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Increase the Lifespan of an AC Unit in Phoenix [4 Tips]

increase the lifespan of an AC unit in PhoenixAn air conditioner is one of the most important, expensive investments that you will ever make as a homeowner. Because of this, properly caring for your air conditioner is crucial in both protecting your investment and increasing your unit’s lifespan. Properly maintaining your air conditioner means extending its lifespan by years, possibly decades, and often avoiding onerously expensive repair costs. Read on to learn how to increase the lifespan of an AC unit in Phoenix and find out how regular maintenance from an experienced tech will keep your air conditioner running well into the future.

Regularly Change Out Your Filter

One of the simplest ways to increase your air conditioner’s lifespan is by ensuring that it is running smoothly, which reduces wear and tear on your system that accumulates over time. The first step in properly maintaining your air conditioner is to change the AC unit’s filter frequently. As your air filter gathers dust and debris, it becomes much harder for your air conditioner to circulate air, which in turn puts stress on your system and increases the likelihood of long-term damage. However, regularly changing your filters will ease air circulation, will reduce wear in your system and will help to increase your air conditioner’s life span.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Technology to Reduce Wear

When your air conditioner runs unnecessarily, such as when you are not home, or is turned up too high, it can severely overwork your system and potentially shorten the longevity of your AC unit. Since it can be difficult to be mindful of your air conditioner all of the time, a good solution for the problem of overuse is installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to automate your air conditioning system completely, scheduling your air conditioner to shut down or adjust the temperature when you are not home or any other condition where the AC is not needed. Installing a programmable thermostat will reduce not only your energy bills but also the overuse of your system that can lead to long-term damage.

Shield Your Air Conditioner from Mother Nature

If you have an outdoor air conditioner unit, then protecting it from mother nature should be your number one priority in increasing your unit’s lifespan. Although it can be unwise to cover your unit as this can encourage animal nesting and may cause your system to work harder, you can consider purchasing or constructing an overhang for your unit. This will protect it from intense weather events in both summer and winter while helping your unit to last well into the future.

Receive Regular Maintenance from an Expert AC Technician

Just as you make sure your car gets regular maintenance checks, you should also be diligent in scheduling yearly air conditioning maintenance. Getting Phoenix AC service from an expert AC service technician will help to catch small problems with your unit before they get out of hand and cause serious damage to your system. Regular maintenance both helps stave off large future repair bills and allows your system to have an increased lifespan, which is key in a state like Arizona where having a functioning air conditioner is a must.

Find the Right Technician for You

Increasing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit is a simple matter once you know the best ways to do it. However, the best way to maintain your unit is by partnering with quality Phoenix AZ air conditioner maintenance technicians. Air conditioner experts will be able to give you a comprehensive list of great ways to maintain your system so that it will be able to keep your Phoenix home cool and comfortable long into the future.


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