Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rooftop Air Conditioner Vs A Side-Yard Air Conditioner

Rooftop Air ConditionerWhen you’re living in The Valley of the Sun, finding a quality-built air conditioner is not only a luxury – it’s a requirement. There are several types of AC systems available for homeowners and even more questions about which type of system is best. Two of the leading systems in Arizona are rooftop air conditioners and side-yard systems: both of which have advantages.

Comparing Rooftop And Side-Yard AC Systems

Advantages of Rooftop Air Conditioner

A rooftop air conditioner is a centralized cooling system that is different than many side-yard AC systems (often are known as ‘split systems’). The rooftop AC system is installed on the top of your home and then routed through the ductwork of the home to keep your house cool.

There are a few advantages of this type of set-up including:

  • Air can cycle easily through your home. In science we learn that warm air rises naturally, while cool air will descend. Due to this law of physics of cold air, a roof top system doesn’t need to force air hard into a home. Conversely, it also does not need to draw warm air as hard. The result is less energy consumed to operate these systems. This makes rooftop systems extremely energy efficient.

  • Rooftop air conditioners have all the parts contained in the same place. Many side-yard or ‘central air’ systems have components inside the home and outside the home. This means that when a problem occurs, it can be challenging to work on the systems. The result is that repairs can be lower when you work with rooftop systems, as everything is easy to access.

  • Advantages of Side-Yard Air Conditioning Systems

    Just like the rooftop system, installing a side-yard AC unit also comes with several attributes that any homeowner in North Phoenix should consider.

    • Side-yard AC systems are varied, highly diverse and offer homeowners more options. There are multiple vendors, sizes, powers, and options available for homeowners to consider. Plus, it’s easier to find a size that is energy efficient for your home.

    • A side yard system doesn’t always have to be completely replaced. Since there are two elements to a side yard system (the inside fans and outside unit) if one of the systems fails and needs to be replaced, you can often get by without replacing the other one. The result is often a lower price. However, this can be deceiving since eventually you’ll have to pay again to replace the other component

    In short, both rooftop air conditioner units and side-yard systems are good options for homeowners in Phoenix to consider. The best advice we can give is to carefully consider your home, your needs and speak with a qualified HVAC professional. You’ll be surprised to learn that most companies will give you factual, not inflated, info if you ask them directly.

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