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Ways to Keep Phoenix Furnace Maintenance Costs Low

Phoenix furnace maintenanceA home furnace is a significant investment, so keeping up with Phoenix furnace maintenance is pivotal for getting the best service life out of your system. Homeowners should diligently monitor their system and its performance while taking note of any irregularities. They should also use best practices in their home that help consistently reduce the workload placed upon the system.

Habits like these help ensure that your furnace will be cheaper to maintain and last longer over an extended period. Use these following tips when trying to get the best performance possible out of your furnace system without having to break the bank to keep it running.

Avoid Overworking the Unit

A homeowner’s best bet to ensure a long, affordable and happy experience with their furnace is to take any steps they can that make the furnace’s job easier. Their priority should be to promote airflow while avoiding any actions that might place undue stress upon the system.

Some ways to achieve these goals include:

  • Regularly changing the air filter every two to six months

  • Keeping all vents open or mostly open to prevent pressure buildups

  • Keeping doors open rather than sealing off rooms when possible

  • Never covering up or obscuring vents with furniture or belongings

  • Arranging your rooms to promote open airflow

  • Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans to pull warm air from the ceiling

  • Wearing warm clothing at night or during cold days and lowering the thermostat temperature slightly

  • Giving the unit a break on high load days, especially when you go to bed or leave the house

  • Positioning the thermostat away from cool spots in the house, which can make the system think it is cooler inside than it actually is

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Going off the same point as above, a programmable thermostat can intelligently reduce furnace system loads during times in which less heat is needed. For example, when you go to bed at night, your programmable thermostat can allow the temperature to go a few degrees lower than usual. Since you are asleep under the covers, you will not notice the house being slightly cooler. About a half hour before you wake up, the thermostat can begin warming the home back up to normal.

This scheduled heating and cooling not only extends a furnace’s service life and reduces repair costs, but it can significantly reduce heating costs as well.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Calls

Having regular maintenance for furnaces is critical. No matter how much you pamper your furnace, you will need a professional heating service Phoenix technician to come examine the system periodically and perform needed maintenance. Much like a car, a furnace has parts that must be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent the more expensive parts from wearing out or becoming damaged long before their time.

Ask your local Phoenix furnace technician if they offer service plans that allow you to have your system inspected and maintained as needed before the winter heating season and several months in so that small problems do not become worse over time.

By taking these above precautions, you and your family can stay warm this winter without worrying about crippling repair expenses dampening your spirits.


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