Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fixing Your Broken Central Air Conditioner [AC Emergency]

broken central air conditionerWith the summer months rapidly approaching, you’ll want to make sure that you have a fully-functioning air conditioner. Unfortunately, AC problems often come seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you frantic to get your unit repaired before the sweltering summer heat rolls in.

Although having a broken air conditioner can be stressful any time of the year, it is particularly stressful as summer draws near. Here is some quick information about fixing a broken central air conditioner so that your family stays cool all summer long.

Your Air Conditioner Only Blows Hot Air

One of the most frustratingly common central air problems is having your AC blowing hot air. Fortunately, this issue is easy to diagnose. When you turn on your HVAC system and only warm air comes out, the issue is usually with your outdoor air compressor or the level of coolant in your unit.

Check your coolant level and top it off if it seems low or has run out. You should also examine your compressor for any obvious signs of damage or debris build-up. If you notice a problem with your compressor, you should make sure to contact an HVAC professional about your options for repair.

Your AC Never Shuts Off

Another air conditioning issue that can cause you a great deal of stress is to have your HVAC constantly running. Not only can a continuously running HVAC system be extremely worrisome, it can also cost you a great deal of money due to higher energy bills.

Generally, the reason your HVAC system won’t turn off has to do with your thermostat. If there’s an issue with the connection between your thermostat and your HVAC system, your air conditioner won’t receive signals to alter your home’s temperature, turn on, or shut off. Adjust your thermostat and see if your HVAC unit responds in any way. If not, you may have an issue with your system that needs professional attention.

You Can’t Get Your AC to Turn On

Equally as stressful as an air conditioner that won’t turn off is when your AC doesn’t turn on at all. As with an HVAC system that won’t shut down, the reason your unit won’t turn on may be a problem with your thermostat. However, it can also be a problem with the electrical connections of your HVAC unit.

First, make sure all your electrical connections are firmly secured to your unit. If that doesn’t fix the issue, check the circuit breaker your unit is connected to and make sure it is turned on. It is also possible that you have a blown fuse that needs to be changed.

Consult a Service Professional

If you’ve checked all of these issues and your air conditioner still isn’t running the way that you need it to, you should be sure to call an HVAC professional. An experienced HVAC professional can easily examine your system, locate the issue, and fix your air conditioner quickly and effectively. In addition, your HVAC service tech can help you come up with a regular maintenance plan so that your unit stays operational during the year’s hottest months.

To make sure that your air conditioner is fully functional this summer, you need to work with a Phoenix AZ central AC repair specialist. Whether your AC system is experiencing a major problem or you’re just interested in a tune-up before the summer season, calling an AC repair specialist is a great idea.


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