Friday, June 24, 2016

How Often Does a Home Air Conditioner Need to Be Serviced?

How often does a home air conditioner need to be servicedThe heat of the summer months is nearly upon us, and that brings with it a whole set of concerns for every homeowner. There’re tons of things that have to be taken care of to ensure that your home stays strong and cool, and it can be a real source of stress. One of the best ways to keep your place comfortable is to have your air conditioner regularly and thoroughly cleaned and maintained by a professional AC service technician. However, how often does your system need to be checked over? This is a question that tons of homeowners ask. Learn why the answer to, “how often does a home air conditioner need to be serviced,” depends on your system’s use and specifics, and how you can make sure yours keeps going strong.

Benefits of Regular AC System Inspections

There are a ton of benefits to regular inspections and maintenance of your air conditioning system. The first is that having a trusted company come in to look over your system on a regular basis saves you time and money. When you use the same company over and over, you can learn how to schedule maintenance during off-seasons and when to take advantage of deals on parts and repairs.

Secondly, you will have lower utility bills from regular maintenance. This is because your system will always function at peak efficiency, saving energy and working better overall. Finally, when you use the same company on a regular basis, you will get to know your technicians and will be able to develop a relationship with people you trust to take care of problems efficiently and professionally.

A Minimum of Annual Maintenance

Earlier we stated that how often your system needs to be serviced depends on the system itself, and this is true. At bare minimum, however, you should have your HVAC system on a yearly air conditioning maintenance plan. If your system gets very heavy use, you may consider doing it twice a year or even more often. Your HVAC technician can advise you on how frequently to have your filters changed, coils checked, overall system cleaned and other routine maintenance performed.

Best Option: Before or After the Summer Months

The best option to get your system serviced and save you money as well is to have it looked at either before or after the summer months. This allows the technician to check for heat damage or damage from environmental factors such as dust storms and haboobs, which in Arizona can crop up and harm your system. This also allows you to save money, as the fall and winter months are the off-season when many Phoenix AZ air conditioner repair specialists offer deals.


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