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Benefits of Installing a Trane Gas Furnace in Phoenix

Trane Gas Furnace in PhoenixEven though our winters can be mild, a Trane gas furnace in Phoenix is vital for those chilly desert nights and generally cool winter seasons. Installing a Trane gas furnace ensures that your home can remain comfortable in all conditions, increasing your enjoyment of your property and investing in its long-term appeal. Trane gas furnaces also excel at what they do: lasting many decades, delivering reliable, efficient service and meeting your needs with advanced features.

Read on to discover more about why a Trane gas furnace install could be one of the smartest and most rewarding home investments a homeowner can make.

Energy Efficiency

Anyone in the market for an efficient gas furnace need look no further than a Trane. Trane home gas furnaces are energy-efficient due to the advanced technologies that Trane tirelessly researches, tests and develops.

For instance, variable-speed blower motor setups using Trane’s patented Comfort-R technology make system startups efficient and seamless. Rather than forcing the motor to kick in on high gear and blast a gust of air through the system, it slowly primes the blower motor and adjusts its performance to the conditions at hand.

Looking at the entire Trane gas furnace product line, you can see that the minimum AFUE efficiency rating is 80 percent for the lowest-end models. Going up to the higher end, features like dual-stage heating and multiple heat exchangers amp up the efficiency to 96.7 percent. Many models in the lineup also qualify for Energy Star certification.

Reliability and Incredibly-Long Service Life

As their old ad slogan went: “Nothing Stops a Trane.” Trane puts major effort into build quality and clever design features that help maintain a long service life for your unit. A comparable price to major competitors and an extended service life means that you get more money out of your unit. Additionally, lower repair costs and less downtime mean cheaper lifetime ownership costs.

To give an example of how Trane’s designs are different, consider their Silicon Nitride hot surface igniter. The device, which is responsible for igniting the furnace, was developed to deliver reliable ignitions at variable temperatures given the desired heating conditions.

Another example of Trane’s life-expanding ingenuity lies in the ComfortLink II diagnostics system. When connected to a technician’s interface, they can quickly identify the mechanical problems and see a history of prior alerts or failures. With this information in hand, the repair technician can provide the best service while paying attention to key system components as needed.

Lower Heating Bills

While general efficiency and longevity put money back into your pocket in the long run, energy-efficient technologies also save you more every month in the form of lower gas bills. With an efficient Trane system, more of the money you spend on gas actually goes into heating the house. Additionally, the advanced heating capabilities allow your Trane furnace system to run only as long as it needs to, keeping your home toasty and warm all winter with minimal costs.

Get the Trane Gas Furnace Your Family and Your Home Deserves

Based on the self-evident superiority of Trane systems, you may now be interested in learning more about how to research the right Trane gas furnace for your home. You can consult your local heating installation Phoenix company for estimates and recommendations on which furnace should be custom-installed to fit the needs of your space.


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