Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why is AC Condensation Line Maintenance Important?

AC condensation line maintenanceEnsuring that everything is done for your AC unit to run smoothly seems to be more complicated than one would initially think, but the results are certainly fortuitous. AC condensation line maintenance will prevent mold in the AC unit, water leaking from the AC, and it keeps the unit running efficiently. If you’re unsure or need guidance on why the AC condensation line needs to be maintained contact any Phoenix Arizona HVAC maintenance specialist and they will share with you the necessity of keeping your condensation line clean.

Prevents Mold Build Up

Algae and mold begin to grow in your condensation line in the AC unit if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained. It’s best to regularly check the status of the CL, because it can be easy to overlook this important detail. Water damage can occur from neglecting this particular line in your HVAC system and can also lead to bad smells due to raised humidity levels in your home. Constant exposure to mold can add up to cause more severe effects like: cancer, pulmonary hemosiderosis, and neurotoxicity. The CDC further explains problems from damp buildings in regards to mold, and how to rid of mold in AC units of the home.

Prevents Clogging and Water Leaking

AC condensation line maintenance is also helpful because it prevents clogging and water leaking. If you find that water is leaking from your HVAC unit, it’s best to hope and keep your fingers crossed that you found the problem before it grew into a much larger problem. With water leaking comes water damage and that problem could cost thousands if not properly tended to in a timely manner.

Guess what else comes back with water damage? If you guessed mold, you guessed correctly. The water clog can cause dripping in the cellar or the attic, and the last thing you want is leaking onto electrical components of the house. If you find water leaking from AC units in your home, contact your local professionals as soon as you can.

Keeps Unit Running Efficiently

Keeping the line clean keeps your HVAC unit running efficiently. If something isn’t working properly, you could start noticing problems in the overall effectiveness of your air conditioning in the deep parts of the summer. If your unit maintains optimal functionality, that negates the need for repairs. Repairs can reach nearly $1,000, and that is a fraction of the cost if you’re required to replace your entire unit off a simple oversight.

Again, the entire unit is worth a fraction to water damage. If the drain line gets clogged it could cause your HVAC system to stop working altogether and that is not something that needs to happen with little Johnny and Fido running around the house in the middle of July.

Dealing with AC Condensation Line Maintenance

At first your condensate line may have seemed like it wasn’t a big deal, but now you have a better understanding and considered the dastardly potential consequences of neglecting your condensation line. Air conditioning is a vital luxury that you have in your home. To maintain the auspicious environment you have when you walk through your doors, you have to do your part to maintain them. Locate your professionals for HVAC repairs in phoenix to have these issues resolved as soon as possible.


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