Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What to Ask When Replacing Your Air Conditioner in Phoenix

replacing-your-air-conditioner-in-phoenixA sad fact of life is that eventually – all mechanical items will break down. This includes the air conditioning units that keep us nice and cool during the hot summers in Phoenix. The process of replacing your air conditioner in Phoenix tends to be complex, time consuming and rather expensive. If you know what to ask professional HVAC contractors in Phoenix, how to ask these questions and what to expect for replacing your broken system – you’ll reduce the stress load and can save money in the short and long term.

Here are three questions that you should be asking any professional HVAC Company in Phoenix when it’s time to replace your older system.

First – What Size AC System is Needed for My Specific Home?

Believe it or not, one size does not fit all in the HVAC world. Every unit that is manufactured today is built for a specific application. This ensures that homeowners in the United States will receive an energy efficient system that will effectively keep their home cool. However, the process of determining what size of system is best suited for you is not an easy one for homeowners to figure out. Professional heating and air conditioning contractors in Phoenix use a process called load calculations to determine what type and size of system is best suited for individual homeowners. This will measure several individual elements including:

  • The square footage of the home

  • How many floors the house has

  • The location and direction of windows and doors

  • What type of foliage or landscaping is near the home

  • The type and condition of ductwork and vents

  • Second – What is the AC Installation Process Like?

    Any contractor that specializes in installing air conditioning systems in Phoenix should easily be able to answer this question. However, just like we said above, there is no black and white answer to this question. The fact is that every home installation is unique – as are some of the obstacles and hurdles that are associated with AC installs. Typically, the process is a three-step solution:

  • Measure and pick out the right unit for the home owner

  • Remove the older system

  • Install and test out the newer unit

  • Each of these individual steps have their own process that is efficient, so ask any contractor you work with about how they will help you with each of these specific steps.

    Third – What is the Average Cost of Replacing an Air Conditioner?

    Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest answers for an AC contractor to answer. The answer is – depends on your situation. Right now you might be shaking your head, but the reality is that there is no cut and dry, cookie cutter answer to the average cost – nor should there be.

    The best way to keep your cost low is to work with a professional heating and air conditioning company in Phoenix that can help you pick a new unit, install that unit correctly and offer a service plan that will keep it operational for several years. This will maximize your return on investment, ensure your system runs energy efficiently (which will lower your monthly energy bills) and save money on expensive repairs.


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