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Best Types of Home Heating Systems [Buyer"s Resource]

types of home heating systemsThere’s a chill in the air that means winter is finally here, which has many homeowners in Arizona thinking about the best way to keep their homes warm and toasty throughout the season. However, because there are so many different options for heating a home, you might be wondering which heating tool is right for your home, both in terms of budget and performance.

Fortunately, learning about different ways to heat your home is easy, and with the right information you’ll be able to find the right heating system for you. Learn about the several different types of home heating systems and out which one you should choose to heat your Phoenix home this winter.

Benefits of Electric Furnaces

One of the most common heating systems that you could choose for your Phoenix home is an electric furnace. Electric furnaces blow warm air through the duct system in your home to provide the consistent temperature level your family needs to stay warm. Possibly the biggest advantage of using an electric furnace is that they are very energy efficient, especially for newer models.

However, if your home does not have pre-existing ductwork, then installing a furnace of any type can be prohibitively expensive.

Advantages of a Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces work in the same manner as electric furnace, but use natural gas instead of electricity to heat the air in your home. Although not quite as efficient as their electric counterparts, natural gas furnaces will still heat your home very effectively. The only real drawback of a gas furnace is the necessity to connect and pay for an external fuel source. Additionally, natural gas leaks can be extremely dangerous.

Choosing a Boiler

If you’ve ever lived in an older home, then you may have had a boiler heating system. Unlike more modern heating systems that use electricity or other fuels sources to heat the air, boilers change the temperature of your home by transfer heated water. In more modern systems, a boiler will be connected to circulating pipes throughout your house. Older systems will usually use a radiator to transfer heat.

Boilers can be an effective home heating choice, but are not nearly as efficient as furnaces.

Using a Heat Pump

If you’re looking for the easiest, quickest heating installation in Phoenix possible, then your top heating system choice should be a heat pump. Heat pumps come in a variety of styles and will usually pair an outdoor unit with an indoor blower. A heat pump works by transferring cool and warm air inside and out of your home. Whichever way the air is flowing will determine its temperature.

Heat pumps are low cost, energy efficient and provide for a very simple installation.

Keeping your family comfortable this winter depends on choosing the right heating system. All things being considered, a furnace is your best choice for effectively and efficiently heating your home. Whether you’re installing a furnace for the first time or scheduling a furnace replacement in Phoenix, you’ll be getting a heating system that’s guaranteed to maintain the level of comfort that you deserve.


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