application. It’s answering this first step and several more that will help you select the best AC unit that will keep your home cool during warm days.

    Here are a few tips on how to select the right AC unit for your house.

    First – Contact an AC Contractor and Have a Load Calculation Completed

    If you’re a single mother of three kids, the possibility of you purchasing a brand new Chevrolet Corvette is probably extremely remote. Although it might seem cool and something you might want, the practicality of this purchase may not seem realistic – because the car just wouldn’t fit your needs. This same concept applies to shopping for a new AC system and picking the right one. A load calculation is a measurement completed by professional HVAC contractors in Scottsdale that will measure many aspects of your home to determine the right size, style and in many cases; the right brand of AC system best suited for your needs. Most AC companies are happy to provide this service to you to ensure you have the right facts so you can make an informed decision.

    Second – Understand Why Lennox, Carrier or Trane are the Best AC Units for Scottsdale Homes

    There are literally dozens of different manufacturers of AC systems that are sold in Arizona. However, when you look into consumer reviews, talk with friends or check out websites like Angieslist.com; you’ll quickly discover that three or so stand out above the rest; Lennox, Carrier and Trane. There are reasons why these units are considered the cream of the crop of AC units:

  • Each of these brands is extremely energy efficiency. Since most AC units seem to operate around the clock and our utility bill rates magically rise during the peak summer months, finding a new system that will conserve energy is critical for any home owner budget.

  • These three brands have exceptional warranty protection. When they are installed by authorized installation companies, Trane, Carrier and Lennox systems are protected by warranty and service packages that can save home owners a tremendous amount of stress and money in the long run. Add annual maintenance coverage and service to these new installs and you’re value goes through the roof.

  • Across the board, Lennox, Carrier and Trane air conditioning systems are regarded as the most durable, reliable and cost effective systems for Arizona homeowners. Their reputation for building superior products and hiring an air conditioner replacement specialist Phoenix AZ to install, service and maintain them is second to none. Take time to speak with an authorized representative of these three AC manufacturers and ask them to help you pick the right system for your individual application.


    Trying to decide on which type of AC unit to purchase during the winter months? The experts at Hays Cooling & Heating will help guide you when purchasing a unit for your home. It Pays To Call Hays! 602-714-8270

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    Extend the Life of Heating and Cooling Systems in Scottsdale

    heating and cooling systems in scottsdaleLiving in the Arizona sunshine has its perks, but the last thing you want to think about is whether or not your heating and cooling systems in Scottsdale will work from one day to the next. A sad reality of life is that the cost of replacing a HVAC system is not something that homeowners can manage or don’t have put away for that rare rainy day. However, there are a few things that home owners can do to extend the life of both heating and cooling systems – so that they can extend that replacement as long as possible.

    First – Activate a Regular AC and Heating Maintenance Schedule

    Regular maintenance is the key to longevity of any mechanical device. From cars, boats, trains and airplanes to the HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable during our extreme temperature ranges, staying on top of routine service of any mechanical device is often the difference between fully functional units – to one that is broken prematurely. It’s estimated by the US Department of Energy  that the root cause of 85% of cooling and heating system failure is premature parts wear and tear. When you take time to have a professional HVAC contractor complete AC maintenance or heating service in Scottsdale, those parts are serviced, lubricated, inspected and replaced if needed under most maintenance contracts.

    There are several ancillary benefits of having your HVAC units maintained at least once per year including:

    • Routine service will keep the energy bills down. A major part of a HVAC service is making sure all filters are replaced and free of obstructions. A HVAC system works best with its free to breathe; which means it’ll use less energy to produce comfortable temperatures.

    • Routine maintenance can improve indoor air quality. Another part of the inspection is that the HVAC company will often check out the ductwork of your home for leaks or cleanliness. By having the ducts cleaned annually, it can remove a majority of the dust and debris that otherwise would be circulated throughout your home and into your lungs.

    Having a maintenance program does not always have to be only done by professionals. In fact, there are several things you can do around the house yourself that will also help extend the equipment life of your heating and cooling systems while improving HVAC efficiency.

    • Change your indoor filters once per month.

    • Dust your AC and Heating vents once per week with a micro-fiber towel

    • Make sure to remove any tree branches, tumbleweeds or other obstructions away from your outdoor HVAC unit

    Second – Get Quotes on Preventative Air Conditioner Service

    As you can see from the information above, having preventative HVAC service can seriously impact the longevity of your cooling or heating system. However, the one side of your HVAC that takes a serious pounding here in Scottsdale is the cooling system. There are several companies that offer specials on annual and bi-annual service programs; where the service company will show up before and after the hot weather seasons to perform preventative air conditioner service. Not only will this ensure your system is running in tip-top shape when you need it most; but it can reduce monthly energy bills and extend your equipment life significantly.

    Take time to contact your local heating and air conditioning contractors in Scottsdale and ask them about the maintenance packages they offer.


    Are you curious how you can extend the life of your HVAC unit? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating for more information on maintaining your heating and cooling unit!

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2015

    3 Important Questions to Ask Trane Dealers in Phoenix

    trane dealers in phoenixAnytime you are in the market to buy a major ticket item, you’ll want to make sure you are making an informed decision – right? For most people, taking time to research every detail of a consumer product, like a car, boat or oven is part of the shopping process. However, how often do we include these steps when we talk to Trane dealers in Phoenix about the new HVAC system we are about to buy?

    Whether you consider yourself a frugal shopper or want to remove all the hassle from buying a new HVAC unit and just want to get it over with, there a few questions you can ask the Trane dealer to ensure you’re getting the right AC system for the right price.

    Question #1 – Are Your Trane AC Units Reliable?

    This might seem like a loaded question but there a few reasons why you should ask this question. The fact is that when you read Trane product reviews by independent third-party companies, Trane products are always ranked in the top three of reliability. However, when you speak to the Trane dealer about this, they’ll be able to provide you with solid data and facts to support the claims that other written reviews just can’t.

    There are a few other reasons why you should ask this question of a dealer that sells Trane systems:

    • The dealers will be able to talk to you about their installation process, and why it’s critical to have the right company complete the air conditioning installation.

    • A Trane dealer is the best source of information about rebates, discounts and specials on the Trane units they sell and install.

    Question #2 – Is a Trane Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

    Once you get the skinny on the reliability and durability that Trane AC units are famous for, you’ll next want to talk about energy efficiency with the Trane dealer. According to the US Department of Energy, Trane systems are some of the few AC units that actually exceed Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that when you have a professional Trane contractor in Phoenix install your system correctly – it will keep your home comfortable without consuming tremendous amounts of energy to do so.

    Energy efficiency also comes with added benefits of reduced monthly energy bills. In fact, it’s estimated that when you change from non-Energy Star® rated AC systems to a new Trane unit, you can save as much as 35% on your monthly utility bills.

    Question #3 – What is the Life Expectancy of a Trane Unit?

    According to Trane, the average life expectancy of a new system mainly depends on three important details:

    First – Was the new Trane AC system installed by an authorized Trane contractor in Phoenix?

    Second – Was your new Trane system serviced annually to ensure all moving parts are lubricated, filters are replaced and belts and fittings tightened?

    Third – Did the homeowner replace indoor filters every month – especially in dusty and dry weather climates like the Phoenix metro area?

    These three issues are vitally important when it comes to Trane life expectancy. By talking with the Trane dealer about life expectancy, they’ll provide you with details on how they and you can make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

    Trane Air conditioning systems are exceptionally durable and affordable units that often provide a solid return on investment for the buyer. Always take a few minutes to speak with your local Phoenix Trane dealer to have them answer any questions you have about warranties, product offerings and other Trane products that can enhance your indoor comfort.


    Is it time to replace your AC with a Trane unit? Work with a 5-star rated, family-owned, local company that you can trust. Call Hays Cooling & Heating to get a quote on a new Trane AC unit. It Pays to Call Hays!

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