Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Frozen Condenser Coil: Common Causes that Freeze Your Coil

frozen condenser coilIt was a long and hot day at work, and when you get home, you hear the air conditioning blowing but the air is not cold. Immediately you are confused because it was just working, but now it seems like something has gone wrong. Well, the problem is that you have a frozen condenser coil and your air conditioner has frozen up which allows it to continue to blow air, just not cold air. Below, you will discover three of the main culprits that can cause your air conditioner to freeze up unexpectedly.

Air Filter is Dirty

A dirty air filter is like not having an air filter at all, and in some ways, it could make things worse than not having one at all. When the air filter gets dirty, the flow of air is blocked by the things that were once deterred from entering your home. Now that the filter is dirty, your AC unit will have to run longer to try and make up for the time that was lost from the malfunctioning filter. This will later cause the coil to freeze over, your unit to overheat and worsen your problem. Changing your air filter once a month is a way to alleviate the problems that will plague your AC unit.

Air Ducts are too Small

If your air filter is dirty and your air ducts are too small, your unit won’t stand a chance. The air ducts are the system of which your air travels through. Imagine trying to drink a beverage using a coffee stirrer instead of a proper straw. Would it get the job done? Yes, eventually your beverage would be gone, but it will definitely take a little bit longer than it would have with a straw. That is the situation you are living with if your air ducts are too small.

Your AC unit is trying to cool your home, but it is not as successful as it should be because the air ducts are too small. If the ducts are too small, your AC unit is having to blow continuously to attempt to cool your home.

Fan is Malfunctioning

If the fan in your AC unit is not functioning properly, or if there is a fan malfunction, that will take a toll in the cooling of your home. The fan uses belts, motors and capacitors, so clearly there is a number of things that could cause problems with the fan. If the motor is not functioning properly, it could be it has fried or has wiring issues.

If there is a problem with the belt, the good news is that the belt can be easily replaced, and since you have access to experts out of Phoenix, it’s even easier to replace it.

The capacitors are the last thing that could cause problems to your fan. The Run Capacitors are what is causing your fan to rotate, and if there are problems with the regulation speeds of your fan, your capacitors might need to be replaced.

Dealing with a Frozen Condenser Coil

It is understood that, when an air conditioner freezes up, these problems cause discomfort in your home. Luckily, Phoenix Arizona HVAC repair technicians are knowledgeable and can fix all of the problems that you might be having with your AC.


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