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Do I need a 3-Ton Air Conditioner? Picking The Right Size AC Unit

Big and smallOne of the hardest things for any home owner to do themselves is find the right sized air conditioner to keep their home cool during those hot summer months in Arizona. However, the biggest mistake that some homeowners make is they assume that they’ll need a 3-ton air conditioner in order to keep their homes comfortable all summer long. But just like buying a pair of pants, one size does not fit all. In fact, by not taking the right steps to determine the correct size of AC system for your specific home, it could cost you a lot of money down the road.

In order to provide you with factual information to make an informed decision as to what sized AC system you should install for your home, keep reading.

Three Steps To Select The Right Sized AC System The First Time

Step #1 – Call in the Professionals

Picking a replacement HVAC system is not – and should not be – a DIY project. It might seem very easy to look on the owner manual of your old 3-ton AC unit and state – “all I need is the same thing”. The truth is, this could cause you a ton (sorry about the pun) of problems.

Today’s modern AC systems are much more efficient than older units. This is why professional HVAC companies always start any sizing with what’s known as a “load calculation process”. This mathematical process takes several specific elements into determining the correct sized system for your specific home including:

  • Total square footage of the home

  • How many floors and livable space the home has inside

  • How many windows and doors a home has; and also considers the location (for example; if they are facing east, west, north or south)

  • Flooring options (hardwood, carpet, tile) and ceiling options

  • Insulation type, size, shape, material, location and other critical elements

  • And Outdoor landscaping is also considered when factoring in load calculations

As you can see, these specific elements are critical to determining exactly what sized system you need for your home. This is why you should always defer to a professional HVAC contractor to perform a load calculation to find the right sized system.

Step #2 – Shop Around for Energy Star Units

After you’ve had a load calculation completed, and determined what sized system you should purchase, the next step is shopping around to find the most efficient unit. This often begins with Energy Star® rated AC systems. An Energy Star® rated unit is manufactured to be highly energy efficient within its specific category. There are, however, different categories of AC systems for home owners to consider as well, including:

  • Heat pump systems

  • Split Air Conditioning Systems

  • Variable Speed AC units

  • All Purpose HVAC units

The key is to find the most energy efficient system within each segment that will save you money each month on utility bills and also will keep your home comfortable and clean during those hot summer months.

As you can see, answering the question about needing a 3-ton air conditioner is not as easy as you’d think. The best advice we can offer is to always begin any search for the right sized AC system by contacting a dependable and licensed HVAC company in Arizona. It will save you a tremendous amount of time and resources in the end.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Important Step For Scheduling An AC Repair in Scottsdale

AC Repair in ScottsdaleWhen the air conditioning inside your home is not working as intended, trying to schedule an AC repair in Scottsdale can be very stressful – and it can also cost you a pretty penny if not done correctly. For the most part, air conditioning contractors that are certified, licensed and registered to complete AC repairs in Arizona are very easy to work with. In fact, most of the licensed HVAC contractors will work with you to find an affordable solution to get your AC system back up and running strong.

Steps To Expedite Affordable AC Repair In Scottsdale

Step #1 – Complete Proactive Research About AC Repair Contractors in Scottsdale

Sometimes being prepared for emergency repairs is the best thing that a homeowner in Scottsdale can do in order to save money. In the case of AC repairs, doing a little bit of proactive research about the professional AC repair contractors in Scottsdale can mean the difference between paying a competitive price vs. being taken to the cleaners.

Here are a few things you should do before contacting any AC repair company in Scottsdale:

  • Look for licensed contractors. It’s important to protect yourself, so always work with contractors that are licensed with the State of Arizona to complete all repairs. It’s also a good idea to make sure they are insured and bonded as well.

  • Check out any company with the Better Business Bureau. It’s also important to verify that any AC repair company that will work on your Scottsdale home is in good standing with the BBB in Scottsdale. To accomplish this step, simply visit and complete a search for the company name.

Step #2 – Always Learn About Your Specific AC System

Another way to save money on AC repairs is to understand the basics about your particular air conditioning system. There are several different types of systems that keep Scottsdale homes cool including:

  • Heat Pump Systems: This type of unit is designed to use the earth’s natural resources to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside your home.

  • Central Air Conditioning: With a central air conditioning system, you most likely have a traditional unit or you had a split-system that includes the outside section and inside fans.

  • All-In-one HVAC units: This type of system is the most common in Arizona, especially in new homes built within the past five years. This type of unit includes the air conditioning and heating system built into one, easily accessible system.

By knowing what type of unit you have, it will be easier to find a qualified contractor that has experience in repairing your specific type of unit. And believe it or not, HVAC contractors that complete AC repairs in Scottsdale tend to be highly diverse. Finding an expert will always provide you positive dividends and the best value for completing repairs in the end.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Should I Consider Buying a Variable Speed Air Conditioner?

Variable Speed air conditionerIt’s becoming one of the most popular trends in Arizona – but what exactly is a variable speed air conditioning system? Well, in layman’s terms, a variable speed AC unit is one that is designed to continually cycle air inside your home ensuring that the house maintains a constant temperature and does not produce temperature spikes.

This type of system is especially beneficial for homes in Arizona for several reasons, which is causing many homeowners to actively seek this type of system to replace their outdated and energy consuming AC units.

Four Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Conditioner

First – Variable Speed Air Conditioners are Very Energy Efficient Units

One of the biggest myths about energy consumption is that if something is always running it equates to more energy consumed. However, this is not always true – especially in the world of major appliances. A variable speed AC system is designed to maintain a consistent temperature all while making sure that the unit doesn’t have to overwork in order to achieve a good, cool temperature. In fact, most AC units consume more energy when they have to reduce the temperature of a home by more than 4 degrees. By keeping the temperature within that range, the AC system can run much more efficiently.

Second – Variable Speed AC units are Very Quiet

For homeowners that are looking to enhance complete indoor comfort, buying a variable speed system might be right for you – especially if you’re concerned about noise. Since a variable speed AC unit is separated into two sections, the noisier part of these systems including the condensers and coils is installed outside. Plus – they draw very little power, which again, helps to conserve energy and also lets the system run very quiet.

Third – A Variable Speed System Equals Better Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to understand how the air inside your home gets ‘dirty’ to understand this benefit. All HVAC systems operate under one basic concept – circulate air from inside the home, to the cooling or heating system then back into the home. This means that when air is being forced in a smooth and consistent basis, the indoor air filters are able to trap and remove the majority of particles that cause indoor air pollution. This is exactly what a variable system air conditioning unit is designed to accomplish.

Finally – Variable Speed AC Systems are Dependable

We all know that living in Arizona can be very extreme. With the hot and dry air comes the inevitable factor that most AC systems have to work very hard in order to keep your home comfortable. However, since the variable speed air conditioner is designed to slowly circulate and maintain a consistent temperature, this means that the unit is often more dependable than a traditional system. Just like a vehicle, starting up and stopping is the most damaging part of operation. Since a variable system very rarely shuts off completely, the unit tends to be easier to maintain.

As you can see, there are many benefits to buying a new variable speed air conditioner in Arizona. The best advice we can provide you is to learn more about these new-age systems by contacting your local HVAC service company.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Hays Cooling & Heating Website Helps Customers Easily Navigate Comfort

Hays cooling and heating new websiteDriving business for any company often begins and ends with a solid online marketing program. And whether you’re running an ice cream shop or an HVAC service company in the greater Phoenix metro area, the best way to connect with current and potential customers starts with an easy to navigate and user friendly website. This strong consumer concept is the primary reason why the team at Hays Cooling & Heating recently spent time and energy crafting a new, user friendly website; designed to improve the customer experience and educate new customers about the multiple services offered by the company.

Hays Cooling & Heating Has Served Phoenix Residents & Businesses Since 2001

Since 2001, our company has provided dependable and professional HVAC service throughout the Phoenix Valley. With a passionate team of certified HVAC installers, service professionals and sales associates, our family owned and operated business has been a leading provider of full-service HVAC solutions. Every member of the Hays Cooling & Heating team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer interaction is a positive one. This starts with our new website.

The primary goal of the new website is to be the resource to the entire great Phoenix metro area community. With our weekly blog articles, we are able to provide tips and helpful hints form any common heating, cooling and plumbing issues that people experience daily. Plus, we now have the bandwidth to connect quicker and more professionally with all customers; providing them with quick quotes on all heating and cooling services we offer.

Plus, with the new website we’re able to update the page quickly and share promotions, sales and special deals that we offer to help reduce the costs of maintaining or installing new HVAC systems. Our new website is also interactive; allowing our customers to follow us on social media platforms like Facebook to receive these frequent website updates via social media activation.

Another great feature of our new website is how it will help improve our customer service. We are exceptionally very proud of our service record. In fact, since 2001 when we opened our doors, Hays Cooling & Heating has a “Complaint Free License and Record” with the BBB and the Registrar of Contractors of Arizona (#167098). We also believe in furthering education for our customers and all team members by working with dependable HVAC system providers like Trane, Day & Night and Lennox to always stay ahead of the curve with new technology and repair programs. We can use the website to share advancements in technology in the entire HVAC industry – allowing our customers to make a more informed decision when they are looking for any HVAC services.

Our company is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all of our customers. It’s due to this fact that we are extremely proud to provide them with an easy to access and navigate website. If you have any questions about our new website, or any of the services we provide at Hays Cooling & Heating, contact us today. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest improvements in the HVAC industry.


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