Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why Is My Touchscreen Thermostat Not Working?

touchscreen thermostat not workingThe advances in modern technology can be the most convenient and helpful tools when they work properly. But on those days when our handy-dandy tech appliances quit on us, they can be the biggest pains to deal with and fix. If you are a tech lover, you have discovered the wonder of any and all things touchscreen, from your phone to your thermostat, and you know nothing is more frustrating than when these appliances seize to work. Don’t fret; a touchscreen thermostat not working isn’t the end of the world. Here’s how to deal with the issue.

Battery Replacement

One reason why your touchscreen thermostat is not working is simply because the batteries need to be replaced. Unlike a mechanical thermostat, a touchscreen thermostat needs batteries to work. If the problem is your battery, the thermostat usually warns of a low battery before it goes out. But if by chance you missed the warning, you should still check the battery before calling for help.

It is also a good idea to replace thermostat batteries once a year. This can help prevent uncomfortable temperatures in your home and unnecessary bills and visits from technicians. However, if you change out your battery and that still does not fix your problem, consider seeking help from a central AC repair company in Phoenix like Hays Cooling and Heating.

Hit the Reset Button

Resetting your Phoenix home touchscreen thermostat may also be the answer to all your problems. This is a great first step to solving any issues with an unresponsive or malfunctioning thermostat. You can restart your system by turning it off and turning it back on again. If you choose to perform a factory reset, this will allow you to reset all functions and options that were previously programmed in your thermostat. This will more than likely get your thermostat working back to normal.

Defective Thermostat

Sometimes quick fixes, like trying a thermostat factory reset, just will not do the trick for your touchscreen device. In these cases, it is possible that you have a defective product. There are a few ways to determine if your thermostat is defective. First, you should try replacing the batteries and factory resetting your touchscreen thermostat. Also, try removing the cover of your thermostat and checking the wiring to make sure everything is attached properly. If this does not work and a technician is unable to pinpoint the problem, then it is possible that your touchscreen thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced.

Anytime you are troubleshooting your touchscreen thermostat and trying to determine what may be wrong with it, it is important to make sure that the power is off. Also, before working on your thermostat, be sure that the filters and hoses in your unit are clean and working properly as these could be the causes for your thermostat problems. Your thermostat may also need cleaning itself in order to prevent or fix a malfunction.

Touchscreen thermostats are programmable and one of the many ways you can save on energy costs if they are working properly. If these tips on fixing a defective thermostat don’t work for you, maybe it’s time you called in help from your local AC professionals.


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