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What Will Make an AC Condensation Line Clogged?

ac condensation line cloggedOne of the biggest hassles for a homeowner in Phoenix is making that phone call to the local air conditioning repair company when it’s triple digit heat outside. However, one of the biggest causes of AC system break down is due to the AC condensation line clogged by debris, obstructions or simple lack of routine maintenance. Regardless of the cause, the fact remains that a professional will be needed to repair the system and get your AC back online as quickly as possible. Below are a few of the root causes that tend to lead to air conditioning condensation lines becoming clogged or backed up.

How do AC Condensation Lines Get Clogged?

Believe it or not, when your AC system is not in use, it’s still taking a beating. Typically dust and debris can enter the drain line trap, which is located close to the air handler. This essential part of the air conditioning system acts as an emergency overflow device that is designed to prevent condensate from backing-up into the handler during operation. When your AC is taking a break, like during winter season, the typical build-up of loose grime will become hard and essentially become a plug inside the system. Once you turn on your AC unit, this causes a restriction of flow or a backed up AC drain line – and can lead to complete system shut down.

A great way to prevent this is to schedule routine service or maintenance on your AC system before you turn it on – to ensure you have no blockages of dust inside the system.

How can I Avoid Future Air Conditioning Drain Line Clogs?

The key to successful operation of any mechanical device begins with proper installation. With AC systems, the critical factor is smooth flow of coolant or air. It’s typical for some AC companies in Phoenix to take short-cuts on installation, by installing drain lines with twists and bends. This causes a clogged air conditioning condensation line because like a water hose, it simply reduces smooth flow. Dirt and debris will collect inside this system, and when this occurs; a crooked drain line will eventually clog up.

The solution to this problem is to ensure that when you buy a new AC system, have it installed correctly by a professional HVAC contractor in Phoenix that will ensure the lines are straight and installed to factory specifications.

Are there any Long-Term Health Effects from a Clogged AC Condensate Unit?

Talk to any plumber or HVAC contractor and they’ll often tell you that the main culprit in several water or coolant line repairs are insects or rodents. Sometimes these small creatures will sneak inside AC systems and explore the multiple hoses and lines that connect each component. Typically this occurs during the winter season when the AC unit is shut off. However, this problem can also cause some health effects from AC drain line clogs because of contamination caused by incest or rodent fecal material or other bodily fluids.

However, it can also cause a build-up of humidity that circulates through the house. This excess humidity combined with the extreme heat in Arizona is a primary trigger to the growth and spread of mold and other irritants that can impact overall respiratory health.

When it comes down to simplicity, the best way to avoid all of these potential problems is to have a professional Phoenix residential HVAC company stop by your home and completely inspect your entire cooling system before the summer season cranks up. If you are too late and are experiencing a problem with your AC condensation system, ask your HVAC company if they offer AC drain line cleaner service; so you can get your cooling system back online as soon as possible.

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