Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can Financing Offset the Cost of An Air Conditioning Unit?

cost of air conditioning unitThere is no denying the fact that buying a new air conditioning unit is a major expense. And one of the biggest challenges Arizona homeowners face is finding an affordable way to offset the initial costs involved with purchasing those large-ticket items. Contrary to popular belief, there are several new financing programs available for home owners looking to decrease the initial cost of an air conditioning unit that are easy to apply for – and much easier to be approved for than in years past.

Three Facts About Financing Options That Reduce The Cost Of Replacing AC Units

Fact #1 – Financing Rates are lower than in Years Past

The biggest myth about financing major appliances is that the interest rates are extremely high, which cause homeowners to pay a tremendous premium for replacing a broken-down unit. However this doesn’t always apply to financing HVAC systems in Phoenix. The truth is that many banks will fight with each other to earn the repeat business of trustworthy HVAC installation experts. Therefore, the winners in the end are the customers. By simply working with the banks that their HVAC contractor has built a solid relationship with over the years, homeowners often pay lower interest rates for HVAC than most traditional appliance financing options.

Fact #2 – Applying for Financing is Easy and Simple

Another myth about financing air conditioning systems is that the process takes forever to complete. Again, this is simply not true. In fact, many of today’s HVAC companies have easy to access online applications that allow the homeowners to fill out all applicable information directly to the lender and often receive quick approval notifications. Plus, when you apply for an air conditioning financing loan directly from the HVAC company website, the direct link notifies the lenders about your intent to work with that particular HVAC company. This also expedites the process and makes it much easier to be approved.

Fact #3 – Financing Helps You Save Money Each Month

Not too many homeowners in Arizona have thousands of dollars saved up to pay for emergency replacement of important major appliances such as an air conditioning unit – especially in summer. Financing has made it easier and more cost-effective to stay comfortable during the hot summer months. Did you know, however, that financing an HVAC system might also save you money each month on utility bills? Today’s energy efficient systems have been proven to save as much as 35%. So, in essence, by financing a new system, you could actually pay for the new system each month with the savings you have on your monthly energy bill.

As you can see, financing a new air conditioner has become a much easier process than in years past. Plus, when you work with a dependable HVAC contractor that has established a solid relationship with a trustworthy lender, like Wells Fargo for example; you’ll quickly discover how reliable, safe and less stressful the process of reducing your initial cost of an air conditioning unit will become.

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