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How Often Should I Replace Furnace Filters in Phoenix?

replace furnace filters in PhoenixMany homeowners wonder about how often they need to replace furnace filters in Phoenix. The good news is that the region’s arid climate lessens the chances of biological contaminants, such as bacteria and dust mites. The bad news is that living in the desert means that dust can be a persistent problem, even indoors.

These two factors together mean you can change your air filter less frequently than some climates, but you are going to have to monitor the filter’s condition more diligently than others. To help ensure that you are changing your air filter just often enough, here are our guidelines for replacing furnace air filters based on your personal needs and your home’s conditions:

General Guideline — No Less Than Once Every 6 Months

No matter how clean your house is, you will want to change your air filter at least once every six months. Waiting any longer essentially guarantees that you are allowing particulate matter (PM) of some sort to saturate the filter and then begin infiltrating your ventilation system. Homes that neglect their filter any longer risk a serious decline in indoor air quality, including an increased risk of inhaling pathogens that can lead to infection.

Additionally, letting your filter get clogged places serious loads on your system. The obstructed airflow creates high pressure/low pressure differentials that make your system have to work much harder than normal to get even a minimal amount of performance. So for your furnace’s sake and your lung’s sake, mark your calendar at least twice a year for a furnace filter change.

Homes with Pets — 60 days

Owning a pet is the single most significant air quality factor in most homes. Pets of all sizes and fur types generate dander, which can attract bacteria, mites and other pollutants. On top of that, pet fur tends to collect other dust and PM alongside it.

You can give Fido or Mittens a bath to cut down on the indoor air quality effects, but, regardless, homeowners with pets will need to replace their air filters roughly once every other month.

Home Without Pets — 90 Days

Don’t have a four-legged or feathered roommate? You can wait a bit longer to check and change your air filter. Changing it about once every three months should be enough to maintain high indoor air quality at all times of the year.

People with Sensitive Allergies – 45 days

If you or someone in your house has allergy problems, then monitoring your air filter and changing it diligently will become a routine part of managing their symptoms. You can opt for filters with high MERV ratings to trap more allergens, but these products can become saturated much quicker and must be monitored even more closely.

As a rule, protect those with allergies by changing your furnace filter once every five to seven weeks. Regularly sweeping, mopping and vacuuming can help improve your indoor air quality, as well.

Bottom Line: Check Your Filter Regularly

These above recommendations are just guidelines. Depending on the conditions of your home, such as smoking indoors or the age of your ducts, you may need to change your filter more or less frequently. You should always remove the filter and inspect it regularly to see for certain if it needs to be changed.

If you have problems or concerns about your indoor air quality, you can consult a heating replacement specialist in Phoenix, AZ who can provide you with the solutions you need to keep everyone happy and healthy indoors all year round.


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