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Why is my Phoenix Home AC Unit Not Cooling Properly?

phoenix home ac unit not cooling properlyThere is simply nothing worse than a Phoenix home AC unit not cooling properly. Whether you live in a townhome or a multi-level single family home, the proper operation of a cooling system is not only critical for comfort in the summer heat, but it can also lead to potential health issues; especially for people that live with respiratory illness or medical conditions. In order to expedite the repair process, and to give you a better understanding the common AC unit problems that occur in the Phoenix Valley, here are some facts to consider.

What are the Common AC Unit Problems?

Before any issue is fixed, it’s critical to find the root problem. When your air conditioner is not cooling, there are typically three common issues that lead to these problems:

1.) Air Restriction Issues

When an AC unit is not free to breathe easy, it becomes overworked – thus leading to overheating and extensive parts wear. This often begins in the filtration system, where air is filtered into and out of the cooling unit throughout the house. The best way to avoid these potential air restriction issues is to make sure to replace your indoor filters every month.

2.) Leaking Coolant Issues

Today’s AC systems are called closed-loop units. This means that coolant simply continues to circulate through the system without running out. However, when an AC unit is not properly maintained, sometimes fittings and hoses can wear out or loosen up; leading to coolant that escapes from the closed-loop system.

3.) Improper Lubrication Issues

When your system is not properly lubricated, excess heat will build up, leading to premature parts wear and tear. Another factor that leads to lubrication issues is typical dust and debris that enters the cooling system when it’s not in use.

What are the Common Air Conditioner Solutions?

The primary way to reduce these issues is to have your cooling unit inspected prior to the summer season. By contacting professional HVAC companies in Phoenix to inspect and service your AC, they will typically provide three common services:

  • They will replace all filters. Replacing the filters on a monthly basis is also a great way to reduce the potential of your AC system breaking down. It will also help to improve the energy efficiency of your system when you replace indoor filters yourself every month.

  • AC Company will tighten all belts, hoses and fittings. This reduces the potential of leaks in the coolant or lubrication systems.

  • Top off all lubricants. A properly lubricated metal part simply lasts longer and has much less chance for premature wear and tear.

Are there Preventive Air Conditioning Care Programs you can Use?

The answer to this question simply put is yes. There are many things that homeowners can do themselves to reduce the chance of your AC system breaking down.

  • Replace your indoor air filters every month. Most preventative air conditioning care programs recommended by manufactures includes the monthly replacement of indoor air filters inside the house.

  • Schedule a bi-annual cooling system inspection. By having your cooling unit serviced before and after the busy, hot summer season, you’ll extend the life of your equipment.

  • Remove any obstructions on top of your outdoor cooling unit. If you have an AC system outside, take time every week to remove dirt, tree branches or leaves that obstruct the airflow. This will keep your unit running strong around the clock.


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