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Lennox Air Conditioner Installation in Phoenix AZ: Prep Checklist

Lennox Air Conditioner Installation in PhoenixSo – it’s starting to get warmer in Phoenix and you decide to crank up the AC – and nothing happens. This situation is all too common for people living in the Valley of the Sun. The solution of course is to have a new AC system installed. But, with all the brands, makes, models, applications and everything else out there – where do you begin? Actually, the solution is easier than you’d think. In fact, many home owners that complete Lennox Air Conditioner installation in Phoenix find that making a checklist of things to do can really simplify the process.

As such, here is a brief checklist of five items you should do in order to ensure you get the right Lennox system installed at your home or office.

Item #1 – Make the Call to the HVAC Company in Phoenix

There are several good AC contractors in the Phoenix area, but very few are exceptional. Here is how to tell the difference and choose the right AC contractor to begin this process:

  • Make sure they have a good track record of customer service.

  • Make sure they are authorized Lennox air conditioning dealers in Phoenix.

  • Make sure they offer a free estimate and will visit your home to inspect your older system.

You’ll discover that the best AC contractors will have all of this information posted on their website.

Item #2 – Have a Load Calculation Completed

When you contact a professional AC installation company in Phoenix, they’ll recommend a load calculation to be completed before you purchase anything. This is critical because this process will measure your home and surrounding elements; like tree locations, window locations and where your home sits in order to come up with the most energy efficient system for your home.

Item #3 – Explore your Options for Today and Tomorrow

A common mistake made by home owners in Phoenix is they tend to buy a system that will help them keep cool today. But, with technology improving home owners are faced with the prospect of purchasing upgraded systems that focus on energy efficiency. Talk to your HVAC contractor and ask them about what type of Lennox heating and cooling units are best suited for your home – not just for today, but in the future as well.

Item #4 – Ask the Contractor about Maintenance or Service Agreement Packages

The reality of any mechanical system is that they will eventually wear out. Whether this is due to old age, or simply due to the intense heat they have to combat, the smartest way to keep them running strong is to have routine service. Many of the best HVAC companies in Phoenix will offer a service or maintenance agreement package – where they will service your system on a schedule that fits your needs. This is a great way to protect your investment, but also to reduce energy costs as well.

Item #5 – Have the new Lennox Air Conditioner Installation in Phoenix Completed by the Professionals

The final item on the checklist is purchasing and installing your new cooling unit. This should always be handled by a professional cooling contractor and authorized Lennox distributor in Phoenix . Not only do they have intense experience installing Lennox systems, but they also are certified by Lennox to service them as well.

Completing Lennox air conditioner installation in Phoenix is simple when you follow these five simple steps on the new AC system checklist. You’ll save time, money and ensure you get the best bang for your AC buck every time when you follow this system and work with Lennox authorized dealers.


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