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How to Protect Your AC Unit During Monsoon Season in Phoenix

protect your ac unit during monsoon season in phoenixOne of the biggest causes of major damage to cooling systems occurs from July till late August. This is the time of year when we receive the majority of our severe thunderstorms and heavy rain in the Phoenix Valley. With this extreme weather comes several opportunities for damage to these expensive units. There are a few things you can do to protect your AC unit during monsoon season in Phoenix that are cost effective and will take very little time to complete.

First – Trim Trees and Tall Brush From Around Air Conditioner

Most damage that is done to AC units during the monsoon season is because of falling trees, branches and other debris that can find itself embedded inside the unit. Thunderstorms can pack quite a wallop with high winds and tons of flash flood opportunities that often break down loose tree limbs. The best thing that homeowners can do to reduce this potential damage from occurring is to take time to trim those long and loose tree branches that are close to your AC unit before the summer monsoon storms arrive.

Another potential cause of damage is when loose grass, weeds and brush get ‘washed’ into the bottom areas of the AC system. This will cause the coils and filters to become clogged up, restricting airflow and sometimes leading to complete system shut down. As such, take time to make sure when you mow during the summer, collect as much loose grass and weeds as possible – so when the heavy rains come, debris won’t embed itself in your cooling unit outdoors.

Second – Consider Installing a Surge Protector

Electrical damage is also a huge potential risk during the summer thunderstorm season. Many homeowners take a proactive measure by installing surge protectors on their outdoor AC units. However, one item that goes largely unprotected is the indoor fan circulation system. This critical component is also a major part of the entire home HVAC system and is just as vulnerable to lightning strikes or power surges that can impact any area of the home.

Surge protection is essentially an insurance policy for any electrically powered device; and since you can’t be 100% certain as to where lightning will strike during a monsoon storm, it’s always a safe bet to be protected. Contact a local HVAC contractor to ask them about the surge protection units they offer for all HVAC equipment.

Third – Consider Moving Your AC Unit to Higher Ground

Besides being struck by debris or potential lighting power surges, the other leading cause of AC damage during monsoon season is flooding. The only practical way to reducing this potential threat is to consider moving your cooling unit to a higher platform – or to an area that is elevated from standing or flowing water. Many homeowners are actively contacting HVAC contractor in Phoenix AZ to install a concrete platform that protects the unit from water that can and often does flood the AC system.

Another solution to this problem is to consider moving your AC system to a place in your back yard that is elevated naturally. The worst place for any cooling unit to be located is at the bottom of a slope or hill, where water is going to naturally flow during the heavy rain season.

These three tips are simple ways of reducing the damage potential to your cooling system thanks in part to the monsoon storms that always arrive in late summer. Take time to visit with your local HVAC contractor to discover other ideas that can help you protect your cooling system throughout the year.


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