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Ultimate Guide Trane Furnace Error Codes

Trane furnace error codesIf you have a Trane furnace, then you have one of the most reliable heating systems in existence. However, even the most reliable furnace runs into problems from time to time, and this is why your Trane has included several error codes to help you find a given issue. However, if you’re unfamiliar with error codes for furnaces, then you may be unaware of what these codes mean.

To get peace of mind, it’s important that you take a look at typical Trane furnace error codes to you learn what these error codes mean so you can get your system the service it needs.

A Slow Flashing Light

Not every furnace codes means you’re looking at a serious furnace repair in your future. In fact, some codes are there to let you know that your system is functioning properly. If you notice a light on your Trane furnace that is flashing slowly, this means that your furnace is on but it is not calling for heat. The only time this would be a problem is if you’ve raised your thermostat and your Trane does not respond, in which case you’ll need to think about heating repair in Phoenix.

A Rapidly Flashing Light

Another common light to be aware of on your Trane furnace is a light that flashes very rapidly. This code is the exact opposite of the slow flashing light code, and means that your Trane furnace is turned on and that it is presently calling for heat. This code usually means a problem only when the furnace is constantly calling for heat and not responding to your thermostat’s signals.

Look for a Light that Won’t Turn Off

When you go to check your furnace, it’s possible that you will see a light that will not turn off no matter what you do. If you notice a continuous light on your Trane that won’t turn off, it means that you will need to replace your furnace’s Furnace Control Board (IFC). Without the IFC, your furnace will not be able to work properly, making replacing a malfunctioning IFC and important part of repairing a furnace.

Beware a Light that Won’t Turn On

Of equal concern to a warning light that won’t turn off is a light that won’t turn on. If the error code light on your Trane furnace will not come on no matter what your furnace is doing, it means that you need to check your power source. Hopefully, this will only be a problem with the breaker in your home, but it could be a more serious issue in your furnace that warrants an extensive repair.

Watch for Trane Furnace Error Codes that Flash Multiple Times

The great thing about having a Trane furnace is that there are error codes that will blink in sequence to let you know what’s wrong with your system, and once you know these codes, you’ll easily be able to schedule repairs. Watch out for these sequence of flashes:

  • Two flashes means that there has been a system lockout

  • Three flashes indicates a draft pressure error

  • Four flashes and your furnace is experiencing an open temperature limit circuit issue

  • If you see five flashes, a flame was sensed within your furnace that should not be present

  • The six flash error code means that your AC power was reversed or the voltage was too low

  • Seven flashes indicates a problem with your gas circuit

  • A low flame is indicated by eight flashes

  • Check your igniter circuit if you see nine flashes

If you’re having trouble deciphering any of these error codes, you should schedule a repair appointment for your HVAC in Phoenix, AZ so you know what the exact problem with your furnace is.


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