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Best Types of Air Conditioners for Intense Phoenix Summer Heat

Types Of Air ConditionersHere is question for you – what is the best AC unit built today? Sadly, this is more of a trick question; due to the fact that each AC system is built for specific applications. However, when it comes to weeding through all the different types of air conditioners on the market, there are a few that are better suited for specific homes, businesses or residential apartment complexes. In order to give you a good baseline to consider when you’re in need of buying and installing a new cooling system, here are some of the best types of AC units made today that are great for handling the intense Arizona heat we get in summer.

Best Types of AC Units:

Split Air Conditioning Units

If you were to take a poll of all the home owners in the Phoenix metro area, you’ll discover that more than half of the homes in The Valley of the Sun are cooled by split air conditioning units.

This type of HVAC system is comprised of two individual components:

• An exterior cooling system (whose job it is to ‘chill’ the air that is circulated into the unit)

• An interior fan system (which is designed to circulate the warm air from inside your home into the outdoor unit and then return cooler air into your home after the exterior cooling system has done its job).

This type of cooling system is popular for many different reasons:

• The general construction layout of newer homes. Most new homes in Arizona are made to withstand the intense heat that comes with the summer season. However, they also are engineered to operate energy efficiently. A split AC unit is very good about handling the intense heat and is the primary type of cooling system installed in newer homes.

• They are easy to maintain. The biggest hassle with maintaining and servicing interior or roof cooling systems is getting to the actual unit to repair. However, a split system is easy for AC companies to work on – since it’s often installed on the side or back yard of a home.

Split AC units are best suited for single or multiple story homes in the Phoenix metro area.

Picking a Brand

The next most popular question asked of new AC shoppers is often which brand is best suited to handle the extreme heat here in Phoenix? This one is a little easier to answer as it’s based on one simple fact – which company builds cooling systems built to last?

There are three in particular that are better than most when it comes to direct consumer reviews:

  • • Trane Air Conditioning Units

  • • Lennox Air Conditioning Units

  • • Day and Night Air Conditioning Units

Each of these are made with high-grade materials, assembled by professional technicians and are built to operate energy efficiently. They all are installed by certified specialists and can be maintained and serviced by the same company that installs them every year with ease.

We know that the option available to home owners for buying and installing new AC system is extremely vast. However, when you simplify the equation, regardless of the types of air conditioners that are available, the key is to buy one that is perfect for your specific application. To find this out, contact your local Phoenix HVAC Contractors  . They’ll steer you in the right direction.


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