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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter in Phoenix

improve indoor air quality during winter in PhoenixAs a homeowner, there are several things that you need to look out for to make sure your Phoenix, AZ family makes it through the winter months healthy and happy. While many people are concerned with keeping their home warm, of equal concern is maintaining a high level of air quality. Winter can be very tough on those of us with respiratory issues, which makes optimizing the air quality in your home a very important task.

Luckily, with the right tips, you’ll be able to make sure that your family breathes easy throughout the colder months. Here are a few simple ways to improve indoor air quality during winter in Phoenix so that you and your family stay as healthy as possible.

Install an Air Purifier

One of the biggest threats to your home’s air quality during the winter months is the buildup of dirt, dust and even germs and bacteria within your home. The best way to stop these kinds of allergens and illnesses in their tracks is by installing a high-quality air purifier in your home.

Whether you incorporate your air purifier into your existing heating system or purchase a portable model to carry with you throughout the house, an air purifier will help cleanse the air in your home of all the different irritants that can cause winter respiratory problems.

Change Your Air Filters

Sometimes, improving indoor air quality can be very easy, requiring only a small amount of maintenance. If it’s been awhile, you should make sure to change the air filters in your home’s heating system. Over time, air filters will accumulate large amounts of dirt and dust, both reducing airflow in your heating system and decreasing the overall air quality in your home.

Not only is changing your air filters quick and easy, it’s also the affordable way to boost the air quality in your Phoenix home.

Go Green with Houseplants

Not every solution for improving your home’s air quality requires specialized equipment. In fact, one of the best ways to cleanse your home’s air is by bringing in a few houseplants. Most homeowners choose houseplants for their aesthetic quality, but few know that plants can actually clean your homes air.

Certain types of houseplants are effective at eliminating airborne allergens that can seriously affect your home’s air quality. Choosing the right type of houseplants will clear your home’s air so that your family can breathe comfortably.

Deep Clean Mold to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter in Phoenix

Behind the scenes in your home, it’s possible that one of the top causes of respiratory issues is infiltrating your heating system: mold. Mold can easily build-up unnoticed and tremendously damage the air quality in your home without you knowing it. If you’re trying to improve your home’s air quality, it’s a good idea to give the ducts in your air system a deep cleaning, paying particular attention to areas where mold is likely to develop.

Although it’s entirely possible for you to improve the air quality in your home by yourself, it’s a better idea to schedule a professional check-up of your HVAC in Phoenix. An HVAC professional will be able to examine your system and will tell you the best way to improve your home’s air quality.


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