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Finding Reliable HVAC Services in the Phoenix Area

hvac services in phoenixHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning. If you don’t think those things are important for your home, then we envy you and your balmy climate. For the rest of us, heating and cooling services are essential to maintaining a happy and healthy household.

So when there is trouble with your HVAC, or you need an installation, it’s also essential that you turn to experts. You certainly don’t want anything bungled when it comes to these crucial components of your house.

But how do you choose a provider? Well, take a look at these points to remember when making your choice. They’ll get you on the right track towards the perfect HVAC service.

Check For Credentials

HVAC services are too important to your home to be carried out by someone without the proper credentials. Many states, as well as some municipalities, require contractors to be licensed.

You can check government websites to find lists of licensed contractors. If they aren’t licensed, then you should choose another contractor.

Ask For References

Any professional HVAC contractor should be able to give you a list of references. These are former customers that you can contact to verify that the company is trustworthy and does good work.

Follow up with a few of these references. They’ll be one of your best sources for determining ahead of time who to choose.

What’s The Estimate For The HVAC Services?

Did the person you talked to on the phone give you an estimate? That can actually be a red flag. Even an HVAC expert will need to inspect your home before they can give you a reliable quote.

Ducting, insulation, window, and a plethora of other factors will play a role in the bid they give you. It would be extremely difficult to give a good estimate over the phone without seeing the house first.

And make sure that your estimate is written and itemized. Don’t think that anything is simply understood to be included or excluded.

Consider The Cost

It’s wise to get at least three bids for HVAC services. The cost can vary widely, but that doesn’t mean you should always go with the cheapest option.

Sometimes there’s a reason that estimate is so much lower than the others, and it’s not always a good one. Spending a couple thousand extra dollars to repair the initial work in a year or two isn’t a pretty picture.

It pays over the long run to go with a reputable contractor–even if they’re a little more expensive.

Final Thoughts

In a place like Arizona, going without A/C just isn’t really an option. That’s why it’s so important to have quality work done by HVAC experts. Get it done right, and you won’t have to continually worry about the A/C going out in the middle of a heat wave.

So if you live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale areas, give your top Phoenix HVAC experts a call today at Hays Cooling and Heating. We’ll be happy to come give you an estimate and make sure that your home is set for years to come.



Contact Hays Cooling & Heating today at (602) 714-8270 or email us to learn more about extending the life of your AC unit, system tune-ups, maintenance and repair services! It Pays To Call Hays!


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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

4 Signs You Need an AC Tune Up

AC Tune UpWe sometimes take the modern conveniences of life for granted. For example, central air conditioning. We rely on it every day, but forget that this technology has been making hot temperatures bearable for only about a hundred years!

If you don’t give your AC system its proper respect, it can very well fail you just when you need it most — during the hottest, stickiest dog days of summer. That’s why it’s important to have an AC tune up every once in awhile.

Ideally, this should be done twice a year, but if you haven’t tended to your system recently, be on the lookout for these signs that it’s time to call in the pros.

Four Signs an AC Tune Up Is In Your Future

There’s Some Sort of Problem

Of course, if you’ve noticed any kind of problem with your air conditioning, you should schedule an AC tune up. Unusual sounds, moldy or musty smells, or simply less cool air emanating from the system than you would like — these are all indicators that a tune up is due.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time Your System Was Serviced

Would you have to dig through your home maintenance files for the past few years to determine when you last had your system looked at? If so, better get on the horn to the AC company you use, and fast.

The filter and ductwork can easily get clogged up with particulates and debris, which will compromise the efficiency of your AC unit. Families who own pets, or whose members have allergies, may find that the air quality has gone downhill. That’s because the normal “conditioning” power of your air conditioner simply isn’t there anymore — because you need an AC tune up.

The AC System Has Been Working Extra Hard

In particularly warm or humid seasons, you probably throw caution to the wind and leave your AC turned on all the time. If you’ve pushed it to maximum capacity for several years in a row, then it is definitely time to schedule that tune up before the whole system gives up the ghost.

Your Energy Bills Have Spiked

Do you cringe when you open up your energy bill each month? Maybe your energy costs have been slowly but surely increasing, or maybe you have seen a drastic jump between one month and the next. Either way, it’s a telltale sign that you should get an AC tune up.

When filters or ducts get clogged, or when a system simply isn’t running as efficiently as it should be because it has been neglected, the air conditioner has to work extra hard to pump out the same amount of cool air. Naturally, this takes more energy — and it also takes a bigger bite out of your budget.

Ready to Have Your System Checked Out?

Remember that in addition to lowering your energy bills, helping your unit run more efficiently, and improving your indoor air quality, an AC tune up can prevent costly repairs down the line.

Contact Hays Cooling & Heating today to schedule a service call!



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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Care for Central Air Conditioning Units in Phoenix

how to care for central air conditioning unitsYour air conditioner is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have in your Phoenix home. And like with any piece of equipment, you want to make sure that you’re caring for your air conditioner in the right way. However, if you’ve never performed basic AC maintenance before, you may not know which tasks are most important for the continued functioning of your system.

If you want to keep your air conditioner running for years to come, it’s a good idea to get a few simple maintenance tips. Learn how to care for central air conditioning units so that you can be sure that your Phoenix home is as comfortable as possible.

Remove Plants and Debris

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your air conditioning running the way that you need is to ensure that there are no plants or other debris surrounding your unit. When leaves, sticks and other types of debris infiltrate your outdoor air conditioning unit, it can cause major malfunctions and result in expensive repairs.

Periodically clearing the area directly surrounding your unit will help keep it safe from harm and functioning properly.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Your air conditioner experience a great deal of unnecessary wear and tear, particularly if you allow it to run full-blast when you’re not at home. If you want to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, a great solution is installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to control when and how your air conditioner runs.

You can set it to turn up the temperature while you’re out of your home to save energy and then schedule it to lower the temperature when you plan to return. Using a programmable thermostat allows you to save energy and reduce long-term wear on your AC unit.

Change Your Filters

Unrestricted airflow is crucial for a well-functioning, long-lasting air conditioner, and one of the best ways to maintain airflow is to make sure the filters in your system are free of debris. The longer your filters are allowed to remain in your system, the more debris will accumulate. Eventually, this will reduce airflow and may impact the air quality in your home.

To make sure that your system is running effectively and your air quality is as high as you deserve, you should regularly change your air filters. Clean air filters allow for proper airflow and will be better able to remove contaminants from the air in your home.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

While there are certain things that you can do on your own to care for your air conditioner, other tasks require a professional touch. This means that one of the best ways to maintain your air conditioner is to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning.

Your Phoenix Arizona air conditioner maintenance technicians will be able to thoroughly examine your unit to see if there are any developing problems that need to be addressed. They can also effectively clean the inside and outside of your unit so that it runs properly and is not at risk for damage. Trusting air conditioning professionals is one of the best ways to care for your AC unit.


If you’re searching for an HVAC company to get an AC installation estimate, contact the 5-Star HVAC experts – Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-482-0229 — It Pays To Call Hays! 


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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How To Find the Best Air Conditioner Repair Specialist in Mesa

air conditioner repair specialist in MesaThere’s almost nothing more frustrating than experiencing an air conditioner malfunction. To restore your AC system and your family’s comfort, you need quick and effective repairs, which means you need to find the right repair professional. However, if you’ve never needed AC repair services before, it can be hard to know the characteristics that make for a quality repair specialists.

Luckily, finding an AC repair professional isn’t as hard as you might believe, particularly when you have access to the right information. Here are a few tips for finding an air conditioner repair specialist in Mesa that will allow you to get your AC unit up and running in no time at all.

Referrals & Reviews

One of your best resources for finding a great AC specialist near you is to get referrals from your friend and family. There is a good chance that someone in your social circle will have experience hiring a repair professional, and they may be able to refer you to a service that will meet your needs.

Another good option for finding a repair specialist is to read online reviews. There are countless websites that host reviews for services of all stripes, and reading some of these reviews for AC repair specialists in your air can help you find a high-quality professional.

Affiliations & Accreditations

When you’ve found a repair specialist that you are considering for your job, you want to make sure that they are experienced and trustworthy. To ensure that your repair professional is qualified for your AC repair needs, it’s a good idea to check both their accreditations and affiliations with a professional organization.

Any repair specialist worth your time and money will belong to a professional organization and will be able to show that they are accredited as a repairman. If a repair professional doesn’t have these characteristics, they may not be right for you.

Brands Serviced

There are a variety of quality air conditioning brands on the market today, and while all of them function the same way, they may have different repair needs. Before hiring a repair professional, you need to learn which brands they service and if they’re familiar with your specific air conditioner.

Some repair specialists work exclusively with one brand of air conditioner, meaning they may not know the right way to address your unit. Be certain that any professional you hire has experience working on your model air conditioner so that your repairs are being handled the right way.

Special Offers

Air conditioning repairs can be extremely expensive, especially if they involve one of your unit’s most crucial components. If you’re interested in saving as much money on your repair as possible, you should look for a repair professional that provides special offers. To attract business, many AC specialists will offer regular deals on their repair services. Taking advantage of these specials can help you get the repairs that you need at a much-reduced cost.

If you follow these simple tips, you can find the right HVAC repair company in Mesa to meet your needs. Working with the right company means getting your AC repaired quickly, effectively and at an affordable price.


If you’re searching for an HVAC company to get an AC installation estimate, contact the 5-Star HVAC experts – Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-482-0229 — It Pays To Call Hays! 


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Split System Air Conditioning in Scottsdale: When Do You Need It?

Split System Air ConditioningOne of the most important decisions that you can make as a homeowner is how you will cool your home. However, this decision can be very complicated if you need to cool an area of your home or a guest house that is not equipped with ductwork. Instead of investing the time and money required to install ducts, many homeowners in Scottsdale choose to install split system air conditioning.

If you’re not familiar with a split system, then you might not be aware of the many benefits of this cooling option. Find out why you should consider split system air conditioning in Scottsdale and learn about a few of the benefits of this system.


The main reason that you should think about installing a split system is that it is extremely flexible. Unlike traditional air conditioners, split systems require no ductwork, making them an ideal choice for older homes. Split systems only require an outdoor unit and individual indoor units for whichever rooms you are trying to cool. This means you can install your split system virtually anywhere in your home with minimal effort.

Energy & Money Savings

Air conditioning systems are one of the biggest energy expenses in your home. If you’re looking for impressive energy savings, there is no better choice than a split system. With a split system, you control the temperature in one room at a time. This means you aren’t wasting money on cooling rooms that you rarely inhabit. Also, without ductwork, there is a much lower risk of air leaks and energy loss.

Split systems are also much less expensive than standard HVAC systems, meaning you’ll be saving money upfront and long-term. Cost conscious homeowners in Scottsdale should strongly consider a split system.

Improved Air Quality

While traditional HVAC systems that employ ductwork can certainly effectively cool your home, there are major risks of using this type of system: Lowered air quality. Dirt, mold, and bacteria can very easily build-up in ductwork, reducing the air quality in your home and potentially causing serious respiratory issues.

When you choose a split system, you can expect better air quality than you might get with standard systems. Split systems have no ductwork, so they have no risk for mold or other serious contaminants. As long as you are regularly changing the filters in your indoor air handlers, your split system should provide impressive air quality.

Quick & Easy Installation

Leaving without air conditioning can be very tough, particularly in a warm climate like the kind we experience in Scottsdale. Perhaps the best reason to choose a split system is that it can be installed quickly and easily. Once your outdoor unit has been installed, you only need to connect it to your indoor air handlers to start cooling your home. With just a few hours of your time, you can have the efficient and effective cooling system that your family deserves.

If you’re still wondering whether a split system is a right choice for your home, you should consult with North Scottsdale HVAC specialists. A knowledgeable HVAC professional will be able to tell you if a split system is right for you and can discuss your installation options.


If you’re searching for an HVAC company to get an AC installation estimate, contact the 5-Star HVAC experts – Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-482-0229 — It Pays To Call Hays! 


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Best Types of Air Conditioners for Intense Phoenix Summer Heat

Types Of Air Conditioners

Here is a question for you: what is the best AC unit built today? This is more of a trick question due to the fact that each AC system is built for specific applications. However, when it comes to weeding through all the different types of air conditioners on the market, there are a few that are better suited for specific homes, businesses or residential apartment complexes. If you’re considering installing a new cooling system, here are some of the best types of AC units made today – and they are great for handling the intense Arizona heat we get in summer.

Best Types of AC Units: Split Air Conditioning Units

If you were to take a poll of all the home owners in the Phoenix metro area, you’ll discover that more than half of the homes in The Valley of the Sun are cooled by split air conditioning units.

This type of HVAC system is comprised of two individual components:

  • An exterior cooling system whose job it is to ‘chill’ the air that is circulated into the unit.

  • An interior fan system, which is designed to circulate warm air from inside your home into the outdoor unit and then return cooler air into your home after the exterior cooling system has done its job.

This type of cooling system is popular for many different reasons:

  • The general construction layout of newer homes. Most new homes in Arizona are made to withstand the intense summer heat while operating energy efficiently. A split AC unit is very good at handling the intense heat and is the primary type of cooling system installed in newer homes.

  • They are easy to maintain. The biggest hassle with maintaining and servicing interior or roof cooling systems is getting access to the actual unit for repair. However, a split system is easy for AC companies to work on since it’s often installed on the side or back yard of a home.

  • Split AC units are best suited for the single or multiple story homes we have in the Phoenix metro area.

Choosing a Brand

The next most popular question asked by new AC shoppers is which brand is best suited to handle the extreme heat here in Phoenix? This one is a little easier to answer as it’s based on one simple fact – which company builds cooling systems built to last?

The top 2 HVAC brands when it comes to direct consumer reviews:

  • Trane Air Conditioning Units

  • Lennox Air Conditioning Units

Each of these is made with high-grade materials, assembled by professional technicians and built to operate efficiently. They are all installed by certified specialists and can be maintained and serviced by the same company that installs them with ease.

We know that options available to home owners for buying and installing new AC system is extremely vast. Regardless of the types of air conditioners that are available, the key is to buy one that is perfect for your specific application. To determine this, contact your local Phoenix HVAC Contractors. They’ll steer you in the right direction.



Contact Hays Cooling & Heating today at (602) 714-8270 or email us to learn more about home air conditioner tune-ups, maintenance, repair and installation services today! It Pays To Call Hays!

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Rooftop Air Conditioner vs. A Side-Yard Air Conditioner

Rooftop Air Conditioner VS a Side-Yard Air Conditioner


rooftop air conditioner vs a side yard air conditionerIt is typically assumed that generally, all air conditioners are the same. In theory, this is a statement of fact, as the general purpose of these systems is to remove hot air from inside a home, chill this air though a cooling process and return it to the home to reduce the temperature. However, there are two unique styles of AC systems in Arizona that have individual benefits that allow home owners to maximize indoor comfort. In order to determine which type of system is best for you, it’s important to outline the benefits of rooftop air conditioners vs a side-yard air conditioner.

For home owners in North Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun, finding a quality-built air conditioner that keeps them comfortable during triple-digit temperatures is essential. Although there are several types of AC systems available for homeowners; the truth is there are more questions about which type of system is best. That being said, let’s compare the benefits of the rooftop AC system and the side-yard AC system.

Comparing Rooftop and Side-Yard AC Systems:


What are the Advantages of Rooftop Air Conditioner?

Generally speaking, a rooftop air conditioner is a centralized cooling system that is different than many side-yard AC systems or what are often referred to as ‘split systems’). The rooftop AC system is installed on the top of your home and then routed through the ductwork of the home to keep your house cool.

Home owners living the Phoenix Valley tend to notice a few benefits of installing this type of system to keep their homes cool and comfortable such as:

  • Air typically cycles easier through your home. In middle school general science courses, we are taught that warm air rises naturally, while cool air will descend. Due to the laws of physics of cold air, a roof top system doesn’t need to force air hard into a home. Conversely, it also does not need to draw warm air as hard. The result is less energy consumed to operate these systems. This makes rooftop systems extremely energy efficient.

  • Rooftop air conditioners are all-inclusive. Most side-yard or ‘central air’ systems have components inside the home and outside the home. This means that when a problem occurs, it can be challenging to work on the systems. However, a roof top system has everything contained in one-easy to access location; making repairs, routine maintenance and service easier to complete for an AC company in Phoenix that offers maintenance programs.

  • Newer roof top systems are smaller and more compact than older systems. As technology improves, so does efficiency. Leading manufacturers of rooftop AC systems have received feedback from customers about trying to make them smaller, and attractive. Not only have they listened to customers, but they create stylish rooftop AC systems that fit naturally – which can improve home equity.

What are the Advantages of Side-Yard Air Conditioning Systems?

Although the rooftop AC system has multiple benefits, installing a side-yard AC unit also comes with several attributes that any homeowner in Phoenix should consider.

  • Side-yard or split AC systems are diverse and offer more customization. Side-yard AC systems are varied, highly diverse and offer homeowners more options to consider. There are multiple vendors, sizes, powers, and options available for homeowners to consider. This allows the search for a perfectly sized and energy efficient AC system much easier for home owners. Having the luxury of picking one perfectly sized for your individual home is a huge consumer benefit.

  • There are more repair and replacement options. Since there are two elements to a side yard system (the inside fans and outside unit) if one of the systems fails and needs to be replaced, you can often get by without replacing the other one. This typically results in the overall replacement cost being lower in some cases. Truth be told however, this can be deceiving since eventually, you’ll have to pay to replace the other component. Always consult with a professional AC contractor in Phoenix to seek their recommendation on replacing components.

  • New side-yard systems are quieter than older systems. While the rooftop systems have become smaller and visually pleasing, side-yard or split AC systems have increasingly become more quite over the years. This is a huge benefit for home owners that have their AC system installed next to a bedroom; especially in the evening hours where the temperature outside still eclipses 90 at midnight.


Overall, when you compare rooftop AC systems vs. side-yard AC systems, they both have advantages and offer consumers flexibility. Both rooftop air conditioner units and side-yard systems are good options for homeowners in Phoenix to consider. The best advice we can give is to carefully consider your home, your needs and speak with a qualified heating and air conditioning company in Phoenix. You’ll be surprised to learn that most companies will give you factual, not inflated, info if you ask them directly.


If you’re searching for an HVAC company to get an AC installation estimate, contact the 5-Star HVAC experts – Hays Cooling & Heating! Call 602-482-0229 — It Pays To Call Hays! 

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Don"t Make These HVAC Installation Mistakes Top Tips for Homeowners

HVAC installation mistakesOne of the most important decisions that you can make as a homeowner is to install an HVAC system in your home. With an HVAC system, you’ll be able to ensure that your home is always at its ideal temperature, ensuring you and your family’s comfort throughout the year.

However, if you’re not experienced with the HVAC installation process, it’s common to make mistakes which can reduce the effectiveness of your system and cost you money down the line. Read about common HVAC installation mistakes that you need to avoid and find out why your installation should be handled by a professional.

Picking The Right Size Unit

The most common mistake that homeowners make when installing an HVAC system in their home is failing to choose the right size units. Contrary to what you might believe, HVAC units are not one size fits all, which means you need to make sure that you’re getting the unit size that matches the needs of your home.

If a unit is too small for your home, it can cause your system to work harder, resulting in higher energy bills. If it’s too big, you’re paying more money than is necessary. Size your unit with the help of a professional to make sure your heating and cooling needs are met.

Don’t Ignore Air Flow

For an HVAC system to function properly, there must be unrestricted air flow within your system. When airflow becomes blocked or restricted, it can strain your system to a large degree and reduce its ability to heat and cool your Phoenix home.

When planning for your installation, make sure that you think long and hard about the airflow within your HVAC system and if there are any potential obstacles that need to be taken into account.

Neglecting Insulation and Sealing

Much like the plumbing system in your home, your HVAC system cannot function the way that you need if there are leaks. When air is allowed to escape from your HVAC system through leaks, it can result in lost energy and a lower functioning system.

During your installation, make sure that the ductwork in your HVAC system is properly sealed and insulated. With the right sealing and insulation, you can eliminate leaks and ensure that your system is functioning at its optimal level.

Ignoring Ventilation

Although many people don’t realize it, ventilation is an important part of your home’s HVAC system. If the air in your home can’t vent effectively, it can cause damage to your system and result in a reduction in air quality as the same contaminated air is circulating through your home over and over again.

While installing your HVAC system, be certain that you’ve added adequate options for ventilation so that your system can function the way it was intended.

Cutting Costs

Installing an HVAC system in your home can be a very expensive process which, understandably, leads many homeowners to try and cut costs whenever possible. However, if you’re not familiar with the steps of an HVAC installation, this can lead to eliminating necessary costs, impacting the effectiveness of your installation.

Before you attempt to cut costs, make sure to have a conversation with an HVAC professional to make sure you aren’t cutting a task that must be completed.

The easiest way to avoid common installation mistakes is to hire a central AC install company in Phoenix, AZ. An experienced installation company will be able to avoid mistakes and install your system easily and effectively.


Contact the AC experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling & Heating to install your air conditioner today. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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Summer Indoor Air Quality Improvement Tips for Arizona Homes

summer indoor air qualityIf you’re a homeowner, then you want to make sure that your home stays comfortable throughout the year, but particularly during the hot summer season. While many people are aware that the temperatures rise very quickly during Arizona summers, few understand that the warm months of the year can also result in a reduction in the air quality of your home.

Summer can be one of the worst periods for breathing in the entire year with a higher concentration of allergens and more contaminants in your home. Here are a few easy tips for improving your summer indoor air quality and advice for working with air quality professionals.

Vacuum Regularly

One of the biggest reasons that indoor air quality dips during the summer is due to allergens building up to unhealthy levels in your home, usually in your carpeting. If you allow the carpets in your home to go too long between cleanings, it can greatly affect your air quality, particularly if you have shedding pets.

An easy way to boost your air quality is to regularly vacuum your home. Vacuuming at least once a week will help keep contaminants in your home low and your air quality high.


Dust and Mop

Dust and dirt are some of the common causes of reduced air quality during the summer months. Dust, in particular, can be a big problem for the allergy sufferers in your home, making it much harder for them to breathe. To combat the accumulation of dust in your home, you need to be sure to dust and mop regularly.

Dusting and mopping the hard surfaces in your home, such as your hardwood floors and your countertops, will reduce the level of dust in your home’s air and will allow your family to breathe easy.


Cut Out Chemicals

When cleaning your home, it’s common to use some sort of cleaning chemical. However, cleaning chemicals can exacerbate the problem of poor air quality instead of fixing the situation. Instead of using chemical cleaners, try simple warm water and perhaps an environmentally friendly soap.


Swap Out AC Filters

Over time, the filters in your air conditioning system will accumulate a great deal of debris, reducing their effectiveness at removing contaminants from the air in your home. Periodically, swap out your old air filters for newer ones so that you are always getting the maximum level of filtrations possible.


Keep House Plants

Did you know that in addition to adding life to your home, houseplants are also great tools for improving air quality? Well, it’s true. There are several varieties of houseplants that can remove chemicals and contaminants from your home’s air, massively increasing its quality.


Maintain Your Humidity Levels

A key in maintaining your home’s air quality is making sure that your humidity is at the right level. When humidity is too high it can be extremely hard to breathe, and when it is too low, the air in your home will be too dry. Keep an eye on your air’s humidity levels and try to keep it in an optimal range.


Install an Indoor Air Quality System

Perhaps the best way to improve the air quality in your home is by installing an indoor air quality system. These excellent systems fit into your existing air conditioning system and provide advanced filtration so that the air in your home is as free from contaminants and allergens as possible.


If you’re interested in improving the air quality in your home, your best bet is to work with a Phoenix, Arizona HVAC installation specialist. Your specialist can examine your home and tell you the best way to improve your air quality.


Contact the indoor air quality experts at Hays Cooling & Heating to get your air conditioner up and running. Email us or call 602-714-8270 now!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3 Signs You have a Broken Home AC Compressor

broken home AC compressorWhen you’re a homeowner, you trust that your home’s major systems will work without issue, which is what makes it so nerve-wracking when an important system like your air conditioner doesn’t work the way that it should. If you’re nervous that the compressor in your air conditioning unit is broken, it’s a good idea to learn about a few warning signs of this particular problem. Here are a few signs that will help you decide if you have a broken home AC compressor.

Although there are a variety of reasons your air conditioner may stop working the way you are accustomed to, one of the primary causes is a broken AC compressor. Keep reading to learn some of the ways you can determine is your AC Compressor is the issue and advice for scheduling repairs from the right company.

Lack of Cool Air

One of the easiest ways to tell whether your air compressor is malfunctioning is examining the amount of cold air that is coming out of the vents in your home. If it seems like your air conditioner cannot maintain a steady stream of cold air, it almost always means that there is a serious problem with the compressor in your air conditioner.

Understand, however, that the temperature of the air differs from the amount of air being blown. If it seems like your air conditioner is not blowing enough air, then it might be a problem with your blower and not your compressor. If the volume of air is consistent but it is never cold enough, then you should have your compressor inspected.

Hearing Hissing Noises

Perhaps the easiest way to tell if your air compressor is experiencing a problem is listening for unusual sounds. While there are a variety of sounds that could mean a problem with your air compressor, one of the most worrisome is a high-pitched hissing noise.

In other parts of your air conditioner, a hissing noise usually means there is an air leak, which is probably not a serious situation. However, when the hissing noises come from your air compressor, it means that there is too much pressure in your air conditioner. This is a very serious situation and deserves immediate attention. If you notice a hissing noise from your AC compressor, shut down your unit and contact a maintenance professional.

Motor Noises

When your air conditioning unit is turned on, you should hear a certain amount of noise. However, this noise should not be coming from your compressor. If you turn your AC unit on and hear extra noise coming from your compressor’s motor, it can mean that there is a problem developing within your air compressor.

When your air compressor motor is too noisy, it could mean that it is working too hard or that certain motor parts are grinding. If you notice these additional noises, you should be sure to contact a repair professional to examine your AC compressor unit for problems.


After noticing any of these AC compressor warning signs, the most important thing that you can do is to find the right Phoenix area HVAC repair companies. Your repair company will be able to examine your compressor and tell you about the problem that you are experiencing.


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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where is the Best Place to Buy HVAC Systems in Gilbert?

best place to buy HVAC systems in GilbertIf you’re thinking about buying a new HVAC system for your Gilbert home, you need to learn about your best options for purchase. Learn how you can find the best place to buy HVAC systems in Gilbert and how to make sure your system is installed correctly.

Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your home and your family comfortable and is one of the best investments that a person can make. If you’re considering purchasing a new HVAC system, one of the most important decisions you have to make is where to purchase your system. Follow these expert tips to ensure you get the best deal.

Talk to Your HVAC Company

When you’re ready to purchase a new HVAC system for your home, the best option is purchasing from your local HVAC company. The AC technicians that do work on your existing system are the perfect resource for purchasing a new system. In addition to providing maintenance services, many HVAC companies sell new HVAC systems and will be able to tell you what type of system is the right choice for your home.

Visit a Home Improvement Store

Another common way for homeowners in Gilbert to purchase a new HVAC system is by visiting a brick and mortar home improvement stores. At these stores, you should be able to find a quality HVAC system that will meet the heating and cooling needs of your home.

However, when you shop at a home improvement store, your selection may be somewhat limited and the pricing may be higher than what you would find through your local HVAC company. You also run the risk of choosing a unit that will not work for your home.

Shop Online

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to venture out of your house to find a top-quality AC system. You can now buy some of the markets leading HVAC systems from online vendors. Buying your HVAC system online can provide several advantages, including a maximum level of convenience and more competitive pricing than you’d find through traditional sources.

But before you start shopping for your HVAC system online, you need to be aware of certain drawbacks. First, when you buy online, there’s no way to tell if the system you’ve purchased is the right one for your home. Second, how an HVAC manufacturer warranty works with an online purchase often very limited and may not cover common maintenance tasks or part replacements.

Prior to purchasing a unit online, you should consult with a Gilbert HVAC specialist about warranties and whether you’ve chosen the right unit to meet your needs.

Purchase from the Manufacturer

Another way to purchase an HVAC system that many Gilbert homeowners fail to consider is buying directly from the manufacturer. Most HVAC manufacturers will sell their products directly to the consumer, whether online, by phone, or at a physical store. The advantage of buying directly from the manufacturer is that you’ll be able to purchase the exact HVAC system that you want. Also, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing you’re buying your system from a trusted source.

Once you’ve purchased your perfect HVAC system, the next step is hiring a Gilbert HVAC installation company. An experienced installation company will be able to install your system and can even guide you through the purchasing process.


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How Much Electricity Does Central Air Use in a Year?

how much electricity does central air useIf you’re like many homeowners in Arizona, then you’re probably always on the hunt for ways to lower your monthly bills. Learn how much electricity does central air use and how you can save money by working with an experienced HVAC maintenance company.

Since electricity is one of the largest costs you’ll need to cover each month, you might be curious how much electricity your major systems use each year, including your central air conditioning system. Like many issues related to your central air, there are several factors that can influence how much electricity your AC system uses.

Think About Your Unit

If you’re wondering how much electricity your central air conditioning system uses in a year, the best place to start is with your unit. Older HVAC units will have a much lower level of efficiency, meaning they will need to work harder to effectively cool your home and will use a great deal of electricity in a year.

On the other hand, almost all newer HVAC units are Energy Star certified, which means they have been certified by the government to reduce your energy usage without sacrificing performance. Find out if your AC unit is Energy Star rated to see whether it is saving or costing you electricity.

SEER Ratings

Another issue that can impact how much electricity your air conditioning unit uses is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The SEER rating of an air conditioning unit is calculated by dividing the typical cooling output of an air conditioning unit by the amount of energy required to achieve this output. The higher the SEER rating of an HVAC unit, the less electricity it will need to function properly.

Examine your air conditioner and look for its SEER rating. If the rating is 16 or higher, you have an efficient unit.

How Many Units?

If you have a larger home, it’s possible that you will need multiple HVAC units in order to cool your home effectively. However, as you might expect, the more units you have, the more electricity you will use. Having two HVAC units running at the same time can draw a tremendous amount of electricity in a year, increasing your energy bills to a large degree.

If your energy bills are much higher than you would like, think about your options for switching from multiple HVAC units to a single unit that is able to cool your home.

Time of Day

An issue that catches many homeowners unaware is the fact that the time of day you run your air conditioner can be a contributing factor to how much electricity your central air conditioning system uses. During the daylight hours, when the temperature is at its highest, your air conditioner will work much harder to keep your home at the desired temperature. This will cause it to use much more electricity.

If you’re not in your house during the day, turn your temperature up a little bit to save on your energy costs, but don’t forget that your pets need to stay cool as well.

If you need advice on lowering the amount of electricity your central air conditioning system uses, you should consider scheduling a local HVAC repair in Phoenix. Your repair technician can tell you how much electricity your unit is using and can give you tips on saving energy.


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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What Does a Central AC Unit Tune-Up Cost in Mesa?

what does a central ac unit tune-up cost in mesaThe air conditioning system in your home is responsible for keeping your family comfortable throughout the year. To make sure that your air conditioner continues running the way you need and deserve, it’s important that you schedule regular tune-ups. Read about central AC unit tune-up cost in Mesa and learn why you should schedule these services from a trusted local HVAC company.

As a cost-savvy homeowner, you want to make sure that you’re getting the right tune-up services at a great price. Fortunately, with the right strategy and a few tips, it’s easy to get affordable tune-up services that will ensure your system runs well into the future.

Scheduling a Tune-Up

Before learning about the cost of tuning up an AC unit in Mesa, it’s a good idea to learn how often your unit will need maintenance. If your unit isn’t experiencing problems, you should only need a tune-up once a year. Annual HVAC maintenance should be done in the spring so that your unit is ready for the increased stress of the summer months.

Another time to schedule an HVAC tune-up is when you notice that your system’s efficiency has dropped. If it takes longer than normal to cool your home, or if you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills, you should call an HVAC technician to give your system an inspection. By following these basic maintenance schedule rules, you can keep your AC unit up and running.

Looking for Deals

When it’s time to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning system, you want to be certain that you’re getting the best price possible. Fortunately, there are several easy, effective solutions for lowering the costs of your central AC unit tune-up.

The best way to control the costs of your tune-up is to bargain hunt. Many local HVAC services will offer deals and promos for HVAC maintenance, and finding one of these deals is the best way to keep your costs low. A great way to find these deals is by joining an HVAC mailing list where regular promotions will be sent directly to your email inbox. It may also be possible to call your local HVAC services and ask them directly about their service specials.

Stay on the lookout for deals and promotions and you’ll be able to save a great deal of money on your AC tune-up.

Seasonal Price Changes

Perhaps the best way to get a great deal on your AC unit tune-up is choosing the right time of year to schedule this service. While scheduling a tune-up prior to summer can be a good idea, it can also end up being very expensive. A better idea is to plan for your air conditioning tune-up before the busy season. Off-season pricing for HVAC maintenance is often much more competitive than the busy times of year when other homeowners are seeking service.

Choosing the right time of year will keep your tune-up costs low.

When you’re ready to schedule tune-up services for your air conditioner, you need to make sure you hire a Mesa AZ HVAC repair company. A trustworthy local company can give your air conditioner the maintenance it needs with the price that you want.


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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Phoenix

HVAC maintenance tips for pet ownersSuffering from allergies can be truly frustrating, especially if your symptoms are lasting longer than normal. If your Phoenix home has pets that shed a great deal of fur, this fur may be infiltrating your HVAC system and affecting your allergies. Fortunately, with the right tips, you can easily correct this situation and alleviate the majority of your allergy symptoms.

Here are a few HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners  that will help you keep your HVAC system clear so that you can breathe easy.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

If you want to make sure that your HVAC system is clear, the most important thing that you can do is to schedule routine HVAC maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance from an HVAC professional, your system will be able to function at its maximum capacity and will be better able to remove the pet dander from the air in your home.

Change Your Filters

In homes with pets, it’s very common for the air filters within your HVAC system to become overwhelmed with dander. When a filter gets clogged, air can’t flow in your system properly and allergens can easily build-up. To help with your worst allergy symptoms, you should regularly change your filters.

Clean Your Ductwork

Another crucial HVAC maintenance task that you should consider if you’re trying to remove excess pet hair from your home try an air duct cleaning. If you’ve never cleaned the air ducts in your HVAC system before, it’s likely that they’ve experienced a large accumulation of dirt, debris and pet hair. This may be the primary cause of your allergy problems.

Periodically, you should give the ductwork in your HVAC system a full and thorough cleaning. Clearing all the pet hair out of the ductwork in your home will freshen your air and shorten the length of your allergies.

Use an Air Purifier

If you’re the type of Phoenix homeowner that wants to make sure that the air in their home is as clean as possible, one of the most effective HVAC maintenance tips you could choose is installing an air purifier. When you incorporate an air purifier in your HVAC system, you’ll be able to remove harmful particles from the air in your home so that your family can breathe easy.

Not only will a whole home purifier help you your allergies, it can also help your family avoid seasonal colds and flus.

Clean Your Air Return

The air return vent in your HVAC system sucks in air to be treated and then circulated back into your home. If your air return is dirty and covered in pet hair, the air that it collects will be contaminated and may not be able to be cleaned fully. When you’re planning your HVAC maintenance, you should be sure to spend some time cleaning your air return.

The easiest way to clean the air return in your HVAC system is by using a vacuum cleaner, preferably a handheld model. Regularly cleaning your return will help you keep the air in your home clean and comfortable.

If you need help cleaning the HVAC system in your Phoenix home with pets, your best solution is to hire a HVAC maintenance company in Phoenix Arizona. The right company will be able to clean your system and give you tips for regular maintenance.


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How to Find the Best Gilbert AC Tune-Up Specials

best Gilbert AC tune-up specialsIf you’re an experienced homeowner in Gilbert, then you know the best way to keep your air conditioner functioning the way that you need is to schedule regular tune-ups. However, when it comes time for an AC tune-up, you want to make sure that you’re getting a great price. While some homeowners assume that AC services will be expensive no matter what, savvy homeowners know that you can easily find tune-up specials to help reduce your costs.

With the right tips and tricks, you can easily find great tune-up specials so that your AC unit gets the service that it needs. Find out how you can find the best Gilbert AC tune-up specials and discover the importance of scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance.

Join an Email List

It’s common for Gilbert HVAC technicians to offer regular deals to their customers, and the best way to learn about these deals is to subscribe to an HVAC email list. When you’re subscribed to an HVAC email list, you will receive notifications of local tune-up specials right in your inbox. In addition to tune-up specials, you may receive deals on a range of HVAC services, including installations and regular maintenance.

Joining an HVAC email list provides particular advantages when the seasons change. Almost every HVAC company will offer seasonal HVAC deals to help your system adapt, which you’ll be able to take advantage of when you’re a member of an email list.

Call HVAC Companies

When you’re looking for deals on central air conditioning service, one of the easiest solutions for finding these deals is calling HVAC companies in your area. Like most businesses, HVAC companies are more than willing to offer deals when a customer contacts them directly.

Get out your phonebook and go down the list of HVAC companies near you. As you call around, make sure to write down the deals that you are offered. When you are finished making your phone calls, you can compare the prices on your list and then choose the best deal. If you take the time to call local HVAC companies, you can find an attractive deal that will allow you to schedule the AC tune-up that you need.

Request a Referral

Perhaps your best source for finding an air conditioning tune-up special is by asking for a referral from your friends or other people in your community. In order to attract new customers and to retain old customers, it’s common for businesses like HVAC companies to offer service specials for referrals.

Ask your friends and family if the can recommend a local HVAC company to perform your ac tune-up, and then ask them if they can give you a referral. Asking for a referral will connect you with a high-quality HVAC company that can give you great deals.

As you can see, finding AC tune-up specials can be quite easy with the right information and plan of action. If you’re ready to give air conditioner the tune-up that it needs, the most important thing you can do is to get in touch with a Gilbert HVAC repair company. A quality repair company will be able to offer you attractive specials and provide the maintenance services you deserve.


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Does My Air Conditioner Warranty Coverage Include Parts & Labor?

air conditioner warrantyIf you’re someone who frequently shops online, then you know how irritating and frustrating it can be when the warranty for the product you’ve purchased doesn’t provide the coverage you expected. This is particularly true when you’ve made a major online purchase like buying a new air conditioner.

With more and more consumers turning to online vendors for their AC units, it’s extremely important to examine your warranty to see what is covered, especially parts and labor. Learn if your air conditioner warranty covers parts and labor and find out how working with the right company can ensure you get the coverage you need.

Understanding Your Coverage

Even when you’ve purchased a reliable air conditioner, you will eventually need to have a part repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, when buying a unit online, it’s likely that the parts that will be covered are very limited. Generally, a warranty on central AC units will only cover parts that are listed by name in the terms of the warranty. If the part you need replaced is not stated in the warranty, it will not be covered and you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

Before purchasing your AC unit online, be certain that you understand which parts are covered by your warranty so that large repair bills don’t catch you by surprise.

No Coverage for Labor

Whether you’re scheduling an air conditioner installation or need regular maintenance, you can expect expensive labor costs. To the surprise of many homeowners, warranties for air conditioners purchased online will not cover the cost of labor. This can be extremely frustrating when scheduling an air conditioner installation, as labor costs for this task are often very expensive.

When you purchase an air conditioner online, be ready to pay all labor costs out of pocket.

Read the Fine Print

Warranties can be extremely long and filled with difficult to understand legal language, which is why many consumers fail to read their warranty completely. However, when purchasing your air conditioner online, you need to make sure to read your warranty and pay special attention to the AC unit warranty fine print.

In the fine print of your air conditioner warranty, you’ll likely find sections that explain the services your warranty covers and what parts it will pay for. It may also contain provisions where your warranty will be cancelled, such as scheduling your installation with a vendor that is not associated with the air conditioner retailer.

Reading and understanding the fine print of your warranty will prepare you for when your air conditioner runs into a problem not covered by your warranty.

Consult a Local HVAC Company

After you’ve purchased your air conditioning unit online, you will need to schedule your installation. Many air conditioner warranties have very specific installation guidelines that you must follow to maintain your warranty, which makes it a good idea to consult a trusted local HVAC company about this installation guidelines.

When you work with an air conditioning installation company in Phoenix AZ, you’ll be able to make sure you’re following the proper installation guidelines for your air conditioner and your warranty. Not only will this make sure that your unit is installed correctly, it will guarantee you’ll have coverage that you need for future repairs.

To learn more, check out our page:
HVAC Warranty Programs Explained


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