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What"s The Cost Of Air Conditioning Installation in Phoenix?

Air Conditioning Installation in PhoenixAre you proactive about your AC unit? If you said yes, then spring season in Phoenix is typically the time when you looked to update or improve your cooling systems. If you’re more take-it-as it-comes, then you may be dealing with an AC issue that requires a full replacement in the heat of the summer. No matter what kind of person you are, one of the biggest hurdles that often complicates this process is trying to understand the costs involved in buying and completing air conditioning installation in Phoenix.  Good news, these problems become much clearer when you understand the process involved in the entire air conditioning unit installation equation.

To simplify this and provide you with answer to commonly asked questions about AC sales and installation, here are some facts to consider.

What is involved in Buying a new AC Unit?

When you’re in the market to purchase a new air conditioning system in Phoenix, there are several steps to completing this process correctly which include:

Contacting an HVAC Company and Setting up a Load Calculation

A load calculation is a vital step of purchasing and installing any AC system. This process is completed by a professional HVAC contractor in Phoenix and is designed to integrate a complex mathematical calculation to determine the perfect sized system to keep a building efficiently cool during the summer. Some of the factors in a load calculation include:

  • Total square footage of the building

  • Total amount of rooms per floor

  • How many windows and doors a home has – along with the direction they face

  • Type of ductwork and ventilation system included

  • Location of outdoor landscaping items like trees or other buildings that could block sun

There are several other items in the load calculation – which is why a professional need to complete this step before you purchase and complete air conditioning unit installation.

Choosing the right system

The next step in this process is picking the right type of system for you. In Phoenix, there are basically two types of cooling systems that are common:

Some homes are better suited for a heat pump and other are better tailored for a central air conditioning system. But a professional HVAC contractor will also help you decide between different brands, makes and models that will provide you with the best results for your individual home.

As you can see, before you’ve even purchased a new AC unit, there is a lot to consider.

Steps for Installing New AC Units

Once you’ve picked and purchased a new AC system and you need to complete central air conditioning installation or heat pump installation, there are several steps that the contractor will follow:

  • First, they will have to remove your older unit.

  • Second, they must inspect your ductwork and support systems that help circulate air throughout your home.

  • They’ll most likely have to replace your older thermostat with a newer model that works with your new system.

  • A licensed HVAC expert must complete the actual installation.

  • They’ll verify and test all settings before the job is marked complete.

Installing a new AC unit in Phoenix should only be completed by a certified and licensed HVAC contractor.

As you can see above, installing a new AC unit in Phoenix is not a simple process. But there are a few things you can do to control the costs. The best method is to work with a local air conditioning contractor that has the capacity to complete all aspects of buying, and installing a brand new AC system. By simplifying the process and working with the same air conditioning company in Phoenix AZ to provide quality air conditioning installation in Phoenix, you’ll save time, money, reduce stress and get the right unit for your home.


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