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Does My Air Conditioner Warranty Coverage Include Parts & Labor?

air conditioner warrantyIf you’re someone who frequently shops online, then you know how irritating and frustrating it can be when the warranty for the product you’ve purchased doesn’t provide the coverage you expected. This is particularly true when you’ve made a major online purchase like buying a new air conditioner.

With more and more consumers turning to online vendors for their AC units, it’s extremely important to examine your warranty to see what is covered, especially parts and labor. Learn if your air conditioner warranty covers parts and labor and find out how working with the right company can ensure you get the coverage you need.

Understanding Your Coverage

Even when you’ve purchased a reliable air conditioner, you will eventually need to have a part repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, when buying a unit online, it’s likely that the parts that will be covered are very limited. Generally, a warranty on central AC units will only cover parts that are listed by name in the terms of the warranty. If the part you need replaced is not stated in the warranty, it will not be covered and you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

Before purchasing your AC unit online, be certain that you understand which parts are covered by your warranty so that large repair bills don’t catch you by surprise.

No Coverage for Labor

Whether you’re scheduling an air conditioner installation or need regular maintenance, you can expect expensive labor costs. To the surprise of many homeowners, warranties for air conditioners purchased online will not cover the cost of labor. This can be extremely frustrating when scheduling an air conditioner installation, as labor costs for this task are often very expensive.

When you purchase an air conditioner online, be ready to pay all labor costs out of pocket.

Read the Fine Print

Warranties can be extremely long and filled with difficult to understand legal language, which is why many consumers fail to read their warranty completely. However, when purchasing your air conditioner online, you need to make sure to read your warranty and pay special attention to the AC unit warranty fine print.

In the fine print of your air conditioner warranty, you’ll likely find sections that explain the services your warranty covers and what parts it will pay for. It may also contain provisions where your warranty will be cancelled, such as scheduling your installation with a vendor that is not associated with the air conditioner retailer.

Reading and understanding the fine print of your warranty will prepare you for when your air conditioner runs into a problem not covered by your warranty.

Consult a Local HVAC Company

After you’ve purchased your air conditioning unit online, you will need to schedule your installation. Many air conditioner warranties have very specific installation guidelines that you must follow to maintain your warranty, which makes it a good idea to consult a trusted local HVAC company about this installation guidelines.

When you work with an air conditioning installation company in Phoenix AZ, you’ll be able to make sure you’re following the proper installation guidelines for your air conditioner and your warranty. Not only will this make sure that your unit is installed correctly, it will guarantee you’ll have coverage that you need for future repairs.

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